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Our translator does a transliteration (phonic) of the given text and tries its best to convert to authentic looking hieroglyphics. Egypt Today staff. 18K Gold Egyptian Cartouche Necklace with your name in Hieroglyphics 340.00 $ Add to Wishlist Add to cart; 18K Gold Egyptian Ring personalised with your name in Hieroglyphics Sale! See Sobek. Could this be proof that the Ark of the Covenant produced electric power? Game of Senet. It is likely that the number of Flags dictate the order of power, defined by the electric circuitry of the Birkeland Currents in the Universe, (e.g. Pyramid - Electric discharge point on the Earths crust described by Anuket, Sopdu and Sopdet. Summary page available at Cyclone (Set) - Cyclone. Operate Gravity (Foot and Arm) - The hieroglyph describes how gravity can be operated or manipulated because it is an electrical phenomenon. Positive Charge / Anode (Basket) - Similar to a cation (+), from the Greek word "down", it means net positive charge, like proton. In a conducting medium, an electric field can exert force on charges, causing a net motion of the particles through the medium; this is what constitutes an electric current described by this hieroglyph. Can be used to describe the Sun or the Stars as the anode or the ionosphere as the positive electrode. hieroglyphics alphabet with genetic information from egypt and reading legends and. The hieroglyphs explain how Gods Electricity flows through the cosmos supporting life, powering Galaxies, Stars and Planets. Egyptian Hieroglyphics 2018. By discovering the true meaning of the hieroglyphs and how they explain electricity in the universe, many hidden truths about the Pyramids are revealed, and the true nature of how negative charge as the female nourishment to an Electric Cosmos is explained. Electricity was also a familiar concept to the Ancient Egyptian, who chose the Ostrich Feather when making feather dusters. The Ankh is expressed throughout Egyptology, explaining the purpose to protect and support all life on Earth. Conduction (Scarab beetle) - The compression of the scarab beetles limbs define a push as the electric current. Ostrich feathers are impractical for use as a fan, but make very effective dusters because of their intrinsic ability to hold electrostatic charge. This is described in further detail by Taweret and the composite animal Ammit. The special characteristic of the Viper are its fangs, unlike the Cobra which spits its venom the Viper injects its venom via its fangs. See Nut. Isis and Osiris have the same hieroglyph forming the basis of their name, together they maintain the structure of the Universe and the intergalactic power line. Or you could begin with Sekhmet, where the different animals on the Aegis are used to describe how ejected material from the Sun are 'magnified' due to the stars strong coronal electric field. Coronal holes are areas where the Sun's corona is darker, and colder, and has lower-density plasma than average because there is lower energy and gas levels. - Discovered by (Lotus Plant) Lotus plant with inward bud. Life The cross means life. 670.90 $ 490.02 $ Add to Wishlist Add to cart; 2 Engagement Rings in Solid Silver with your name in Arabic or Hieroglyphics 95.00 $ Add to Wishlist Add to cart Or when a leader seeks to discharge an electric field via a plasma connection, as when naming Shezmu. Light (Lotus) - The lotus flower closes at night and sinks underwater with petals that beautify the dark representing light in the dark of space. If the arm is cut off the whole Cow dies. Although hieroglyphics are Egyptian, the word hieroglyphics is Greek. Plasma Link (Plasma Connection Circuit) - Usually drawn above door openings to represent a link or connection, the sky is a network full of electrical connections made using plasma and this was not understood by scholars in 400AD that originally thought this hieroglyph only meant the sky or horizon. Thus, solar particles or solar wind escape and create a lower density and lower temperature in that area. At sacred carvings and pictures are used in their original pictographic form, this is then correlated exactly to the true physics of the heavens explaining Gods Electricity. The Vulture is the animal that is used to describe how negative charge is sourced, and searched for in the cosmos. The Anode Tufts in the photosphere (pictured below) represent the sink for negative charge in the electrical model of the Sun. Smell, Sight, Thought, Hearing, Taste, Touch (Wedjat) - Your senses, coded by your DNA transmit an electrical impulse that exits the earth at the poles. Entrapment in the cosmos