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Watching movies and television is wasting money and time. Kali yuga means the age of quarrel and hypocrisy. Another perspective from a Psychology Today blogger, Not being stuck in a fixed identity is liberating, Four Strangers: A Dialogue Concerning Self-Presentation, Projection, the Building Block of Border Walls, Outdated Blueprints of Masculinity Often Sabotage Older Men, 5 Fun Ways to Make Great Ideas Flock to You. Shiva Mahadeva saw the Supreme Lord face to face because he chanted the mantra without any material desires.'. Chant this mantra 108 times daily. Born to die, Who am i, The principles said before make us free from sin. But, above all these is the Supreme Abode of Lord Krsna called Goloka Vrindavana. Some ask it, others don't. and when we look at the stars in the night sky we may be looking at the building blocks of our being. Regarding a specific wording. (what is the exact composition of you brain) Who am I? Worshipping demigods is not in line with the scriptures. And, if I can help do the same in someone else’s life, that just adds so much happiness to who I am … This item: Who I Am by Alan Jackson Audio CD $7.97. The question "Who am I?" And sadly, we ALL have demons inside that we don't want to suddenly come crawling out. Once a person has his confusions on the subject untangled and out of the way, the only logical and correct realisation about who he really is comes into view as it were (it is an awareness thing), and that answer is simply, "Me". In Sanskrit, Durga means difficulty. "I am a girl who loves unicorns and pistachio ice cream." Nobody wants to know, You get to re-craft yourself along the way. (I do know that the brain is part of the body... if someone was going to complain about that.)) srsly, if you cannot find yourself in the internet age you must be srsly hiding under a rock. There is peace in simple awareness. is the starting point of spiritual elevation. Here, people who are fond of consuming meat are born as lions, tigers; people who like to be naked are born as trees and people who are lusty are born as dogs and hogs. Witnessing our thoughts, not reacting out of old habit, and becoming present enable us to better craft our lives. (asking what others know about you) Who am I? From childhood, we go to school to get worldly knowledge. This question directly linked to ability what can I do, also linked to purpose what am I here for and then destiny where am I going. I finally concluded that I was misdirected in my path and I needed to put things into perspective and get a life. Therefore it undergoes six changes and hence it is dull matter, without any knowledge and destructible. has been the real question that I've been asking myself and others all my life. 'By chanting this five word eighteen letter mantra (Candrasekhar) Shiva attained liberation and realised the Super soul. I am someone but no-one, It wasn't until recently that I finally found the true answer in a book called 'A Course in Miracles.' Buddha was mentioned in Padma purana, Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata puranas. By creating and enjoying everything, Krsna is proved to be present as the only personality to be present in the beginning and therefore the names mentioned in the beginning of the devatas were actually indicating Krsna as per the Itihasas. His name is Krsna", yo brahmanam vidhadhati purvam The nature of all souls and potencies are all same. His website is Melschwartz.com. Sounds like an easy question to answer, huh? I see the notion of "self" as an ever-shifting flow, instead of as a fixed identity. sa ekaki na rameda thasya thyanath. The truth is not out there, it is within you. http://blog.melschwartz.com/2010/12/21/coming-into-balance-2/#more-73. To get out of the miseries of this material world namely birth, death, old age and disease, the only way is to surrender to Krsna. In that sense, the question is a form contemplative inquiry and is not meant to generate a conceptual answer but rather points to that knowledge that is beyond concepts. This is same for all living beings. You'd have to permit that new sense of self to flow from your new experiences. Also, the Bhagavatam states, Innumerable spiritual topics are given in Sanatana dharma (Vedic religion). I am that which does not change. I am a character in “the Lord of the Rings”, who finds a magic ring left behind by my Uncle Bilbo … To some i am all, Sac-cid-ananda-rupaya There are no real answers out there. For my God is with me and goes before me. The above given essay may contradict our personal thoughts and ideas because we may have read many books other than bonafide scriptures and that is the major cause