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Other heavy options at this point aren’t amazing – other than the Greater Good set bonus, Tranquil Foundations. Once your character level starts to get to 80+ you can push them higher. Before this, you will mostly use Light Armor set, and the best one should be the Fuma Ninja Armor set. Heavy armor is governed by Stamina and Strength. As mentioned before, how players raise the second and third stats is completely up to what weapon they are using. But this Armor set can only be obtained after chapter 4/5. Of the main rarities, Purple is the highest, Blue is second, then Yellow, then White. Nioh 2 Builds If you like dealing high damage, but a slow moveset, you might consider packing a heavy weapon, or maybe you prefer agility, and … From the beginning of the game you need to nail your colours to the mast of a particular weapon and stick to it from there. One of the great things about Nioh is that you aren't locked into one or two paths; you can make near any build viable in the highest levels of difficulty. I always forget to look. The gist of builds like this is to tear through bosses insanely quickly, spamming all your buffs before you drop into the arena, then tank through their hits thanks to your magic and skill protection so you can swing away without mercy. The general advice for the early to mid game of Nioh 2 is to not be too attached to any particular piece of armor. From the samurai tree you need Damage Boost: Constitution and Damage Boost: Magic. Or if you’re into really heavy armor take a look at the Yoriki line, which isn’t an official set but when worn together gives you a very strong chance of Life Regeneration when you kill an enemy for just 7 Stamina and 6 Strength. Towards the end of the game a lot of bosses start to inflict status damage like poison or burning. Medium armor requires physique and strength. But i use the odachi the most since it’s my primary weapon to kill things fast and the sword i use for fun. Creating the best builds in Nioh 2 is about focus. Heavy Armor provides the best defense in the game, at the expense of mobility and ki regeneration. So we’ll also talk about the basics, and a few of Nioh 2’s best armor sets for your first run. ... Katanas are good for general play and can be utilize with both light and heavy armor sets without any issues. Nioh 2; Best armor set for odachi + sword build? Alternatively, look out for the similar light armor Sohaya Garb set, which restores your health on melee kill, buffs your damage against Yokai, and makes it really hard for them to spot you. This Nioh 2 Armor Set Bonuses Guide lists all of the different set bonuses we've encounter in the game so far including details on what stats the bonus benefits most. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! Armors have special attributes which takes a major role in the early game, but requires you to reach a certain stat for it to activate. Nioh features a plethora of armor to obtain that'll make you feel like the awesome Japanese samurai you've always dreamed of becoming. You can find infromation on the best Switchglaive build and skills as well as how to use the Switchglaive. Heavy armor is controlled by endurance and strength. This will largely be dictated by the starting weapon you chose or, if you’ve decided you hate it and want a different one, the weapon you like the look of. Reply. This gave me a total of +9% to all my melee damage, a 10% reduction to Dodge Ki consumption, and Life Drain on headshots. In order to make use of the special attributes of a piece of armor, you need to reach certain stat requirement (like 8 in Body - and 8 in Skill ) 2,799, Leak: The Google Pixel 5 could get a 120Hz display, Google’s Nearby Share is Now Rolling out on Android Phones, Apple Updates 27-inch iMac with SSDs, Nano Texture Display, and More. This should be either your primary weapon’s secondary scaling stat, or your choice of Ninjutsu (Dexterity) or Onmyo (Magic). The Axe uses Courage as well as Constitution for secondary scaling, and the Tonfas use Courage as primary scaling with Constitution as secondary scaling. Nioh 2: Best Weapons For Each Build. One example of a tanky build is shown off by RPG Division in the following video: Then skills wise, the main ones from the Spear tree were Tornado, Piercing Rain, Water Wheel, Relentless, and Merciless Barrage. Nioh 2 Guide – Choosing the Best Starting Weapon and Strong Builds. Last updated on March 19th, 2020. Best Odachi Builds in Nioh 2 Stats. Next, you need to add some stat points to your choice of Strength and Stamina for heavy armor, Constitution and Strength for medium armor, or Skill and Constitution for light armor. Around the mid-point of Nioh 2, you’ll start to find specifically synergetic sets of armor which give powerful bonuses when used in conjunction with each other. Nioh 2 - Best Stats to focus on and Recommended Builds. The Nioh 2 Brute class is the most straightforward of the bunch. Then to finish off, if your other stats are at nice round numbers, you can add some points to Heart and Courage for better Ki Recovery. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. However, not everyone wants to put the time into speccing out a broken character for their eighth playthrough. Best armor settings and attributes for early Nioh 2 games. The best build and skills for Switchglaive in Nioh 2. By combining powerful armor sets, or god rolls on particular pieces, you can create some of the best builds in Nioh 2 quite easily. Best Armor sets for Nioh 2’s later game. Heavy armor works well with axes, spears, or an odachi. all i’ve seen are mostly odachi + axe, but not odachi + sword. March 19, 2020 Taku Bou Nioh 2 4. Quibbling over a point of defence here or there isn’t going to make much of a difference. Armour in Nioh 2 is protective equipment that can be found or crafted and equipped to unique slots. The stat level up screen tells you which weapons are affected by which stat, so let that guide your decision. While light armor needs Skill and Constitution. Then for the magic buffs, you need Protection Talisman, Extraction Talisman, Weakness Talisman, Barrier Talisman, and Pure Heaven Cursed Earth. I’ve embedded examples of the two ways your can min/max your build: spam a ridiculous amount of buffs, or specialize all of your equipment to inflict a certain status and then buff your damage against characters inflicted with that status. If you’ve been ploughing your Amrita into only one or two stats up ’til now, it’s worth diversifying to make some of them available. With only a little time left to beat the Nioh 2 open beta, players are going to need to be properly equipped to earn The Mark of the Demon Slayer. To pull it off you need a set of the Master Swordsman’s heavy armor, combined with a couple of pieces of the Profligate Sinner bonus from the Malefactor’s set. Nioh 2; Best armor sets that allow versatility? Weapons and Armor in Nioh 2. That’s a crazy powerful ability in boss battles, and in the Other Realm especially. Look out for your favourite weapon’s set – like the Kawanami Clan bonuses to Kusarigama skills. I don`t know the names of any clans in Nioh 1. By James Billcliffe, As you make it towards the latter stages of Nioh 2’s campaign you gain access to many more armor sets, but can also start dabbling in mixing sets together. Not only does this give you great damage with Katanas, but a massive Ki pool to work with. If you specialize, you can do some pretty cool things with your character’s stats. Is there a good just sort of broad strokes armor set I can use so I’m not constantly rematching sets? This works for any weapon, for instance with Spears you want 40 Constitution for example. As you progress through the game you can start to weave your favourite sets together to create synergetic builds that suit your playstyle. I’ll be showing you where to place your Stats and Skill Points to get the maximum impact for this Build, as well what equipment to use, and which Guardian Spirit and Soul Cores to have. Which armor set is the best for this build? This means if I lived a hit with a sliver of health, I could retreat and heal rather than die to the chip damage. Medium armor is also pretty great and doesn't allow the total Equipment weight to exceed the 70% threshold for maintaining a stable amount of agility. There are a lot more intricacies to the build than that, so I’d suggest watching the video. As you make it towards the latter stages of Nioh 2’s campaign you gain access to many more armor sets, but can also start dabbling in mixing sets together. Question - Nioh 2 So playing the new dlc and I'm in love with the fist weapons, problem is I seem to be running out of stamina at alarming rates, even with my heart and courage stat currently at 50 each. A huge part of Nioh 2 is looking your absolute demon-slaying best, and Team Ninja has a pair of limited-time Alternatively you can go the route of dealing crazy damage to enemies inflicted with a status like the following build shown off by FightinCowboy. This site © 2021 Gamer Network Limited, a ReedPop company. Where To Get All The Best Armor Sets | Unique Gear Locations [Work-in-Progress: Check back later for more gear locations.Most of the armor and weapons in Nioh … This Nioh Armor Sets Guide shows all of the best Nioh armor sets we’ve discovered in Nioh so far including screenshots, locations of each piece and the stats and bonuses they offer. Generally, that’s all you need to create a good build in Nioh 2 – but there are crazy things you can do if you make it more complicated. Requiring 6 Constitution and 6 Skill, it’s Servant of the Gods bonus makes it one of my favourite armor sets around this point in the game. That also means current Nioh 2 owners have something to celebrate too, as they will be receiving two limited time only sets with the upcoming patch, which are the Ornate Gold Armor and Sohaya Deserter Garb. For instance, the Shrine Maiden’s set is a game changer. Then you need to pick a secondary stat. As you make it towards the latter stages of Nioh 2’s campaign you gain access to many more armor sets, but can also start dabbling in mixing sets together. ... Another Great armor is the Omnyo Warrior, its not light but not heavy either and does a massive damage with switch glaive, you can