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12/31/2019 Snow and more snow! Trout fishing opened on Saturday and is included in the many species available in this area. With 50 lb. Fishing Report SUMMER. Pike have been slow too. 25,760 acres . Walleyes, Crappie, Perch and Northern pike are presently active and all areas of the lakes are open and safe. As we now have a solid 6-10 inches of ice throughout most of Kabetogama, more anglers are venturing out to their favorite fishing hole and finding success. Areas near deeper water, points and rock reefs were most productive. Voyageurs National Park Fishing Report by Phil Hart (1/15/2007) Voyageurs National Park Fishing Report, includes Kabetogama, Namakan, Ash River and inland lake report. Why fish with us... Because we do more than catch fish. On Lake Kabetogama, KAB Outdoors Report December 29, 2020 "It’s been a good week for improving ice conditions on Kabetogama and for those equipped with a snowmobile, a good week to get out and test fishing skills too. Kabetogama Lake is a forested lake country setting born of an ancient glacier flow, edged by the great Canadian Shield. Guided Fishing Trips on Lake Kabetogama, Namakan, & Ash River . Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. Overall, a very good trip with two trophy size fish. So you're interested in fishing Kabetogama Lake. Fishing Trips. Want to tool around the lake with the family? Never found walleye or sauger. First two days resulted in only 16 walleye/sauger and they were small (11-15”). In Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes, Kabetogama is a wild, untapped treasure. Fish are there but most are focusing their attention on more summerlike activities. Great Minnesota Fishing Lake We had a wonderful week fishing Lake Kabetogama (pronounced “Cab Eh Toe Gama”). After a few photos the fish was released. Rates Adult $400.00 Children $500.00. This combination produced several northerns and two nice walleyes. As we close in on Valentine’s Day and Presidents weekend the Northland is excellent shape if you are looking [...], Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report. I guess for a first time trip and trying to learn water we had ok results, but likely not enough to ever come back. Situated along the US-Canadian border, Lake Kabetogama has a 500 mile, rocky shoreline. Rigging roach rigs with crawlers or leeches has been productive for many anglers. Let us know what you’re fishing for, and we can help you select the appropriate bait and tackle, as well as suggest likely spots to try. Fishing inconsistent as ice conditions deteriorate and snowmobiling coming on strong. Follow of the northern we caught was trolling a Tiger Perch Kinchou Minnow....bought here on the Outlet.....the Kinchou baits seem to work well....:), Fished N/W and N/Central Kabetogama for a week. Warm sunny days have water temps up near 80 in most areas of Kab. We are now sitting in the mid 50's and that has changed the [...], Pre Memorial fishing report....more to come before the weekend Quick update on the fishing report with more to come just before the weekend so you can be prepared with the right gear and bait and presentation that's working best. We have had our share of everything this past week but fishing remains stable and everyone is [...], Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 5-28-17   Memorial weekend greets anglers with continued good fishing and pleasant weather. Just got back from Kab where we fished from Sunday to yesterday. We'll hook you up! Scenery was amazing - fishing was hard work - catching was dismal. Come fish & explore one of Minnesota’s best walleye lakes — Kabetogama Lake is the largest lake in Voyageurs National Park with all American water. A detailed fishing report for the Kabetogama Lake will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Over twenty miles long and six miles wide, Lake Kabetogama offers twenty-five thousand acres of clean, cool, fishing water with hundreds of secluded bays and islands. Previous Next. Queen Bed. Check out the great links below to find up to date fishing reports around Minnesota. Small pike in the bays. Unfortunately, off the trails, Kab is experiencing significant slush [...], Kabetogama area fishing report, snowmobile trail and ice conditions. TIA. A Joe Bucher Cisco Shad Depth Raider ended up being my lure of choice. Caught walleyes, northern pike, and smallmouth bass. Not much to report on the fishing front. $1,200.00 per week 1 bedroom, 2 person max . Anglers are finding all varieties of fish [...], 7-30-17 Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report   The heat is on Over two weeks now without any rain! I'm going to Kabetogama for the first time and will be staying at Kec's Kove. If rented together you will receive an additional $300 off per week. Trolling for 13” fish isn’t all that fun. Lake Vermilion Resort & Tourism Association. or *Used to locate nearby fishing activity. This cabin faces North, so if the Aurora flare you will see the Northern Lights with a front row seat. As would be [...], Pre Memorial Fishing Report…more to come before the weekend, Kabetogama area fishing and outdoors report. The berry season is in full swing and with a bumper blueberry crop [...], Fishing Report  6/24/2018 Significant weather change and first mayfly hatch of the year Last week we saw hot, humid and windless days affecting the bite. Any current advice for depths or baits to use next week on Kab? After a couple days of experimentation, I found that the pattern that worked was trolling large crankbaits in 18 - 30 ft. at of 3 - 3.5 mph in both open water and along rocky shoreline structure. As fishermen, we know there are times when our favorite spots are just not active so we built our Hot Spots feature to show you where the fish are biting in the area of Kabetogama Lake. Fishing has been up and down with the recent weather fronts with most anglers reporting similar success regardless of your destination on Kab. These reports provided by the KAB Outdoors staff, cusotmers and guests and cover the 2019 fishing season. We will see what today brings, hopefully we find a jigging bite somewhere. While the walleye and pike season has ended here on Kab, crappies are beginning to show up near traditional [...] March 3rd, 2020 Found walleye in bays where the wind was blowing towards. Still better than a week at work. Anglers report great fishing some days, then slow fishing on other days. UPDATE: Monday 5/29/17 – 6:30am (When this was written the weather had been decent, but it has been raining now since sometime yesterday [...], Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 2/27/17   Well folks the hard water season for most gamefish has closed on Kabetogama. Find Local Fishing Spots on the Interactive Map! Available species are Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Panfish / Bluegill, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Burbot, Lake Whitefish, Mooneye, Sauger, Sturgeon. Leeches and crawlers are the preferred bait on slip sinker rigs [...], Fishing takes a backseat as we head into the dog days of summer. Bottom bouncers with butterfly spinners are a fast way to locate fish. Been here all week fishing is worst ive ever had here. Photos of the large northern are attached. Fishing Report Things To Do/Links Pets welcome! Lake Kabetogama fishing guides will also do trips on Namakan Lake and Rainy Lake. Oven/cooktop. Voyageurs National Park is known for its world-class fishing. Yes, walleyes hit the big crankbait at 3.5 mph. Home > Classifieds > Real Estate > Kabetogama Lake Classified Category: Real Estate Classified Tags: fishing , Kabetogama , lake home , and log home Profile Also caught several smaller nice eater size northerns in the 20'' - 23'' range. [...], Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 8/20/17   Lake is a little quieter but the bite is still on…   As summer seems to be winding down the lake is taking a break, with all the boaters taking advantage of the continued [...], Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 8-14-17   Fantastic weather and great fishing continues well into August. Perch, Crappie and Rough Fish season remains open. Off to do more graphing! Walleye fishing continues to be good, but we are seeing some changes as we have moved into a more summer [...], Fishing Report 6/10/18 Fishing continues to be good as water levels rise and temps remain consistent Normally this time of year most anglers are putting away their jigs and replacing them with lindys using mostly leeches and not too far [...], Kabetogama Fishing Report 5-10-18   Hi folks – here’s the latest update on the Kab Ice conditions. Fished Kabetogama the week of 8/1 - 8/7 primarily for northern pike. Copyright © 2021 Lake-Link Inc. All rights reserved. :~). Sturgeon fishing is increasing. A Joe Bucher Cisco Shad Depth Raider ended up being my lure of choice. Several beaches are tucked into the numerous coves along the lakeshore. Lake Kabetogama is located within Voyageurs National Park, which has over 218,000 acres of water and wilderness with at least 250 islands, surrounded by crystal clear water and fresh air. Get Started for Free! We have located one decent stretch of ice that’s 12 to … Fished Nam with a guide and caught almost 30 eyes. The thunderstorms that were supposed to take over Friday afternoon and [...], Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 7-9-17   The 4th of July has come and gone and fortunately along with it the mayflies. The below average temperatures have resulted in cool lake temperature, which in turn has stretched out the Mayfly hatch and kept active fish in shallower waters than expected. In fact we only got one in casting shallow or rocks. *** Yellowstone Loft is the upper level and available for rent also. Pike came trolling in Sullivan Bay, as did one of the big walleye. Willing to catch whatever is biting...pike, panfish, walleye, smallmouth, whatever. This is a good time of the summer to [...], Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 7-23-17   Nice stretch of warm, dry weather has everyone singing a happy tune! High water last year gave way to [...], Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 4/13/15 A great finish for an unsettled week of weather. After a couple days of experimentation, I found that the pattern that worked was trolling large crankbaits in 18 - 30 ft. at  of 3 - 3.5 mph in both open water and along rocky shoreline structure. FISH. Kabetogama area fishing and outdoors report. 10428 Gamma Road – Lake Kabetogama, MN 56669 Phone: 218-875-2841 – Toll Free: 1-800-777-8405 – Rent a Pontoon Boat on Kabetogama Lake Minnesota. Herseth's Tomahawk Resort Lee and Lori Herseth 10078 Gappa Rd. When I left 2 weeks ago to visit my son coming off deployment, i would have never thought we would [...], Fishing report and ice out 4/6/2018 So the wait is on. I have seen a smattering of ice shacks around the lake looking for crappie and perch but it has been pretty [...], KABETOGAMA FISHING REPORT AND TRAIL CONDITIONS 2/20/2018 SNOW SNOW AND MORE SNOW!!!! View Map Premium Mapping. Anglers for the most part probably happy to see the weekend pass as mother nature tests our fortitude. My goal is to teach you patterns, structure, and the food sources that will help you catch fish after our time together on the water. Up to 2 anglers. Kab has and is still enjoying a good perch bite, plus [...], 2-20-17 Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report   WOW-quite the weather, 58 degrees, 53 degrees and high 40’s in February, weather records were shattered here near the Canadian border. Northern, smallmouth bass and of course walleye! While the walleye and pike season has ended here on Kab, crappies are beginning to show up near traditional [...], Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report. 3/3/2020 Walleye season ends quietly as most anglers turn their attention to perch and crappie. Reservations call 1-218-875-2000: Plan your escape to The Pines of Kabetogama Resort. This would be my first time on KAB. Fishing in Lake Kabetogama was just amazing! Fortunately for us winter enthusiasts we still have 12” of snow base [...], Kabetogama Fishing Report Visit Kabetogama Kabetogama/Ash River Fishing June 21st 2015   Never know if the report wraps up a great week in the Northland or starts out a new week, so I’m figuring this report is in the middle. Lake Kabetogama itself is dotted with over 200 remote, scenic islands that maintain their beauty through harsh winter storms and produce rich foliage and wild berries in the summer. Our private bay and protected harbor are ideal for docking your boat. After a tough bite during the holiday due to a significant mayfly hatch we have finally turned the corner [...], 6-25-17 Kabetogama – Namakan – Ash River Fishing Report Same story, different week! KICK OFF TO SUMMER!!! You needed to be on the water as the sun came up and the last [...], FISHING REPORT 6/17/2018 Rain finally subsides and after leaving a weather filled week we are looking ahead to great one! Threw a lot of 12 inchers back before starting to get some for the Livewell.

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