of confusion and nothing else. Me, my mother or father do not know. Answering this question will affect every area of my life. Where was I before birth? Sanatana Dharma, Buddha dharma and other religions clearly instruct us not to eat non-vegetarian. If mind and intelligence come from the brain, then after my passing away from this body, why does the brain no respond to a call or hit? Brief explanation on "Who am I": I have no idea if I am going to move to another city, spend my life working below my strengths and talents and slowly become an embittered old crone due to a certain melancholy that comes with losing what I thought I once was... and being unable to put the masks back on again. The spirit soul cannot be drowned in water, burned by fire, withered by wind or destroyed by any kind of weapon. But in schools or colleges, we are not getting to know 'who we are'. Get out of your mind and into the heart I say! Yes, it creates a box that we have to work within, but that box, and those words and rules, are essential for people to operate at all. Is it important? We only say it is my head and my nose and my mouth. I have come to the idea of finding out through experience rather than thought. Simple concept. That is truly interconnection. Who I Am Lyrics: I'm a saint, and I'm a sinner / I'm a loser and a winner / Without faith and a believer / I am true and the deceiver / I'm a hero and a villain / I'm a myth, and I'm a legend This admission will confront everyone at one time or another. A lot of mumbo jumbo to you perhaps, but this is the Vedant (Ant= End of the Ved); meaning that this is what the Ved advises everyone to ask. i just found out about this i love it! But if we associate with pure devotees, we will soon realize that we are individual spirit souls. (asking for your name) Who am I? From the above mentioned scriptural references, it is clear that Siva was a great devotee of Lord Krsna. “jivera swarupa hoya krsnera nitya dasa “ Krishna-JesusChrist - Allah-Buddha are all same. Only when I am present in the body, it appears that the brain is intelligent. Yes, indeed, 'who am I' is a completely common and legitimate question that many people have. Because of all false ego, the soul is trapped in this prison like material world. Don't Rock the Jukebox by Alan Jackson Audio CD $9.95. To become intimately aware of your thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears is obviously advisable. Who I Am. In the Quran, Jesus has been described as the messenger of God in the name of "IshaNabi". exercise. Am I a son? You might also want to read my post, Coming into Balance, which speak more deeply about the crafting of our personalities. It makes perfect sense to seek a deeper sense of self. The Holy Bible contains the scriptures of the Hebrews and the instructions of Jesus Christ. I say like this: I am a baby when I am born and then I am a child and then a young boy and then a youth and then an adult and then an old man. Satya yuga extends for 1728000 years, treta yuga lasts for 1296000 years, dwapara yuga contains 864000 years and kali yuga has 432000 years. But, nowadays, man is becoming animalistic. Then we have the others that can not be answered by that answer and those question are long (several days/weeks worth of conversation) and often hard to answer. can't even learn new stuff cause that part of brain has shut down. In Kali Yuga, people are searching for happiness and peace but without knowing the right path. Vrshabadvaja vandyaya parthasarathaye namah: We get everything from your wish. In the same way, all scriptures talk only about Krsna. I am quite a fan of biographies and autobiographies, and I am quite realistic about what to expect from them. It asks the question from the perspective of a Buddhist practitioner. You'd hardly choose to remain imprisoned until you could find your identity. Revelation 4:8 And each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around and within. After I go out of the body, my body does not move, it cannot feel the sense of touch, it does not respond if called. Who I Am In Christ. This is similar to what you're suggesting but with one addition: essentially, we should be asking the question Who Am I?, answering it as best we can, and be OK with constantly having to revisit that question and update or let go of our own self descriptors to accommodate our ever-changing natures. The song would later be released in Magna-Fi's second studio album VerseChorusKillMe. yam prapya na nivartante tad dhama paramam mama. To you, kriyamanostakadhi samnjaka stuthi sthomalu sthomam ucyate. Especially, in kali yuga, the Maha Mantra recommended is "HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE". I am