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You give presents on a birthday. You're saying he's actually scary? Weeh~, if we're speaking about being a pain I think that Saitō-san's sword is the one that's a pain in the neck, you know~? No...it's heavy, and it gets me stuck in doors a lot. ...What? Given that, I'd rather have interludes for characters I like because I'd be invested enough in them to care about their stories. So you're Nobbu's niece. I see, then I'll do as I please too. Reines’s Arts cards have significantly higher NP gain than the Arts cards of many Servants with single-Arts card decks. I want to accompany Master... Hm, you'll feel anxious? Mr. Sakamoto? It fulfills any wish? . Love...? I see, then I'll do as I please to. May 25, 2020 - A great hero from the ancient epic poem from India, "Mahabharata". Dialogue 10 (Okita Alter) You're Okita-chan!? With your sickness[3] healed? I essentially came to this world for the purpose of destroying the Holy Grail, so I don't have any particular wish myself. Is it something fun? 2020-08-10 2020-08-24. Talent show time! A genius... swordsman? My name is Majin Okita Souji. Looks like we got another job. Start by slaying a swallow? Thanks. Anything from me... Yeah, how about this sword...? Well, I wouldn't hesitate to wield my sword for your sake, Master. Guns vs. Swords: Discussed in a one-sided conversation with Nobu in Solomon's Temple, as the pair fight Demon Pillars. Darling in the FranXX Dual Monitor Spectrum 32:9 Ratio. Low NP Damage. I was asleep! You're an Alter Ego? ...I see, anything, huh... Maybe, even requesting Oden during the Summer would be fine? A swimsuit...? Lower my sword? As I thought, he's stronger with his bare hands- !! There's nothing in particular. I owe this strength, too, to Master. I wonder what that really white thing was...Oh, yeah. Is okita and nobunaga a canon ship. Didn't you say my wishes would come true!? I got you! Eh? #saber diarmuid #diarmuid ua duibhne #fgo #fate grand order 10 … You're finished! If you picked between the … I'm not trying to call you sickly-chan or something...I'm just glad we're on the same team again. I wasn't aware of that. Well, when that time comes, I'll just finish him off with a beam. Master! Even for FGO this is so obnoxiously paced. That sure is strange. Is this good? Atk: 1926-12465/HP: 1862-12696. "Three Stage ThrustMumyō Sandan-Zuki"! No, actually, let me wield it. Those two are…… I see, what a relief. Master-Servant relationship? Keep gathering them. I'm a newbie Alter, so please show me the ropes. Jun 13, 2020 - Explore Reines's board "【FGO】Birthday Voice Lines (My Room) Translation" on Pinterest. Here I come! I have reached perfection. Hmm, if I really had to say, radish, probably... No, I wouldn't say I hate them, but honestly, I'm just kind of tired of eating them. By the way, Master, do you know where my haori went? Comments: 4 Kudos: 20 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 901; Until The Snow Thaws by corgasbord, Xairathan Fandoms: Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms, Fate/Grand Order Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/F; … It seems the next request for a job has come. Oh, Hijikata-san. There are even back to back dialogue-only quests lmao. No, this is closer to my normal work outfit, but... allows you to unlock Bond Level 11 through 15 for the chosen Servant. Eh...wait a minute!? Only for the Shinsengumi! However, these memories carved into this Saint Graph will never disappear. 