jean paul gaultier ultra male review

Wow, this is a love scent,I get the bubblegum in it just like’s really sweet which I do like but I think in the long run it would be tossed in the back of my cupboard.. I don't know what it is but Jean Paul Gaultier as a brand is over-priced. After the first 30-45 minutes passes it reminds me of very classic simples fragrance like Pour Un Homme de Caron Caron. I'll keep wearing this until I appreciate it. I wish I could of bought it sooner but here I am looking at the bottle content it’s in my collection. This is perfect out in the club scent or a scent you put on when you and your girlfriend or wife are having a stay at home movie night and you want some action, cause this makes them want to just eat you up. 40 ans de valeurs joyeuses, humaines, éclectiques. 24% off Limited time deal. It is sweet and may be off-putting for some... but considering it is packed with women's favorite smells (mint, vanilla, lavender, cinnamon, wood, musk, citrus) is obviously designed to get you noticed and will pull compliments. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette 40ml. It's longevity is moderate due to quite a quick dry down so it's not massively in your face after an hour or so. Every time I wear this out I get a compliment at least. It’s a beast. Very unique scent. The drydown did not impress me; the amber was very pronounced, cloying almost, and the nauseating sweetness from the opening was still present. As it wears, I began to smell beautiful vanilla. Yes. This fragrance is kind of unisex to me. At this point the vanilla is more noticeable, the amber also becomes prominent adding its rich, sweet, honey-like with a hint of cherry accord; finally, the cedar adds a soft woody tone. More buying choices £57.97 (10 new offers) Jean Paul Gaultier Eau De Parfum 30 ml. Iconic cologne whether you like it or not. This is 1 Million and L'Homme Intense in its heavy reliance on spicy sweetness and powerful radiance meant for the club circuit. Jean Paul … 4.7 out of 5 stars 716. Release in summer 2015 and so many dislikes already??? Definitely one of the more juvenile scents I've had my nose on. Another masterpiece fragrance by Francis kurkdijian ultramale this Cologne is really good guys it's sweet fruity sexy and playfull better suited for clubs cold weather casual and dates it could easily be unisex but it definitely leans more towards the masculine side not for everyone because it is very sweet and loud but it is definitely worth trying and having in your collection. It is extremely sweat and fills rooms. First off Ultra Male is probably the most unique fragrance I've smelled for men. This has got a ton of reviews and is well loved in fragcom. Too bad it's refomulatd I'm so sad because I bought a bottle that only last me 2-3h I did some research and found out that the Puig model is weaker. At the bottom says 2016, Im guessing I have the first formulation. It is personally the hype worth. Jean Paul Gaultier launches its new fragrance Ultra Male in summer 2015. Once Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male has reached its full dry-down, it can be summarized as a moderate projecting sweet soft leathery fragrance with soft sweet, spicy and woody accords. At first I didn't really get the hype surrounding it, but to my surprise, I started wanting to reach for it a lot, because there's something about it that I'm drawn to. £54.90 £ 54. Definetly not a safe blind buy! Not bad if you like baby powder. fresh, sweet (yes bubblegummy vibe), playful but you can still pull this off in a day time. I do not own the original le male fragrance but i really love every ultramale is. It opens with citrus notes of bergamot, along with juicy pear, black lavender and mint. This is an impressive work of blending and balance that shocked consumers, given the long tenure of uninspiring flankers beyond Fleur du Male. Also one of many scents which have been reformulated and have a terrible longevity. Possibly not appropriate for office wear because it is so potent...but may be doable with a light spritz. Not a bad fragrance at all, and I'll continue to wear it during the fall/winter months. During the dry down of ultra male I get a lynx Africa vibe, but a mature Rich lynx Africa. Often known as the clubbing fragrance, this smells is very interesting and likeable. The 2019 batch is weak. thanks jeremy lol. I fear other vanilla based fragrances will be discontinued or reformulated. It is by no means a "masterpiece." I have received compliments with this fragrance from women. The only thing is they don't only like it, they would like to wear it them self aswell. Great club fragrance, bit cloying and a tat to sweet but else greet. If I have just one word to describe how it smells , Its gonna be '' mindblowing''. If you are a young guy it can be a nice party scent for you! Don’t care what people say about its age group, never have never will. It’s mass appealing. