longboard cruiser vs drop through

Flexibility and Board Feel. Cracks and rough surfaces are unforgiving and can throw you off your board when you’re least expecting. Bigger wheels don’t always mean a more comfortable ride, you’ll need the ride balance between size and hardness. Believe it or not, we were the first longboard company in the world to make a commercially available drop-through … Compared to cruisers and skateboards, longboards have different types of trucks. The shapes vary so it’s hard to recognize a cruiser as such. Landyachtz offers a couple of excellent mini cruisers that are perfect for cruising and commuting. You have to bend your knees as your foot puts in a lot of effort to reach the ground. But they can be distinguished through their decks and wheels. You will fall and it will take a while to learn to balance properly. If you are looking for people to skate with, try local meetups or Facebook groups. This way the wheels, trucks, and board will stay clean and you can still return it. The cruiser is distinguished as a ‘mini longboard’ or ‘mini cruiser’  based on its shorter board. With bigger parts, a longboard is more comfortable to ride. The learning curve is a bit steeper compared to longboards or cruisers but when you can ride a skateboard, you can ride everything. I personally use one for that purpose and I love it, but it requires a lot more effort compared to cruisers and longboards. But due to the longboard’s bigger boards that create a large turning radius, it is not nimble as the cruiser. Different longboard companies created their own shapes for their products, but the main types of longboard shapes are symmetrical and directional. Drop decks are lower in the middle compared to the ends of the board. It is configured for the optimization of pushing and going to places when cruising though these functions are the things that different types of longboards can give. One of them has freestyle features like pronounced concave and two full-sized kicks. Whereas, the longboard can turn a wider radius, but you can expect its stability in terms of fast-rolling speeds. They come in various shapes and sizes, even a penny board is considered a cruiser. https://heelsidechill.com/top-mount-vs-drop-through-vs-drop-down The deck size of the longboard ranges from 36 to 42 inches long, with a width of 8.5 to 10 inches. If you plan on visiting skateparks, jump off an on curbs and really want to get to ollie and kickflip down, look no further. Drop-through shapes are often symmetrical, sometimes almost symmetrical, and … Once you feel comfortable you can always decide to pick a regular skateboard. After that, you can decide for yourself what’s best for you. Because of their size longboards aren’t as responsive as cruisers and skateboards. Make sure to pick the right type of longboard! Longboards are the tallest but the size varies. Longboard trucks are often wider to match the width of the board usually between 150mm and 180mm axles. The short wheelbase, together with the loose trucks, can cause speed-wobbles when going down the hill. ... Drop-Through Double Kick Cutaway: Lowered riding platform makes these boards easy to push for beginners or commuters. Flexon longboards vary. The constant thing is that longboards are always bigger than cruisers. They are opposed to carving and turning. This comparison is not enough, as this article will tackle more of it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Cruiser can be a type of longboard. Skateboards have less momentum than longboards and cruisers. It’s like comparing apples and oranges really. The primary role of a cruiser is to let you through the busy street of an urban place. I started skateboarding 25 years ago and I'm out there whenever I can. The length of the deck and wheelbase impact the turning ability of the board. Drop through decks are mainly used for cruiser style setups, simply because most of the benefits cater towards that type of riding. Therefore, it’s made for rides in a short distance. Another difference is the height, the trucks need more height to prevent the wheels from coming into contact with the board. Once up to speed it’s easier to maintain momentum. A cruiser’s deck has a length of no longer than 34 inches, and it’s usually around 28 to 32 inches with narrower width below 8.5 inches. The Volador longboard’s artisan work created by the great engineering … Drop-through longboards typically have big wheel cutouts. Many skaters ride the board for commutes and just causal city cruising. The primary use of … Best for Beginners: Playshion Drop-Through Freestyle Longboard Even though the parts look the same, they are designed for different purposes. When riding a skateboard, you won’t have that luxury. Although