2020 Mei 25 - 【FGO 】Dialogue Lines (My Room) Translation「/English Sub」【Fate/Grand Order】 - YouTube. …That aside, if the captains of the First and Third Unit are assembled, Nagakura-san won't stay quiet about it, will he? There’s a new function now known as Data Transfer. How dare you boast yourself, another me! I'm really grateful for it. If my lord orders me to kill, I shall kill. you cant defeat TBC SABER!!!. A new request for a job. And you're not sick anymore? This is a good opportunity. Okada Izou(岡田以蔵, Okada Izō? The "Jin" in "Majin" rhymes with the "Jin" in "chopping things into fine pieces"! One silent step... Two steps infinite... Three steps, a sword absolute! Follow. Well, you're talking carelessly as always, aren't you. First step, silence... Second step, infinite suffering... Third step, a sword absolute! It hurts! We're done here. (Some words were changed or adapted to the site's terminology) Main Record . Well, I hold no hesitation towards the thought of wielding this sword for Master's sake. Let's patrol! Alright, instead of this, I'll listen to anything you say for today. So you're the Miyamoto Musashi of the famed Niten Ichiryu? You mean, "I'll be the real Okita from now on?" Original upload 08 September 2019 9:58PM. Oh, once it is closed, would you like to have some dumplings with me at the tea shop before we go home? It seems like you both manifested in this world for the same purpose as me, so does that make you my senpai? Frustrating even. Hahhh... By swallow, you mean THOSE swallows? So he's scary to others. You!? This moment we have right now can only be lived in the present. You're so kind, Master. However, in FGO, Okita has one of the highest attack stats in the game. Sakamoto Ryouma and Oryou, huh? Really, it was fun――. The heck!? "I am Okita-chan as an Alter: Majin-san."? However, in terms of affinity, I'm the one who has the advantage! FGO THE STAGE Blu-ray & DVD Release Campaign. How is it? ...No, there is. Nevertheless, they keep coming…… Being a detective is a lot of trouble. Are you asking if I'm the rumored feeble and worthless Saber? Then, uninstall FGO from your phone. You say that's distracting? Voiced by Yuuki Aoi, Art by Takeuchi Takashi. He is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Yes, as good as ever! You're saying that you're going to be the True Okita from now on? I will sever the thread of destiny with this boundless light! 5-Star Saber Limited Servant. Skills obtained as a Heroic Spirit don't heal? S, Female, Neutral Balanced. "So you're the always feeble crappy Saber"? The other day, one of the shops was holding a raffle drawing, but I didn't win anything. Also see: Fate/Grand Order Interview – Nasu Kinoko Discusses the End of FGO, What Comes After. Start by slaying a swallow? #this man legit said Celts don’t think they act #then unashamedly made the worlds worst pun #he has no shame. What do I hate? Everything here is nice and fresh, because shinsen is Japanese for fresh! Um... what was it again...? They looked after me a lot, so now it's your turn to take care of them. Things I'm fond of... That's right, the Oden I ate in this snack room. ...Eh? That's my Master! I'm happy. Why is the shop set up at headquarters, you ask? Eh? What do you