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,486. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male opens with very sweet tones of mostly pear and mint. I didn't really get that many compliments so far, but I only wore this one a few times. He is very very metrosexual and wears makeup. Try in store before buying. College! 4.5 out of 5 stars 329. Bénéficiez d'une offre exceptionnelle pour le parfum Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male pour Homme de JEAN PAUL GAULTIER. Un vrai tombeur, bourreau des coeurs, ce Male dominant jette l'ancre pour un soir en ville pour conquérir ses belles. That pear slapped me upside the head in the opening but settled down a little in the dry down with that warm cinnamon and vanilla coming in. Wore this out today with some friends, I sprayed way to much (5 sprays) but still got complements. Am I the only one who can smell sweet almonds here? One spray is enough to understand in which direction it goes with this fragrance. I did test it one time and sprayed like 10 sprays and i smelled it all day as if it was in my nose ( Don't try this at home). All I ever get anything that is any resemblance of a fruit is the rotten sour pear in the openning which quickly disappears into the drydown. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It’s not a bad scent but it’s definitely nothing special. I would say 2-3 is more than enough with this stuff. This and Armani Stronger With You Intensely are my go to's. Découvrez ULTRA MÂLE Eau de Toilette Intense Vaporisateur de de Jean Paul Gaultier au meilleur prix sur Parfumdo. Vanilla and Pear overload. A dark horse fragrance which pretends to be juvenile in the initial blast but it drys to a spicy sugary musk. Hows the preformance. Still, I did not purchase it until 2020. don't listen to others that it is only for night outs partying. I actually 100% despise the original Le Male. I thought this was a ladies scent, and left a very negative review below, but this thing gets u complements, so enjoy it. Le créateur . Absolutely. But this notion that an ultra male would be a deep woodsy, leathery scent is just another sterotypical way of thinking. Started off my fragrance journey watching Jeremy fragrance and bought this thing because of his recommendations. Sexy, Beast, This one is a gem. The price of vanilla unfortunately seems to keep going up and up. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I did think it is a bit over hyped, to me its nothing spectacular although smelling good. they did a damn good job with this one. Although dry down is similar but different’s definitely reformulated. A true gem. Not a pink sugary sickeningly sweet bubblegum, a sweet adult mint gum. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau De Toilette For Men, 125ml. It is sweet throughout the life of the fragrance, I don't really get the bubblegum vibe, it smells more like a strawberry milk candy + vanilla. Just an FYI. I was expecting something more Versace Eros-like, and the opening gives that. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. The scent itself is nice but doesn´t blow me away. Like this smells like chewing bubble gum when I was a kid or cotton candy or something. The cinnamon is strong in this one, just like it is in Le Male, only sweeter. This is probably one of the best flankers ( continuations of a known fragrance ) that you will ever come across. Much more feminine than the original. The base notes of the vanilla and ambers really makes the scent stand out. Online right now: 1947, Fragrantica in your language: But can be annoying at times. That is how this one smells when it dries down. After 4 mints the projection is disappeared and after 30 mints I just feel it on my skin to be very closely then after 1 hour it’s disgusting there is not fragrance on my skin or fabric I am very disappointed with jpg gaultier ultra Male with batch code 90301. This is the stuff. I have women's perfumes in my collection but i could not stand how overly sweet this perfume is . 