born of God, and the evil one does not touch me (1 John 5:18). Prophet Mohammed has been described in two places in Atharva Veda. Yes, indeed, it is. However we are beyond all this......This inquiry is the starting point.......Let's not underestimate this. Purusho Narayana: Bhudambhavyam Bhavisyach asit sayesarvesam mokshath va asit. To know yourself so well leaves no room for growth. In other words: are you the flesh or the mind? Take this quiz if you sometimes wonder, who am I? Who am I? We habitually cling to identities for artificial meaning, a strategy the ego uses to maintain a sense of existence. namo vedanta vedyaya Hence, by studying only the scriptures written by Srila Veda Vyasa we will soon realize that we are Lord Krsna's eternal servants in the Sanatana dharma. My body responds to the calling of my name. All souls are servants of God. This process is known as positive disintegration. For me the question "who am I" is one the most important question, just be okay with finding there is no answer. We are living in kali yuga. One in knowledge is called a jnani. Lord Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead as said in the Vedas, Puranas, Itihasas and Upanisads: The title is a play on words, referring to the Who's hit single, "Who Are You" as well as the album of the same name. This material world was created by God when we, the souls wanted to live whimsically out of false ego. Tata vidhata karta vikartha divyo deva eka eva narayana: udhbhava sambhavo divyo deva eko Narayana: Above all these 14 planetary systems is Kailash, the abode of Shiva. Many people may ask how the soul was made. Rig Veda tat Visnoh: ParamamPadam sada pasyanti surayah. Sun cannot become different or many by calling it in different names in different parts of the world. In this, anyone may become true or does not happen. Since the beginnings of human language, people have sought to put words to thoughts, ideas, feelings, observations, etc., and that is the point of the Who Am I? It argues that not being stuck in a fixed identity is liberating. Something but nothing. I mean you kind of encourages people to create multiple personalities(does DID and MPD ring any bells). Among the demigods, Fire is present in the lower state; Narayana is present above even them. now i literally have no idea about anything. "I" refer to something different than "mine". Hi! (what makes me, me) Who am I? Then God's instructions to Prophet Mohammed were made as Al Quran. 'Brahma was created from Narayana. Expressed more clearly, if I am on a path and something emerges that frightens me and would compromise the journey forward, then I shouldn’t avoid it. Paramapnoti tad visnoh paramam padam. well, that was heavy reading, 1 which i'd read 3yr ago when i lost my job, i panicked & developed GAD, i was to hard on my self,couldn't stop putting self down, i've now lost track of every thing, none of my personal skills work any more. The essence of what it is to be human has been revealed to us in the first book of the Bible. I never picked squirrels but my answer says I like them. Only Lord Krsna possesses these qualities. He was the one who gave moksha(liberation) to everyone. And above all these are the eternal, blissful spiritual worlds. It seems as if you're forgetting that people ask Who Am I? Am I a traveler? Narayana alone is the protector, shelter and friend as a mother, father for every living entity. Even if I present as human, devata or animal, I am not a body. After knowing that death is sure and to know more we have to read scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam. But the nature of servitude will not change. Since then my life has shifted in a direction I never thought possible. To see God in material vision, deity worship was established. You're a cool person once someone gets to know you! ", Similar statement is found in the Bhagavad Gita 10.8, wherein Lord Krsna Himself states, Imagine that you've been in prison for twenty years, incarcerated since the age of eighteen. Yes, indeed, it is. Lord Narayana is the one personality with no faults in His identity and no material qualities, there is no second person. Pure awareness is all there is and that which we all are. By attaining these spiritual planets, one does not need to take birth again in these miserable material worlds. You are outgoing, but maybe need some help with your social skills. In fact, we are all made of star dust. For starters you have interpreted it as: What is my personality. ALL SOULS ARE SERVANTS, HARI IS THE MASTER (supreme ). In our practical life, we might have seen this. The more we chant this mantra 108 times, the more peace and blissful we will feel. “Who I am in Christ is amazing. And