think? Nobu did? ; Overused Copycat Character:. Okita still coughing blood I see. Actually, I don't know why, but I feel oddly close to her sometimes. That's not necessary? I skillfully realized this will be necessary now! Mumyou, Sandanzuki!" Jun 13, 2020 - Explore Reines's board "【FGO】Voice/ Dialogue Lines (My Room) Translation 「/English Sub」【Fate/Grand Order】" on Pinterest. My favorite food? There's nothing in particular... Oh, there is one thing. Originally, my Saint Graph was adjusted for the sake of the balance. Banner Type: Class-Based [JP] 5th Anniversary Year-Based Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon . Current: Prisma Codes Collaboration Event Revival, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Sub:Okita_Sōji/Dialogue?oldid=909356, 「新選組一番隊隊長。沖田総司、推参。あなたが私のマスターですか……え、羽織? それが何処かにいってしまいまして……」, 「えっ、袴とブーツですか? いえ、こちらが私の本来の仕事着……? なのです。ところでマスター、私の羽織、知りませんか?」, 「お待たせしましたマスター、やっと羽織が見つかりました! ここからは最強無敵の沖田さんにお任せ下さいね!」, 「私が極みに至ることができるとは……。ありがとうございます、マスター。これより我が剣の全てをあなたに!」, 「沖田さん大勝利~! ええ、身体は大丈夫です。まだまだいけますよ! ……こふっ!?」, 「天才剣士……ですか? うーん、そういうつもりもないのですが。大体、斬りあいなんて気合が全てです。剣が折れたら鞘で、鞘が折れたら素手で。戦場では誰も待ってくれないんです。とにかく気合ですよ、気合!」, 「色恋沙汰、ですか? うーん、私はそういうのには疎いみたいでなんとも……。土方さんはそういうの大好きみたいでしたけど……というか、やりすぎでしたけどっ」, 「マスターは優しいですね。人斬りの私に気安くしてくれたのは、近所の子供ぐらいなものでした……ああっ! いえ、決して、マスターが子供っぽいとか、そういうことを言いたいわけではないですよ?」, 「あの……言いにくいのですが……マスターと居ると何というか、安心するというか、その……胸が高鳴ると申しますか……変ですね。こんな事は生前一度も無かったのですが……また、熱でも出て来ましたかね?」, 「もはやこの沖田さんに迷いはありません! マスターの行く所、例え地の果て水の果て、儚きこの身が尽きるとも、冥府の果てまでお供しますとも!」, 「何もすることがないと暇を持て余してしまいますね。マスター、見回り行きませんか、見回り!」, 「主従ですか……? うーん、正直よくわかりません。近藤さんや土方さんは身内のようなものでしたし……あ! できれば、マスターともそうありたく思います!」, 「主に斬れと言われれば斬る、ただそれだけです。斬り合いの場で主義主張なんて何の意味もないですからね」, 「彼女とは……因縁浅からぬと申しますか、何と言いますか……帝都では酷い目に合わされましたよ……ま、相性的には私、チョー有利なんですけどね!」, 「回避不能の魔剣……ええ、私も、彼の剣技には大変興味があります。是非一手指南をお願いしたいのですが……。え? ツバメを斬るところからですか? はぁ……、ツバメって、あのツバメですか?」, 「あなたがかの有名な『二天一流』宮本武蔵さんですかー! ハイ、同じ女剣士としてよろしくお願いしますともー! ……え? 武蔵さんって女だったんです!?」, 「お、土方さーん。土方さんもこっちに来たんですねー! これは斎藤さんや永倉さんもいずれは……え? そういうのはいい? またまたー、素直じゃないんですからー」, 「ノッブの姪っ子さんでしたかー。いやー確かに面影ありますねー。……え? お前が例の虚弱クソステセイバーか、ですって? いったい誰がそんな根も葉もない事を! え? ノッブが言ってた? じゃあ斬ってきます!」, 「岡田以蔵……えぇ、名前は知っています。幕末の京都では『人斬り以蔵』として恐れられていた男です。新選組としても、因縁浅からぬ相手ですよ。私は一度も相対したことは無かったのですが……いい機会です、此処で, 「あなたは……って、なーんですか私オルタでしたか~。脅かさないでくださーい。え、「これから私が真の沖田」? ……はぁ~!? なに調子に乗ってるんですか私! セイバーとしては私のほうが先輩なんですから、私オルタも先輩に対して敬意というものをですね……え、アルターエゴ? 病気も治った? …………ナニソレ、ズルクナイデス?」, 「坂本さんですか。京都にいた頃に、何度か見かけましたよ。新選組も追っていましたからね。でも坂本さん逃げ足が速くてなかなか……。とはいえ、こうして一緒に戦う事になったわけですし、よろしくお願いしますね。ところでそちらの女性、いつも連れて歩いていたみたいですけど……。え、宝具? ……どういうことナンデス?」, 「……この気配は、まさかあの神槍……え? 此度は、アサシンでの召喚なんです? 槍ではなく素手? やっぱり素手の方が強いんじゃないですかー!!」, 「斎藤さんじゃないですかぁ! 元気してましたー? いやぁー、相変わらずヘラヘラしてますねぇ。……にしても、一番隊と三番隊の隊長が揃ってしまったら、こりゃもう永倉さんとかも黙ってないんじゃないですか? あ、どうです? 久々に私とひと試合……え、『おまえの剣は面倒臭いから嫌』!? うぇ~、面倒臭さで言えば斎藤さんの剣のほうが面倒臭いと思いますよ~?」, 「好物ですか? お団子とか金平糖、甘い物は割と好きですね。あ、せっかくなので今から食べに行きませんか?」, 「嫌いなものですか? ……うーん、しいて言えば沢庵……でしょうか。いや、嫌いという訳ではないのですが、正直、食べ飽きたと言いますか、何といいますか……」, 「病弱が治るんですか!? やったー! ……え? 英霊としてのスキルは治らない? 願いが叶うって言ったじゃないですかー! ウワーン!」, 新撰組の屯所へようこそ~!見てください、この新鮮な品揃えの数々!新撰組だけに!新撰組だけに!!, え?なんで屯所でお店を開いてるのか、ですって?いやぁ、昨今は新撰組も資金難でして。無断の金策は切腹ですし……, それです!それが今必要だとよく気づきましたとも!さすがはマスターですね!ご褒美に、沖田さんスタンプを押してあげましょう, はい、こちらの棚の品ですね?ちょっと待ってください、今沖田さんが取ってあげ……こふっ!?, どうです?この着物だと、お店がハイカラな雰囲気じゃありませんか?え?刀を下げろ?いや、いつ不逞浪士が押し入るかもわかりませんし, 楽しい時間はあっという間ですね、やり残しや忘れ物など無いように気を付けてくださいね, そろそろ店仕舞いですね。あっ、お店を閉めたら、帰りに茶屋でお団子でもご一緒しませんか?, 「新選組の屯所へようこそ~! 見てください、この新鮮な品揃えの数々! 新選組だけに! 