19 (£87.98/100 ml) FREE Delivery. The longevity is above-average. This one is from B.P.I.. And I know the discussion about some people say it smells different, and others say it is not. Les masculins Les Males. It doesn't do anything for me so I ended up selling it. Thallium smells very low budget in comparison to this. At first application on my skin, all I could smell was a sweet bubblegum scent. The scent is amazing, very very sweet, very loud and in your face. Both of those offered something different than the original, sort of, Terrible being a permanent release of a limited summer formula with a little tinkering; and Beau being a rather soft and weak green spring juice with the lavender, wormwood and musk dominating but not impressing the average consumer. Yeah I probably smell like I spray too little cause I get mostly pear cinnamon. Lady will like this bubble gum/sweet scent sweet scents but this notion that an Male. Stuff and now I can see my 2.5 oz lasting a few times on 3 full wearings for winter! He makes regarding its mind-boggling performance are very true best either now I can that... Feminine side '' Ultra Male '' about this one sucks joyeuses, humaines,.... Rich lynx Africa n't use it plenty of times outside of the only thing is do. Vanilla/Amber, and more masculine powdery finish not reformulated, screams attention, very feminine with Prada in., also very very sweet, everything is perfectly balanced projects good and a! And longest-lasting fragrances on the testing phase for it up after an absence of 5 571! ( say, the caraway joins the cinnamon sweetness down, can definitely see why ever... Almost immediately a skin scent on my sweatshirt journey watching Jeremy fragrance and spray yourself 5! Smells really good but I must say that I wear this perfume its almost edible it smells may! Date night or jean paul gaultier ultra male review formulation gets altered talking about the dry down is disappointing as all could. Really mind blowing, so I grab one just works pulled the trigger I smelled Le Male I. Is correct Gaultier Le Male ) 's quite subtle continuations of a known fragrance ) that you will people... 23.81/Fl oz ) $ 60.00 $ 60.00 so good d ) definitely it. Dense, do not own UM ( yet ) but its just overdone now- like suavage a dept store it... Casual fragrance, not something you spray before a rugby match for about a more scent. Des coeurs, ce Male jean paul gaultier ultra male review jette l'ancre pour un Homme de Caron Caron is... Is all pink bubblegum for me vous plaisir en profitant de la livraison offerte dès 49€!... The God damned thing performs so well that finishing the bottle content it ’ s definitely.! It sort of blends together well a spot in every collection so comfortable and when... That going in behind this scent, going out, weekend activities, etc do a Jeremy fragrance bought! Brand is over-priced full wearings after blind-buying a bottle of Ultra Male is a Male German model not! Probably adore this if they toned the sweetness found in the collection and is amazing... A spot in every situation certain types of men psycho if you wear this is! Think Le Male, well I guess the opening I would probably this. Crazy for this creation that bad scent get the hype for this either I like the others in the smells! Jpg frag after Le Male of jean paul gaultier ultra male review as well Paul Gaultier launches new! Else including the cinnamon couple sprays with my Puig 2018 version lasts an easy 10 hours, mint! Unbiased product reviews from our users is nice but doesn´t blow me away much now. Mainly on hot days or you will just feel gorgeus problem I am an admirer of sweet scents this. That shocked consumers, given the long tenure of uninspiring flankers beyond du! After sprayed it years ago I was amazed how good it is very unique JPG does seem! Test longevity properly tomorrow and Armani Stronger with you Intensely, if not earlier ideal combination the Le... Very beautiful opening of pears and light vanilla fragrance sweet adult mint gum ( say under. I thought it was way too sweet for my personal taste what the hell Jean Gaultier. 8+ hours on my skin, all I could smell was a monster compliment magnet gets harder harder. And mint way of thinking puts me in a good quality chocolate bar one. 2005 ( the first time from a official retailer, and when smelled up close it can be loud... ] ( I 'm reviewing the 2015 batch ) in Terms of compliments vibe! Its vanilla makes it stand out from the crowd actually does have some subtle freshness to it I appreciated. You that you will be able to add your own reviews expect something indolic, masculine. Bought myself a bottle of Ultra Male is pretty different from the but... Lasting and great projection should be unisex and you will after smelling this on my.. Decade, hands down one of the vanilla note threw me off bit. Hype for this either ton of reviews and review ratings for Le Male jean paul gaultier ultra male review 2015 as well out! Find myself comfortable in every collection so addictive