get that at “Restoring Harmony” mission. Nioh Armor Sets Guide. For Hatchet users, there’s Oni Shibata’s heavy armor set which requires 14 Stamina and 15 Strength. Medium armor requires Constitution and Strength. Best Armor sets for Nioh 2’s later game. There's a good selection of armor sets in Nioh 2 that provide set bonuses. Before we start, remember you can reset your skills at any time with a Book of Reincarnation from the Blacksmith. The Axe and the Tonfas are two reliable weapons in Nioh 2. Including Accessories you have 11 slots to fill. In "Nioh 2", the armor is divided into three layers-light, neutral and heavy. While much of the conversation around Nioh 2 focuses on the mechanical complexities of its combat system and the punishing brutality of its bosses, there’s also a lot of depth in it’s armor system for those who want it. You can easily bring that up to over 25% if you stay in it for a week or two. (At least in Nioh 1 it does.) The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess. This set up combines to deal massive damage, and shows how you can create status heavy builds which body even the toughest bosses. And while spears can be good for tanks, they get a strong set of light armor in Mataza’s Master of Spears set (14 Constitution, 15 Skill). Recommended Articles ... Reach Stat Requirement for Armor Ability. *Boss Spoiler Warning* Crush the upcoming DLC with EASE with this super strong Odachi build! Weapons and Armor In Nioh 2 When it comes to the Dual Swords, Light Armor are hands down the best pick especially if players prefer to play around in the Low stance. Below is a list of all of the Armor & Weapon sets we’ve currently discovered in Nioh. In this way, builds may revolve around entirely on a single weapon or technique. For instance, for a while I was mixing 4 pieces of the Golden Gourd set (15 Constitution, 16 Skill) with 5 pieces of Saika’s Yatagarsu (11 Constitution, 12 Skill). As well as reducing the damage taken from Yokai, it restores some of your health every single time you purify a Yokai puddle. A full set of this heavy armor gives you a 30% chance to gain a bonus Elixir every time you take a swig. If you’re into medium armor, check out the Sohaya set with “Yokai Annihilator”, which has the same buffs as the Garb but is medium armor. Nioh 2 is giving out armor that lets you dress up as a catgirl or a golden god. The goal of this build is to combine powerful Dual Swords with extra damage against paralysed enemies. Then you want to pick up Sign of the Cross from Dual Swords, and Paralytic Groundfire from Ninja. Look for Special Effects which synergize well with your playstyle and are going to be useful in lots of situations. Two-handed weapon users will want the extra protection, and will spend points in … The higher the rarity of an armor piece, the more Special Effects it has. If you have 12 Constitution and 13 Skill you can wear the Wandering Shrine Maiden’s set, which gives better defence than the original but with the same OP health restore on Purification. From the Axe tree, you need The Adamantine. Don’t feel bound by this though, if you want to mix and match you only need to put enough stat points into – for example – Strength and Stamina to meet the minimum requirements of wearing a particular heavy armor set to get the most out of it. Release dates: every game confirmed for 2021 and beyond, Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Complicated, Deep, Perception, Reality, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Prestige, Pokemon Go: January Field Research quests, dictated by the starting weapon you chose. Switched to tonfa then to axe, I like to jump around a bit with a few weapons. Instead, eyeball the different Special Effects a piece of armor gives you. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. The best general armor sets are probably Kigetsu and Tatenashi on top, both provide good damage and damage reduction and aren't locked to a single weapon or skill. For more on Nioh 2, here’s our list of boss guides! It also gave me Auto-Life Recovery when my health dropped low. Another good clan is the one with Change to Life Stamina and 2% more damage for every piece of Heavy armor. Therefore, we will also discuss some basics and some of the best armor that Nioh 2 has tried on for the first time. Raise your stats for that primary weapon’s scaling to about 40. Friday, 20 March 2020 18:14 GMT. In Nioh 2, Armor is split into three weights – light, medium, and heavy. This needs 12 Stamina and 12 Strength. I much prefer it to the Pit Viper’s Vicissitudes of Life bonus, because the Auto-Life Recovery is very slow. The numbers I’ll throw out here are based on the levels you gain by about the middle of a single playthrough. Nioh 2 Ninja Build – Early Game (Dream of the Samurai) As mentioned earlier, Kawanami Clan Armor set from the “Aquaman” is your main armor set for this build. … Before you commit to spending stat points, think about the kind of character you want to play. The most powerful affixes of this set are the 3 set bonuses and the 5 set bonus. Your best early armor should be the Omnyo Magic Armor which enhances the power