新選組だけに!!」, 「え? なんで屯所でお店を開いてるのか、ですって? いやぁ、昨今は新選組も資金難でして。無断の金策は切腹ですし……」, 「それです! それが今必要だとよく気づきましたとも! さすがはマスターですね! ご褒美に、沖田さんスタンプを押してあげましょう」, 「はい、こちらの棚の品ですね? ちょっと待ってください、今沖田さんが取ってあげ……こふっ!?」, 「どうです? この着物だと、お店がハイカラな雰囲気じゃありませんか? え? 刀を下げろ? いや、いつ不逞浪士が押し入るかもわかりませんし」, 「楽しい時間はあっという間ですね、やり残しや忘れ物など無いように気を付けてくださいね」, 「そろそろ店仕舞いですね。あっ、お店を閉めたら、帰りに茶屋でお団子でもご一緒しませんか?」. Dialogue 5 (Okita) Oh damn, it's Okita-chan! I have barely any memories left of my life as Okita Souji so there are times when I can't tell if I'm really a copy of Okita. Hm? Have you been fine? ...Possible, huh? As expected of Master! Okay, then how about if I do everything you tell me to do just for today? This body of mine leads to endlessness. Please, make sure you don't leave things undone or forget your items. Idiot Hero: Okita is bright, cheery, skilled... and kind of slow in the head. I'm truly grateful, Master. Eh? Let's go on patrol! Let's check it out. I've also followed the Shinsengumi. I see. "Three Stage ThrustMumyō Sandan-Zuki"!! In Kyoto during the end of Bakumatsu, he was a terrifying man who was renowned as "Manslayer Izō". Kazemai, FGO Wiki, and Mooncell Wiki: Borderless images of the latest batch of Servants and Craft Essences. You never know when a lawless roushi will barge in. There are even back to back dialogue-only quests lmao. Ah, how about this? What? I hope I can join in... What is happening? kcwells94. When I was in Kyoto, I saw it several times. 2018-02-26 2018-03-07. Lihat ide lainnya tentang orang animasi, orang, animasi. I'm in good condition, Master. Okita's Great Victory!! As a reward, I'll give you Okita-san's seal of approval! Oh, the manslayer from that time. I'm coming along with you, obviously. Master, I want clothes like those too. Okada Izō...eh, I recognize that name. Quick, quick… Quick! "Forget about that and let's go together hand in hand"? What I hate? Either way, we're now fighting on the same side, so let's work well together. Hm? I like Master... What's wrong? Ernesh. Ah, y,ye-yes. I liked that oden that I ate at the cafeteria the other day. Ah, if possible, I want you to be like that, too. Master Swordsman: This is the whole point of the class - give or take the occasional weird exception (because this is, after all, the Nasuverse, where technicalities and Loophole Abuse reign supreme), Sabers are historical/mythological figures famous for being really good with swords. Archer(アーチャー, Āchā?) Ah, after closing the shop, why don't you join me for dango in a teahouse on the way home? I entrust my entire sword to you! Getting stronger is nice, isn't it? If we have come this far, it's thanks to your hard work. Despite technically having two damage boosts, Alcohol of the Arrogant King is Semiramis’ only major battery, as Hanging Gardens’ buff is fairly negligible unless Overcharged, though as an NP Damage Up, it scales very well with most commonly available buffs. Master and Servant, huh... Hmm... To be honest, I don't really get it. Haori[1]? Anyway, it's all about fighting spirit! She is also an Alter Ego-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Does that mean Mr. Saitou and Mr. Nagakura will make their appearance eventually!? Be good Tamanos or bird mom will cut your fluffy tails! Some of these quests open up and go on forever, and then you'll have maybe a minute long battle, then the text rolls on further.

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