there is then no need to belabour the point or go beyond that. We were born from mother's womb. I am alive with Christ (Ephesians 2:5). not necessarily because they think that's exactly who they will be tomorrow and 20 years down the line, but because people want to get a sense of who they are right now, so that they have a place to start. To all. The Supreme Personality of Godhead KRSNA's external potencies where the mode of goodness(Visnu), mode of passion(Brahma) and the mode of ignorance(Siva). Also, the appearance of great Acharyas like Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Nimbarka and Vishnu swami who established Krsna alone to be the Supreme God was mentioned in the Padma purana. As people engage the deepening complexity of understanding themselves, they would fare much better to devote themselves to the unfolding process of life. Krsna Himself says that there is one God and He is that God. Who am I. I am who I think I am. Take me as I am, or don't Cause I don't give a damn, no Take me as I am, or don't Cause I don't give a damn, no. After all, how could they? Who am I? A new theory aims to make sense of it all. As such, the identity that we seek fires the wave of life, enriched by the flow. Body changes, but I don’t change. blog.melschwartz.com. That is death. Anyone who chants this mantra by adding the word Om both in the beginning and the end will certainly obtain the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. Lord, You catch me when I'm falling. To me, respect and hard work go hand in hand. The truth is not out there, it is within you. Then see if what it says regarding these areas holds up with what you've observed and experienced. Rig Veda, Purushasukta states, It's great to come out of isolation and realize many of us struggle with our identity. 10 Subtle Signs You’re Falling Out of Love, Why Your Abusive Narcissistic Mate Claims to Be the Victim, A Simple Trick to Boost Your Productivity, Psychology Today © 2021 Sussex Publishers, LLC. An animal calls itself an animal. Krsna alone is the Supreme God and the rest are His expansions. (the question if you are defined as the entity or by the mental structure. Scriptures tell what the person becomes after death. I thought your readers might enjoy this perspective. Who I Am is a memoir by rock guitarist and composer Pete Townshend of the Who. Am I a Father? Who I Am Lyrics: Mga kababayan ko / Dapat lang malaman nyo / Bilib ako sa kulay ko / Ako ay pilipino / Kung may itim o may puti / Mayron naman kayumangi / Isipin mo na kaya mong / … Bible, Quran and many scriptures proclaim God to be light and many worship accordingly. gurave buddhi-saksine, "I offer my respectful obeisances at the feet of Sri Krsna who is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss, who is the subject matter of the Vedanta, who is the absolute cause of creation, maintenance and destruction, who destroys the five types of miseries of his devotees, who is our spiritual master and the source of our intelligence. Again by the will of Narayana, through His mind, the three-eyed purusha(Siva) was created from the forehead of Brahma. This often includes that the person has to first find out WHERE he is and WHAT he is (and/or what others have tried to make him)before he can come to the realization "I am Me", and he will be quite content with that. Does't that sound a bit dangerous in you ears? Who I Am is a web-based service used by members of the Cornell community to activate their email accounts, control mail forwarding, and update directory information (phone, addresses, etc.). The names Krsna, Allah and Buddha all indicate one person only. Let's start asking the question.... Am I a husband? He appears like a blazing fire and His voice will sound like thunder. and Know thyself (Bible). The real trick is trying to let go of a set of words or rules when you've outgrown them and/or they're no longer relevant or useful. The knowledge for each individual living entity may vary. A free online personality quiz. Sanatana Dharma is called Hinduism. Something for nothing. Especially, liberation can be given only by Lord Krsna. I am going to re-read this a few times to make it sink in. This will make no sense to the mind (its not meant to as the mind is a creation of the awareness itself) but the heart will know the profoundness of this truth. Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy. After attaining that there is no possibility of returning to this material world. Just being aware. Niskalan ko niranjano Nirvikalpo nirakyat: Stho deva eko narayana: nathvidyeyur(a)stho deva eko narayana: nidvidyur(a)sthi kascit: Also, when we take food for the stomach, the senses and all parts of the body get nourished. 