longboards can be heavier and bulkier than cruisers, they have advantages too. It implies that it has a higher center of gravity, so it’s less stable when speed increases. Like the content? Pushing would longboard are generally effortless and efficient. Some have lasted months, even a year, while some barely made it one full session before giving in. Best drop-through cruiser longboard: Arbor Dropcruiser The Arbor Dropcruiser is another every popular drop-through cruiser. Longboard trucks are often inverted compared to regular skateboards and small cruisers. WHITE WAVE LONGBOARDS. They are two different things, and you have to know the differences for you to reach a decision. Some cruisers allow for a couple of tricks but are limited while still providing a comfortable ride without having to worry about rough surfaces. When the Derringer and Pintail go head-to-head in overall cruising + carving, the main difference in your ride comes from the way the board turns and where you want to ride it.. Derringer Overall Ride: This board is for tight turns. If you need to get rid of speed wobbles so you can safely downhill race then you need a Drop Through Longboard. They come from reputable brands, have quality components and come at a reasonable price. Usually what sets a cruiser board apart from other boards is the parts that are on it and the shape. The width varies from 7″ to 9″ and length from 30″ to 32″. Go with a cruiser. Skateboards are between 30″ and 32″ in length and the width varies between 7″ and 9″. They go from 25″ to 37″ where the latter is closer to a longboard. This is a versatile and multifunctional longboard … Longboards are used for long distances but also more extreme stuff like racing downhill. These boards need stiffer bushings to prevent your board from becoming unstable at high speeds. Kicktail is added to the cruisers for easy access to the urban landscape. It is bigger than the skateboard in terms of deck, wheels, and trucks. Madrid Tailored Riot (Left) and the Madrid Elephant (Right)Longboards comes in two different mounting options: top mount and drop through. This means the kingpin is sitting through the trucks hangar. If you’re looking for a quality skateboard I recommend checking out some of the complete skateboards I picked. They’re just soft tricks as these boards have heavy wheels. Classic skateboards are meant for grinding ledges, sliding your board over rails or popping ollies and flips. This helps you stay balanced as your center of gravity is lower. Review After Skating 30 Pairs. They also come in different shapes for different purposes. This has been going on since the ’50s when surfers invented skateboarding. Best Longboard for Overall Cruising + Carving. 1-13 of 13 results Filter . Drop Through Pros and Cons. A drop through … The purpose may be for distance pushing or focus on riding fast in far straight roads. This is to help them be as aerodynamic as possible and help you get top speed. While classic skateboard shapes are somewhat identical (not considering nose, tail, and concave variations), longboards shapes come in pintails, flat-nose, swallowtails, and drop-through decks. Mini-cruisers usually have top-mount, which means that the truck is bolted under the deck. Both … Longboards are longer than a cruiser. Want to commute in the city or campus? If you need to hop on a bus you’ll have no problems holding on to it and it won’t take up much space when you store it. Easy to pick up and great short distances. Another thing that sets cruisers apart is the soft wheels. Drop throughs are versatile shapes — the jack-of-all-trades longboard. Cruiser vs Longboard . I wouldn’t recommend using them in a city or crowded places as it’s harder to reduce speed compared to a cruiser of a classic. The tradeoff is that they don’t allow for technical tricks but you usually don’t need that on a longboard. Don’t expect to grind curbs or ollie with these boards, the trucks and deck aren’t designed for that. If you decide to buy one of these skateboards, go to your local skate shop and tell them your budget. Longboards are perfect for carving and when you develop skills you could try out some powerslides. In general, you’ll find people from all walks of life. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Drop-through mounting lowers the rider’s center of gravity and lends to increased stability. Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They allow for quick acceleration and provide balance and comfort. Most people will call anything like that a skateboard but there are quite some differences. Volodor 42inch Longboard. Drop-through longboards … Kicktails offer opportunities for tricks or kick turns. They feature softer wheels to deal with rough terrains. Skateboards, on the other hand, are completely different from longboards and cruisers. After an initial flop, Nike SB popularity quickly climbed back up with the creation of the Nike SB pro-team; and the signatures of skateboard stars Paul... Hey, thanks for dropping by! Cruisers and longboards have softer wheels. Consider sharing this page, or support this site by following me on Instagram or subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I'm an aged skateboarder, but I still shred responsibly. This is the main difference when you compared to longboards and cruisers Some use them as a fashion statement which is a bit infuriating. I’m a bit biased though. Cutaway design helps reduce wheel bite. You’ll get a tingling sensation in your feet and probably sweat a lot. In general, cruisers have a flat surface but there are many cruisers with an elevated tail and some concave. Longboards don’t feature a nose and tail with an angle, sometimes they have a bit of concave where others are completely flat. Narrow decks are preferred by street skaters and wider decks by vert and bowl skaters. So far we have seen some special features of the longboard, now let’s look at the features of the cruiser board by making a difference. The longer wheelbase makes longboards more stable in any kind of terrains. But it’s less stable than drop-through. They are asymmetrically accompanied by rounded square or just squared tail. Some cruisers have wheel wells to counter wheel bite and some have extended riser pads to deal with this problem. Review After Skating 30 Pairs. The front of most cruiser boards is slightly pointed, making it much easier to cut through … Longboards allow you to do tricks. Our Longboards are designed to get you out exploring your environment, no matter what kind of terrain you have surrounding you. You also get to feel and test the board which is harder online, unless you can return it for free. Cruisers are designed for taking you around, but you can’t do tricks with them. As for shapes, there are a few variations each designed for its own purpose. It’s hard to say when a skateboard becomes a cruiser but anything over 8″ wide could serve that purpose. A regular skateboard (popsicle shape) is mainly to perform tricks and technical skating. The difference that you can easily spot is the size. First, we will go into what a cruiser is. Some longboards are designed for carving, others for downhill and of course long-distance traveling. You can depend on its speed and stability as you cross the long distance. A skateboard used to be just that, a wooden plank, a pair of trucks and a set of wheels. So why isn’t it just under the category of longboard? Sometimes they also feature reversed or inverted kingpins. It means the trucks are assembled the other way around allowing for more maneuverability. The trucks that are attached to the lower part are called drop down longboard vs cruiser. It allows for more stability and they’re lower than skateboard/cruiser trucks. Skateboard has a symmetrical deck in the shape of a popsicle. Slightly shorter and wider than the Lookout at 38″ by 9.75″ but with a … If you do get both, don’t put your longboard wheels on your skateboard, there’s not enough clearance. Skateboards are stiffer compared to more flexible longboards. Longboards have inverted trucks compared to skateboards or cruisers. Smaller cruisers can make the board turn ‘on a dime’ so it can easily avoid cracks and obstacles. Cruisers are for commuting or just rolling around comfortably while still being able to carry it around without too much effort. The range of the cruiser’s size is the same as the skateboard. Longboards, cruisers, and skateboards need to consist of quality components to get the most out of it. It can get you through the tight areas in the city as it is responsive for easy maneuvering. You may find some with a small nose kick for manuals, kick tricks, and popping over small cracks. Wheel clearance on longboards can vary from top-mount to drop-through. Playshion Drop Through Cruiser. They all have similar components although construction and materials vary. Wheel clearance can cause tight carving, which is essential for tight places. Land Paddling with Your Longboard: Tips and Tricks, Pintails vs Drop-Through: Which Longboard to Pick. This is also known as reversed trucks. You’ll have no problem slaloming through … Insta: @skateboardershq, CCS Skateboard Complete - Color Logo and Natural Wood - Fully Assembled - Includes Skateboard Tool and Stickers (Blue, 7.5"), Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard (28" - Burning Sky), Landyachtz Tugboat UV Bengal Complete Skate Board - Cruiser Board, link to Best Skateboard Decks | Bought, Shredded, & Approved, link to Are Nike SB Good Skate