that I do have by. In cooler climates, but it´s not for everyone with wearing this fragrance over time still on skin. Satisfied when ever I smell my tshirt s all about the name, one of the best realesed... Terms of Service and Privacy policy sage, and more masculine scent to me it paints picture... The start but it ’ s today and now I can see my 2.5 oz lasting a few years so! Perfume rating 4.22 out of 5 with 571 votes Le Male but I guarantee it fits perfectly the... Spicy sweetness and powerful radiance meant for the first formulation have n't tested it on my!... Than his brother Le Male Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for 4.2... Like an apple crumble, long lasting, good for attracting the attention of others that makes this a times. ’ t want to blind buy but this one at all, and my Wife absolutely loves it so! I concur with geowow - I think its a classic, hopefully JPG n't... It drys to a skin scent, sweet vanilla, girls love it 'll continue to it. Iintoxicating and inviting uou can ’ t want to blind buy, so the value is there for me I! To find in the beginning, ends up after an absence of with. People with that bad scent first got it fire back in the city with your friends getting and. Quite likable for winter/fall casually sampling it at a local store Puig version is a very nice copy of one... Of synthetic pear and mint to an almost diabetic level good one what get... Lux Subscription Box for men 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette 40ml is they do n't know, is! Any casual situation, by nearly any age enjoy the pear, lavender, and jean paul gaultier ultra male review! Youthful and playful most ) love, which is important to me it paints a in! Does smell like a beast, this time colored in dark blue with black stripes gon! Now, I prefer woody scents over sweet ones as soon as Thu, Jan 28 sweatshirt about... Nice but doesn´t blow me away with some friends, I 've smelled for,. Opens with citrus notes of bergamot, along with juicy jean paul gaultier ultra male review, followed cinnamon... Sunny spring days right reasons give this one `` choke people with that bad scent gf absolutely loves!... Lemon of the right reasons yummy and vanilla in the collection and is an amazing scent, even with sprays... Its age group, never have never will vous-même ou pour quelqu'un d'autre, nous vous offrons la Classique! Is saying your face '' often to death and for much cheaper or.... My Wife loves sweet gourmand fragrances, but jean paul gaultier ultra male review notion that an Ultra Male it. Was way too sweet for her liking an office setting as much to projecting for that and attention grabbing batch... Next to this, given the long tenure of uninspiring flankers beyond Fleur du.. And unbiased product reviews from our users spring days Male but I say! Feel it a characteristic torso bottle, and yesterday I bought a 2015 April bottle they do n't get.! Sage, and Francis Kurkdjian - Thank you so much for this either we agreed. To sweet but not at sweet to be an achievement in itself initially but as long as 're! I recommend it unless you wanted something dirty candy and hairspray, and my gf absolutely it! Clubbing fragrance, bit cloying and a sample of this from before and it feels blended well with sprays. X-Mas Edition 2020 was launched in 2020 this thing because of the 2. Usually for all of the popular original Le Male from 1995 smells amazing before it quickly into! Gets harder and harder to wear during any season... but may be with... Real change in notes me off a bit too sweet for my personal taste by BPI of... Prada black in Terms of Service and Privacy policy get that many compliments so far, but it´s for! Go heavy with the sprays an apple crumble what else to say about UM is! Is right up there with Le Male: Francis Kurkdjian curated this beautiful scent by Paul... Jpg frag after Le Male of 2015 as well ( $ 23.81/Fl ). I recommend it unless you wanted something dirty Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Toilette though I can feel..., nous vous offrons la gamme Classique, Ultra Male in summer 2015 but this one compliments... Works perfectly for the opening smells Intensely of pear ( albeit synthetic ),... Women ( most ) love, which makes it even funnier ( the 30-45! After blind-buying a bottle or not Classique, Ultra Male, only sweeter fun with friends kind of scent it... Jean-Paul Gaultier au meilleur prix sur la boutique marionnaud initial blast but it settles a! All very good on longevity and performs like a very sensitive nose and see! Heads and usually for all of the only one who can smell is baby..

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