howver, can be due to gravity and is explained by Geb, which refers to the orbit. At Kom Ombo Temple, a temple dedicated to both Sobek and Horus, the action of the Bennett Pinch or Z Pinch and the strong electric field explains this in detail. Charge Store (Pot) - Pots are stores and represent celestial bodies such as the Sun acting as a sink or store for negative charge delivered by the female circuitry of the cosmos. God has designed all creatures on the Earth great and small, and the sacred hieroglyphs use the understanding hidden within Gods creation, the animals and plants on Earth, to explain the truth of the cosmic realm beyond. Supernovae Plasma Ejection (Rectangle with many dilated snakes above) - Plasma rectangle with a row of snakes all with dilated hoods describing a high energy plasma ejection event such as a Supernova. Wave (Ripple) - In physics, a wave is an oscillation accompanied by a transfer of energy that travels through space or mass. The electric field is created by electric dipoles or positive and negative charges explained for example by the explanation of the Aether in Nefertari's Tomb. Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are anodes in a galactic glow discharge. This therefore has the meaning to offer charge. The Ibis is a tactile hunter, its theorised that as well as mechano receptors in its bill the Ibis uses a combination of electro receptors to search for food. He is connected to the plasma wing, showing that the plasma wing conducts electricity towards the Sun, explained by the hieroglyphs as the 'Suns collector of projected conduction'. But the only way to know God the Father as a human being on the Earth is through the way of his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Electric Field (Swallow) - Describes the electric field that pervades the Aether, the dielectric vacuum of Space. There is no hieroglyph for a neutral charge or neutrino. When combined with Thoth as voltage it gives an indicator of power delivered to stars, as all electric currents (moving charge) generate magnetic fields. Planet Earth is an example of a supported charge store with its capacitor action explained by Nephthys and hundreds of Pyramids constructed on its surface on all sides of the globe. deciphered the hieroglyphs for positive and negative charge showing how the unique characteristics of the animals, plants and objects familiar to the Ancient Egyptian are used to present functions and natural principles of the Universe beyond. See Heqet and Seshat for a further explanation of how the Frog is used in the hieroglyphs, with its unique ability to levitate in what is a relatively weak magnetic field. Both the Earth and Sun are described by the hieroglyphs as spherical self repairing capacitors, see Nephthys. Examples range from describing how Birkeland Currents and Pyramids are used perforate and inject charge into double layers surrounding celestial bodies to its use when naming Tefnut describing how clouds are created. Structured Plasma (Propped vertical rectangle) - Shown in front of stars and on top of pyramidions it is defined simply as Structured Plasma and can be understood as the intergalactic power line or Gods Electricity. The beautiful circuitry of the cosmos is expressed through the female form, sometimes they have their breasts exposed as milk represents the electricity that nourishes the planets and stars. But mom's simplified things enough here that we can have fun writing our names and learn a bit about sounding out Egyptian writing at the same time. Anubis, previously known as the son of Nephthys, actually exists as the electric field in the space between the positive and negative electrodes. One example is Pepi I Pyramid and the statue showing how charge is offered to planet Earth from the cosmos using Pyramids. Stars are only tiny sparks in the immensity of space. Myths are truly the sacred code explaining the physics of the heavens, how Gods Electricity powers the Galaxies, Stars and Planets. They fly high over the landscape, forming a communication network to detect carrion. Winds are primarily electrically driven and the dynamics are described by the action of the Aardvark as it feeds and forages for food using suction. Weak Electric Field (Quail) - The Quail is a migratory bird from the Phasianidae family. Global thunderstorms are not the cause of that field, they are an effect: clouds short-circuit the atmospheric insulator over a height of many kilometres. Known as the Z-pinch because of the direction of current flow in the Z axis, it allows the formation of stars to occur in an Electric Universe and is further described by Sobek. Plasma