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Clovis rallied his men and gained a victory, and within a few years, he and some of his warriors were baptized. Clovis culture, a group of Paleo-Indians (see Americas, antiquity and prehistory of the) known through artifacts first excavated in the early 1930s near Clovis, N.Mex. “Pitiful,” Meltzer joked in First Peoples in a New World, his history of America’s first colonization. How to use autocrat in a sentence. Information on him is mostly legendary. Clovis points are the characteristically-fluted projectile points associated with the New World Clovis culture. The earliest Clovis points found so far are from the Gault site in Texas, 13,400 cal BP: meaning Clovis-style hunting lasted a period of time no longer than 900 years. They are present in dense concentrations across much of North America; in South America, they are largely restricted to the north of that continent. Autocrat definition is - a person (such as a monarch) ruling with unlimited authority. Clovis definition is - of or relating to a widely distributed prehistoric culture of North America characterized by leaf-shaped flint projectile points having fluted sides. Merovingian - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. It is named for the first important archaeological site found, in 1929, near Clovis, N.M. Clovis sites were long believed to have dated to about 9500 to 9000 bc, although early 21st-century analyses suggest the Trail definition, to drag or let drag along the ground or other surface; draw or drag along behind. Clovis complex, ancient culture that was widely distributed throughout North America. In the American west, Clovis sites range in age from 13,400-12,800 calendar years ago BP , and in the east, from 12,800-12,500 cal BP. Credits: 1. Test Prep: AP World History This is a broad survey course; you will need to do additional study to take these exams: Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II (each is the equivalent of one year in high school). But at heart Clovis remained the same rough warrior he had been before. Recommended: 9th. See more. Found a problem? Clovis I (klō`vĭs), c.466–511, Frankish king (481–511), son of Childeric I Childeric I, c.436–481, Merovingian king of the Salian Franks (c.457–481), a Germanic tribe; son of Meroveus and father of Clovis I. All Free. Check here.

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