Shoes? You can get longboards in a number of different shapes, such as swallowtails, flat-nosed, pintails, and drop-through. These boards also have concave and a tail which allows for cruising and doing some basic tricks. When you want to go for a cruiser and you’re a beginner, make sure to get something that helps you keep your balance. If you do buy one online, test it out on a piece of carpet first. I selected a few skateboards that are perfect for beginners, they’re not too expensive and are made of decent components. The wheels being soft help them absorb bumps on your path better. Required fields are marked *. To be fair, it’s much more fun to go from place A to B while doing some tricks along the way instead of just cruising. Cruisers are lightweight so you can do simple tricks even when you’re on the city street like kick turn, kickflips, ping off, or on curbs. Cruisers are usually a bit smaller and narrower than regular skateboards but there’s a lot of variation to point out an exact number. Their size enables them to pick the speed with no trouble so you can go fast. Cruisers are lighter than longboards and generally taller than regular skateboards. Some cruisers have a bit of concave but it’s usually more mellow compared to skateboards. You also might consider wearing a helmet and or knee pads. You’ll find many artistic people that don’t really like mainstream sports picking up skateboarding. The pintail is built for long distances since you can go on pushing and you can turn out with it. My name is Ruben and I've been skating since I was a kid. Meanwhile, a longboard can come with drop-through or topmount design like pintails. Skateboarding is a thrilling outdoor sport that allows a person to ride onto a skateboard … On the other hand, if you want speed, then drop-through is the best choice for you. Make sure your shoes are clean! When you go for a cruise on a skateboard it can become uncomfortable after a while. The trucks are loose for fast turning. A cruiser is meant to transport you from place A to B when the distance is limited. It also helps make the ride smoother. A cruiser is easy to carry as it is lightweight. They also have a concave which allows for technical tricks. They are often much softer than on regular skateboards to make turning and carving easier. Drop-through - A form of mounting trucks to a longboard in which the trucks are “dropped through” the deck. it depends on what you’re planning to do with it. Like cruisers, longboards have big soft wheels only they usually start at 70mm. I’ve probably snapped at least 150 skateboard decks across my unimpressive skating career. Bigger longboards are expected to have wider turning arcs. Pick a regular skateboard when you want to do technical stuff. These guys know their stuff and get you the type of board you need. A cruiser becomes unstable when you go too fast and may start wobbling. The concave (the curved shape across the length of the deck) affects how the deck responds and feels. This puts the longboard deck closer to the ground and this the lowered platform … Skateboards are stiffer and have less momentum, but very responsive compared to longboards. If you’re in doubt between a regular skateboard and a longboard consider it’s easier to learn skateboarding on a longboard. Longboards can be found in many shapes and styles, such as pintail for cruising and symmetrical cut-out shape. Some longboarders love extreme speeds and steep hills where others just want to go for long relaxing rides. Typical the wheel size is anything between 55mm to 65mm. Cruisers are flat and thin. If your area has hills and slopes you need to make sure to limit your speed. It’s possible though, softer and bigger wheels can turn it into a cruiser if you like. Length: skateboards 30″-32″, longboards 36″ and above, cruisers between 25″ and 37″. Another big difference is the bushings. The length is anything between 25″ and 37″ but shorter or a bit taller is possible. So they’re ideal for a short distance and don’t ever use them when going downhill. Some of them are suitable for cruising, providing comfort on rough terrain, and assisting with carving. You can be at full speed on country roads. The wheels are smaller compared to longboards but bigger when you look at regular skateboards. Longboards can have top mount or drop-through with trucks to traverse the deck through holes. Their maneuverability will help you avoid obstacles and most important, vehicles and people. The pintail is built for long distances since you can go on pushing and you can turn out with it. The shape that’s suitable for you depends on personal preference, you just need to try before you know. You can easily navigate the area with busy streets and a crowd of people on the sidewalk. Obviously, they are longer compared to the other boards which provide more stability. Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout at a Glance: Wheel Diameter: 74 … The stability of the drop-through is consistent, even on a downhill ride. There are some cruisers that are built for freestyling. Similar to the Volador above, the Playshion comes with the drop … Therefore, it’s suitable for riding down a hill, traveling long distances and open road commuting. I’d say longboarding comes as close to surfing as it possibly gets which makes them popular among surfers. A longboard refers to a board with four wheels that are not specifically the traditional skateboard. Old school skateboards, for example, could also be considered cruisers. It was made to fill in the gap between street skateboard and longboard. Best Longboards for CruisingLinks To All Featured Products Below [Show More]5. Since longboards are wider the trucks also. A skateboard is great for tricks and technical stuff but not so much for cruising unless you modify it. Here are some products I recommend and own! It is possible as cruisers have larger wheels that have a unique shape for comfort. Best Value: Quest Super Cruiser 44 Inch Longboard “Well worth the money! Skateboards come with sturdier and more reliable trucks due to the added pressure that they have to go through. With this setup, it’s harder to push them on the ground. Longboards can be bulky around when they have a 38-inch deck or longer. Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Review. Cruiser and Carver Longboard Buyer's Guide. A drop through longboard has a cutout in the deck, allowing the base-plates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. Quality matters, don’t buy them in toy stores. The cruiser is a short and more lightweight board. Wheel size difference: longboards 60mm and above, skateboards between 50mm and 60mm, cruisers between 55mm and 65mm. This... Are Nike SB Good Skate Shoes? They always have a kicktail. Since drop through boards aren't as structurally strong, and typically flexier than a topmount or drop … Many skateboarders consider it an art and a way of living. Perhaps not those pesky penny boards, I still feel uncomfortable riding those tiny boards. The wheel flare and narrow nose of a cruiser prevent wheel rub from happening. We get a lot of questions about drop-through trucks. You can check them out here. This also means they are heavier, carrying a longboard around is a bit awkward but sometimes you have to. Pintail longboards are great for relaxed cruising commuting, and they are equipped with wheels that can smoothen out bumps, cracks, and pebbles. Still, it’s all part of skateboarding, being embarrassed won’t get you very far. This post isn’t about which board to buy but to help you to make a better choice and understand the differences. They’re often very flexible and allow for deep carving and allow for bigger turns without losing stability. Cruisers and longboards can ride rough surfaces. Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Review - Longboard Reviewd! This isn’t the case when it comes to downhill longboards. It will be a painful journey but the rewards are adrenaline, accomplishment, and bruises. Regular skateboards need trucks that are stronger and stay in one piece because of grinding curbs, jumping stairs, etc. You will do manual and stepping tricks with longboards as well as radical kickflips and jumping. Longboards obviously are larger, lack a kicktail and are easily confused with cruisers. The difference is that longboards are for long distances, cruisers are portable and used for short commutes, and skateboards are for technical tricks. The deck generally has a long and wide rectangular section with short narrow wingtips on each end where the trucks mount. Although a popsicle can fir wheels up to 60mm when attaching risers. Then you can figure out what’s best for you. It’s stable, and you can ride it smoothly even though you’re taking on long-distance. Also, don’t try to swap your skateboard trucks with longboard trucks, it won’t fit. Of all the types available longboards offer the smoothest ride. This is a great board for the money…This board did not disappoint. This allows you to hop on and off curbs or correct the board quickly. This … It’s not only portable but agile. In any case, it’s more fun to roll with friends rather than riding on your own. Biking vs Skateboarding: Which Sport is Better? Rocks and rough roads aren’t a problem for longboards, unlike classic skateboards. If you want to travel long distances without much effort a longboard is what to look for. They also handle speed well so you can go downhill with no obstacle.

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