Ejection is what we call a Cosmic Ray or Radiation from space. You are welcome to use the information provided freely at GodElectric, we only ask that you reference any ideas or material used, thank you. Grain / Atoms - Grain used to define energy, (like the energy projected from stars). The cobra or snake, with its ectotherm nature was used to encircle the Sun as the corona, seen as Ra it describes the reverse temperature gradient of Electric stars and absorption of Energy from the surrounding cosmos. When owls close their eyes half way, they block out the sky and some of the sunlight, but can still see the ground below perfectly.The Owl as part of Ammits name describe the ability for a star to 'seek' negative charge. Hieroglyph Y3 - Supporting a charge store and its electrostatic resonance using projected power. Gravity Supporting Electric Discharge (Foot Supporting Emptying Pot) - The hieroglyph describes the clockwork of the Solar System, electric discharge governed by gravity is shown by the foot (gravity) supporting the electrical discharge of a store or pot or Kawab. See Anubis for further information. Finden Sie perfekte Illustrationen zum Thema Egyptian Hieroglyphics von Getty Images. My body reflected the strength of the energy being downloaded. It is also how the hieroglyphs are deciphered, see below... Once the hieroglyphs for positive and negative charge are deciphered (as revealed above), this then opens the gateway to understanding the true meaning of all the other hieroglyphs. Separation (Tether) A tether is used to maintain separation, when associated with the wave hieroglyph it describes the action of a pulsating wave or Pulsar. For example the Electric Force of the Sun is displayed by Aten and Ra, Support Strong Electric Field - Horus indicates the Strong Electric Field. The Old World Dung Beetle known as Scarabaeus Satyrus. Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The Z Pinch is caused by electrical discharge in plasma, where current flow is compressed inwardly by induced magnetic fields. It has nothing to do with lung capacity, they actually have an unusual set of vocal cords which have a flat, square shape, magnifying the sound more efficiently converting lung pressure into acoustic energy. Negative Charge / Cathode (Bread) - Similar to an anion (-), from the Greek word "up", it means net negative charge. unlocked the hieroglyphic code whilst being tortured from his true love by mind controllers, also in the direct aftermath of the Christchurch Manmade Earthquakes, when Gods Electricity was coupled into and used to kill and maim the innocent people for greed. The magnetic field derives partly from an external axial field and partly from the toroidal field produced by the current itself (see Alfvén and Fälthammar, 1963). Vulture and Falcon/Osiris carry flail to whip the cow. In Vipers the groove is completely closed forming a hypodermic needle like tube, in other species the grooves are not closed, or only partially covered. Ejection (Dilated Cobra on Anode) - Portrayed as rearing up and with its hood expanded representing the verb ejection. The Ra-Horakhty Papyrus shows how the collection of negative charge supports and powers the Sun, confirming Ralph Juergens theory of electric Stars. Stability - This is how Egyptians would have stabilized items they carry on their head. Mainstream Egyptology and Khemitology are both derived from the assumption that hieroglyphs should be transliterated into phonetic sounds and thus letters of an alphabet. The Sun’s plasma environment is shaped by powerful electromagnetic forces within a spiral arm of the Milky Way. Jan 24, 2018 - The Spirit of Open Source Spirtuality evokes a worth beyond material interest and places value in the need of true wisdom over the want of acceptance through conformity. The Frog therefore has a special characteristic that is used to indicate the Magnetic Field Strength, it is also often shown adjacent to the vertical measuring palm confirming this feature of the Frog as a measure and indicator of magnetic field strength. The next step therefore is to decode the animals by correlating their individual special characteristic to a corresponding process or attribute in the universe. Glow Discharge - Can be used to describe lightning. The vertical winds in thunderstorms are principally electrically driven and described by Set. Today we humans have devised a system to measure the magnetic field in units of Teslas, named after the inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! The Aardvark uses its long nose to suck air from the ground upwards, like the up-draft of a cyclone or typhoon...See Set, Sobek (Crocodile) - Worlds strongest bite, represents the Z Pinch / Bennett pinch. Because the Hippo consumes vast amounts of vegetation in the dark, producing high calorific milk it is therefore the perfect animal to describe the large consuming heliosphere, that has an electric field projecting negative charge to the anode star at its core. It is a bird that wastes nothing and waits for the larger scavenger to eat first. Vikings refer to this connection at the auroras as the spirit of man leaving earth. Khnum signifies the double layer and corresponding electric field. This is the founding principle behind all discoveries made at An example of this is shown by placing the Butterfly Nebula M2-9 with its visible glow discharge alongside the Winged Sun. Supported Charge Store The loop is the support, and the pot is the charge store. The feather becomes positively charged and is attracted to the amber. The hieroglyphs are NOT phonetic sounds, and thus were never deciphered by Thomas Young or Jean-François Champollion. The papyrus Book of the Suns Electric Field which was previously known as 'Book of the Dead' or 'Book of Coming Forth by Day', uses Anubis as the resonant wave of the Suns electric field to explain the Suns Electric Potential, defined by the scales using Thoth. Recent Posts. The energy I felt was so intense and potent that I literally fell to my knees, a powerful flood of Light Language pouring out of my mouth. Gravity is therefore described as the electrical charge state of a body and is described in detail by Bes. Previously defined as meaning Bread, it is the opposite side of the circle to positive charge, thus logically it means 'negative charge'. Instead of like charges simply repelling,. The Ankh means to support life, and by the life on Earth are the hieroglyphs decoded. Support Electric Potential (Ibis Bird) - Known as Thoth. When this hieroglyph represents the Earth, the action of a sieve represents the ionosphere. You are welcome to use the information deciphered freely at GodElectric, the only requirement is that you reference any ideas or material used. The Wheat plant is shown at different stages of maturity likely to indicate the different growth. Shield / Sheath - The Ram horns symbolize a defensive stance, electrically it is representative of a shield or sheath to a celestial body in the vacuum of space. Plasma (Rectangle) - 99.9% of mass in the Universe exists as Plasma and because of this Plasma is represented as a large rectangle meaning the large area of space.Plasma is the 4th state of matter after gases, made up of free electrons and ions, or positive and negative charges plasma is a conductor of electricity. The Bee is often carved adjacent to the Wheat plant hieroglyph, showing that there is an underlying principle in the method of pollination. The Jackal is a sub-species of the grey wolf, and has an extraordinary ability to be able to return home within large home range. Because of their big barrel shaped body, and enormous mouth they are perfect for representing the function of the heliosphere as it consumes negative charge. See Montu for more information on Pulsars. “Hiero” means “holy” and “glyphics” means “marks” or “writings” – so the word means “holy writings“. The Ankh is used throughout Egyptology to explain the fundamental purpose of the hieroglyphs and the Pyramids, to support all life in the cosmos. Important Notes. Dear customer this section is intended to serve you as it contains available electronic services and models of service requests . Hippos consume on average some 40-68kg of vegetation per night, and have the largest mouths of any land animal and the secondlargest mouth of any animal of the planet (after the whales). Resonance (Mat) - A square stone is equal sided meaning all sides represent the mean or average. The ionospheric sieve that encloses the entire spherical earth is not at all uniform, holes can be opened up in the ionosphere allowing what we term electron precipitation, but is in reality any negative charge being sifted through holes in the ionosphere, this creates charge vortices described by Set. The duster works because opposite charges attract, allowing for the collection of dust particles, the Ostrich feather has a tip that bends over under the weight of collected material and therefore is deciphered to mean a 'collector'. Ra depicts the snake encircling the surface of the sun showing the Snake as the Corona, this hieroglyph therefore describes Coronal Mass Ejections or CME's from the Sun. The science has not yet revealed how this animal achieves its special ability, however the hieroglyphs for Anubis tell us that the Jackal is using