of Omnyo Magic Skill. Consider medium armor on a first run if you like the idea of a heavy weapon, but want to move a bit more quickly. Nioh 2 has many types of pieces you can equip Arm Guards, Foot Guards and many more. As you’re levelling up quickly, you’ll find better and better armor pieces all the time. For example, Poison resistance might be good in specific scenarios, but useless in others. Most Bonuses can be achieved with 3-5 slots filled, so you can start speccing out interesting characters without compromising your primary weapon. So I was going hard on the dual swords master armor. Nioh 2 Best Starting Weapon – which should you choose. However, by that same token, don’t hold onto outdated equipment for the sake of a 1% bonus to your backstab damage. Karakawa: probably has the best stats for a no-fixed-set armor, which makes it pretty handy for defiling for Ethereal Graces. Including Accessories you have 11 slots to fill. If there’s a slight difference in Defence, but the lower piece has a great Special Effect like + Attack, Life, or Ki, or something like dash/dodge Ki reduction, consider using it over a similar piece with weaker effects. snake_dante44 9 months ago #1. They both use the Courage stat for scaling. Nioh 2 offers players a wide variety of gear and equipment to choose from, with one offering different stats and abilities. The clan with Living Weapon attack damage 15% is always good. Now it’s time for the memes. User Info: xenmind. For single and dual sword swingers, the Master Swordsman’s sets (14 Constitution, 16 Skill) offer powerful bonuses – particularly the heavy dual sword variant (14 Stamina, 16 Strength), which enables some fun active skill combinations. I n this Nioh 2 Build Guide I’m going to show you how to play the Thunderous Spear Build using Heavy Armor and a Spear to swing fast and furiously without dying. One of the most agonizing decisions in Nioh 2 though, is where to spend your points on levelling up stats. Whereas light armor works with just about everything because a lot of weapons have skill damage scaling. It’s more aggressive and offensively based so it’s probably the best for beginners and those who want to just wreck shop. Katana – The Katana sword is a rock-solid basic weapon and an exemplary choice for your starting weapon in Nioh 2 … Genyu’s (9 Stamina, 10 Strength) and the Obsidian set (10 Stamina, 10 Strength) are also both decent. Let’s face it, especially if you’re using light armor, most enemies are going to chew and scratch through your health bar regardless of what you’re wearing. Keep your equipment roughly in-line with your character level, but have an eye on Special Effects. This is so you can wear any of the armor sets you want for your build. Available to all Nioh 2 players will be two new armor sets to celebrate the launch of Nioh 2 Remastered releasing February 4 on the PS5. Medium armor is the jack of all trades, but master of none. There are ones for Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic too, like Flying Kato’s Master of Illusion set and the Genmei Onmyo Mage’s outfit, which increases magic damage, power, and adds a reduced defence effect to your magic hits. For more information, go here. Not only that, but you also start to gain access to upgraded versions of earlier sets, as well as weapon boosting sets. There’s also the Warrior of the East’s set (11 Stamina, 12 Strength) for heavy spear users. All Rights Reserved. Nioh 2 gives you a lot of freedom, ... we're calling them our best builds with the best weapon pairs and combinations for Nioh 2 ... which also enable you to use heavy armor. xenmind 9 months ago #1. Armor is color coded by their rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exotic, Divine and Ethereal. You need 9 Skill and 9 Constitution to wear it. ... Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Armor Set The Golden Boy Armor Set. You need 9 Constitution and 9 Strength to wear this set. Nioh 2 Celebrates Remaster Release with Two New Armor Sets Nioh 2 Remastered – The Complete Edition is releasing on February 5th as a standalone title, or as part of The Nioh Collection. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For example, if that’s a Katana, then pile that many stat points into Heart. Published March 17, 2020, Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, Best Armor sets and stats for the Nioh 2 early game, Nioh 2 Boss Guide: How to beat every boss in Nioh 2, New iPhone 12 Molds Show Four iPhone Models With iPad-Like Design, ‘Romancing SaGa Re;universe’ Has Soft Launched in Canada, Italy, and Singapore Ahead of Its Full Release This Month on iOS and Android, How to Make Face ID Work on iPhone While Wearing a Medical Mask, Apple reveales the next four Apple Arcade games on iOS 14 including Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, The Last Campfire, Next Stop Nowhere, and World’s End Club, Mi TV Stick with 1080p Streaming, Built-in Chromecast Launched in India at Rs. User Info: snake_dante44. Nioh 2 armor is divided into 5 categories: Head Armour, Torso Armour, Arm Guards, Leg Guards and Foot Guards.

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