leni loud moments

Also she believed Lynn when she said they were looking for a pickle, and didn't tell anyone about finding the picks in Luna's guitar case. When she comments on how Lincoln has fun in his hero costume, she notes how she doesn't see any bread. Leni dies from severe injuries in the movie and gets fused with her sisters into Legion She didn't throw the pie at Luan at a party because she was in the audience, making Luan throw the pie at herself. She tells Lori that she brushes her hair exactly 50 times a day to keep it beautiful. After she gave $5 each to Lynn and Lola, she thanked them for coming here despite Lola telling her that they both “live here”. She accidentally admits she had stepped on Lincoln's model spaceship and tossed the pieces in Mr. Grouse's garbage can so he would never find it. She keeps calling Coach Niblick "Nibbles". Leni doesn't recognize the winning Burpin' Burger wrapper when she gets it. She didn't know that Rita's vest was needed for community service. When the other girls are hiding from Luan's pranks and run out of food thanks to Lana eating it all, they suggest to draw straws. She wastes water by running it and not even using it. She thought her siblings screaming was a new salutation. While trying to decide who gets the last slice of pizza, Leni tells. She continuously walks into walls: one time when Lincoln's filming her, and the other time when she tells him she refuses to speak to him ever for his video. Her thinking the bathroom mirror was broken when really the door was open is mentioned again. She mistakes Lincoln and Clyde's comic book as a coloring book. She thinks Lori is referring to the corgi when Lori says "That rat!". She warns 'clown' Lincoln to watch out for potholders, when she really meant potholes. Leni does not realize she was talking with Lily and her dad through the phone. When Leni's work friends asked her if she double-booked, she said that made two separate plans on the same day, not realizing that that is exactly what double-booking means. Leni was frightened when Lucy said "Boo" to her, despite the fact that Lucy was standing right in front of her. Her trying to make stew with a hair dryer is mentioned again. Grouse.". She confessed to scratching the van even though Lana didn't even know who did that. She's at 34; when Lori asks her how old the boy that asked her out was, she loses count and restarts from 16. At the beginning of the episode, it was established that flushing the toilet would raise the water temperature in the shower. When Lori and Leni arrived home after taking their SAT prep classes, Leni, along with Lori, stated that their verbal scores went up 200, and Leni says her verbal score is now 200, meaning that her verbal score was originally 0 (which means she was completely illiterate beforehand). Leni Loud. said Lori. She tries to release all the lobsters from their tank, and the grilled chickens (even though they're already dead and cooked) from the rotisserie, because she does not want anyone to eat them. She reminds her teammates that they are trying to coax Lincoln to vote for Aloha Beach when they were pretending they aren't. While firing chicken noodle soup at the sick siblings, Lincoln warns Leni that Lori is at 9:00 (behind her). Leni says she found it. She thinks Lincoln and Clyde's mission is taking place at the beach. When she sees a mannequin wearing Lori's clothes, she thinks that Lori has been transformed into a mannequin. When the disguised Lincoln says her "guest list" is a shopping list, she gets upset that "feta cheese" isn't coming. She tries to sell the garage itself at the garage sale. After Lincoln and the girls trap Luan in a crate, they make fun of her with crate-related puns. She accidentally uses Lori's phone (thinking it was hers), and deletes her schedule. While she does have moments of inconsideration, like her out-of-character smugness in "Sleuth or Consequences", her good nature overshadows these moments. She seems surprised that the Burpin' Burger staff wants her to pay for the meal. She gets picky about the protective masks she could wear, even though the sick siblings are behind her. When Rita asks her to put a leaf in the table, she put an actual leaf on the table instead, most likely due to mishearing it as putting a leaf. Attempting to sort out a fight between Lynn and Lola over a dollar bill, Leni cuts it in half for both to share, despite Lola telling her that's not how money works. When Lincoln said "You're the best, Leni! She thinks that it was a dirty wrapper.

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