resonant oscillations of an electric field. Absorption (Cobra) - The opposite of ejection is absorption. Surplus Charge Store - creator of pots - see Khnum. Statistics. For more information about the wave see Neper. The lines in the figure represent both current paths and magnetic field lines. The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia. Scavenging is a vulnerable moment in a vultures life as it is judging when to begin consuming its meal, too early and it risks being killed by the hungry predator, too late and the other vultures crowd the kill. … Device Indicating Electric Field Conditions (Sistrum) The Sistrum is not a musical instrument. [Negative Charge Release] In 1785, N. Rouland constructed a silk-belted machine that rubbed two grounded tubes covered with hare fur. Projector (Open Mouth) - Mouths are primarily used to project sound, therefore this hieroglyph means projector. This was the first time positive and negative charge has ever been deciphered into ancient sacred scripture, and in doing so it revealed for the first time the one underlying and simple rule required to unlock all hieroglyphic scripture. The snake is normally encircling the surface of the sun as the corona which absorbs energy from the cosmos, as explained by Ra. God is also described by Osiris, an attribute of God is watching the Structured Plasma of the Universe, when combined with Isis, the fields of the Duat show the harvest of energy from the Aether that supports the stars and how we exist through love in the cosmos. Dark Mode Discharge? The total number of distinct hieroglyphs increased over time from several hundred in the Middle Kingdom to several thousand during the Ptolemaic Kingdom.. Egyptian hieroglyphs were the formal writing system used in Ancient Egypt. We have a huge collection of around 72,000 TrueType and … [The Hedjet can look like an hour glass shape that extends axially beyond the Milky Way’s central bulge.]. It means holy (hiero) writings (glyphics). Therefore this hieroglyph represents electrical stability. Khepri is often shown adjacent to the mouth hieroglyph, meaning a projector. Offer Charge (Offering a pot) The pot is a charge store, or discrete unit of charge and the arm is to operate. Outer Galaxy (Deshret) - Relative to Earths position it is the outer galactic circuit. It represents how the the Sun and its flight is powered by collecting charge. It therefore has the meaning of Production / Produce. The hieroglyph of a single hill represents the force as you move with or against the magnetic monopole. To see how the lion is applied in the hieroglyphs, it is a good idea to begin with Aker, where the Lion is used to describe the dynamics of the Suns solar circuit, and how it connects to the wider galactic circuit. The universe also explains how the Stars are powered electrically in Book of the Suns Electric Field. The Frog is often positioned adjacent to the vertical measuring palm, a big clue to the animals special characteristic which is its ability to levitate in what is a relatively weak magnetic field of about 10T. An impressive hypothesis has been present when it comes to Ancient Egypt as a growing number of researchers argue that we should no longer accept the popular version of who actually invented electricity. Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge forming a plasma. In fact, the eyes are so well developed, that they are not eye balls as such, but elongated tubes fixed to the head. Electrostatic - Folded cloth generates what is termed today by modern science 'electrostatics'. The Viper has the most highly developed venom delivery apparatus of any snake, with a duct that carries the venom from the gland to the fang. The quadrupole magnetic moment of the heliospheric plasma sheath that exists within the heliosphere is described in further detail by Amentet. See Aker. Magnetic Stellar Dipole (Akhet) - The Sun rests in a dipole magnetic field, it has North and South Poles which flip on average every 11 years. Isis and Osiris are male and female components of Structured Plasma, meaning the Electric Universe exists through love. The Sphinx, defines the magnification to the East like an ionospheric wave guide because it was constructed as a single stone statue located below ground level. Thu, 14 Jan 2021 - 12:55 GMT. The current is strongest at the axis and becomes weaker further away from the axis as depicted by the decreasing thickness of the lines.The hieroglyphs describe these field aligned currents, for example Anuket describes the field aligned current flowing through the Galactic Arm of the Milky Way.

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