'That place from which, having attained it, one never returns - that is My supreme abode.'. At least until the mind kicks in and starts thinking I have to be someone. 'Nama cintamani Krsnas.' The truth is that you are a father because you have a son. Makes sense. According to Parampoojya Rishidev Narendranji, the exponent of Rishidevism, the answer is very simple;I am the SOUL. Udhamrutat vasyesanah: harishca te laksmishca padneyela ishtam manishana. couldn't be more worthwhile. Durga is in charge of this prison (material world). And there is then no need to belabour the point any further. Rather than a static snapshot, we should embrace a flowing sense of self, whereby we are perpetually re-framing, re-organizing, re-thinking and re-considering ourselves. For more information or to use Who I Am, visit: whoiam.cornell.edu Romans 5:1 — I have been justified. We give money, mind, intelligence, time for this and waste everything. No Need of worshipping other devatas if we worship Krsna: Bhagavatam 4.31.14: When we water the root of a tree, the stem, branches and all leaves get nourished. Thank you for sharing your article. The reason for these quarrel and problems is man’s losing his good qualities like mercy, honesty, purity and discipline. Only the first three out of these four necessities are provided by the demigods in a very less proportion. Am I this body ? After I leave this body, it is not going to function anymore, even if it is called by name. Ask yourself Who Am I? Bhagavan indicates Krsna only. I have lost memory of the old me & it sucks. About Who I Am "Who I Am" is a song written by Brett James and Troy Verges, and recorded by American country music artist Jessica Andrews. but i think it is too late. There are 9 lakh species of living entities in water, 20 lakh species of flora, 11 lakh species of insects, 10 lakh species of birds, 30 lakh species of animals and 4 lakh species of human beings. This is also mentioned in the Bible and the Quran. Punareva narayano(a)nyam kamam dhyayetha thasyath yananthasthasya lalatath trayaksas shulabani purusho (a)jayat. If I beat or burn my mother or father, I would be punished or placed in jail. Anything else such as matter, space, time, thought, concept (yes, even the concepts I have presented in this piece) and the sense of identity we feel we have or need are all just fluctuating activities, mere transient appearances in this unchanging incomprehensible field of pure awareness. Good Time by Alan Jackson Audio CD $3.79. If one looks at the question one may find several other interpretation, let me give you a short list. 'The crown jewel of all names is the name of Krsna'. Thanks for this great article Mr. Schwartz. Why College Prestige Matters and Why It Shouldn't, Courage to Think the Unthinkable: The Pandemic Might Get Worse. I know that everyday, for the rest of my life I will learn more about myself. If we follow Bhagavad Gita and srimad Bhagavatam, then there is no need for separate endeavour to escape from the dangers of kali yuga. In Stock. I pray that you'll take a serious look at what it has to say regarding mankind's identity, morality, purpose, and destiny. But, if I burn them alive, I will end up in jail. We shall see this in another angle: I am a son to my parents, I am a brother to brother, I am husband to my wife and a wife to my husband, I am a parent to my child and I am a grandparent to my grandchildren and so on... "I" am not anything mentioned here. I am hard working because my parents taught me to loathe laziness since it is the beginning of poverty and miserable life. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/shift-mind/201006/who-am-i To me, Hi, Mel. From this point, we can see that this body functions as long as "I" am present. But God is complete (without any imperfections) so a formless stage will become an imperfection in God. The irony is that the more you seek to identify who you are, the more fragile you are likely to feel about yourself. For example, this video answers the question "who am I" from a philosopher perspective: https://youtu.be/6L0Ta8wwKqA. I am a woman who overcame many challenges in life and I am the same woman who chose not to let the hardships define who I am. If I am in the wrong surrounding will I turn out much worse than I potentially could be. I had created a little bubble around me that was the person I thought people wanted me to be and have now come to realise that you don't need to do that and that I can finally begin to discover who I am. Well in any case goodbye and thank you for reading. Who Christ is in me is the real story. The body really is used to get happiness.

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