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He explains how all the schools are chosen, and if they lose even one game, they are out of the tournament. Mayuzumi was discouraged about how his teammates treated him when he lost the battle to Kuroko, but Akashi came to him with something, giving Mayuzumi a surprise. Kuroko reenters the game using his passes to let Kagami score. Meanwhile, Kaijō have come as well, as Kise tells them that there is still a small glimmer of hope, which is Kagami. Taiga Kagami (火神 大我) Name meaning: Paratman's Fire God Birthday: August 2 Age: 16 Height: 190 cm (6'3'') Weight: 82 kg (180.7 lbs) Blood type: A Zodiac: Leo Kagamine Len Rin - Couple Love. Appears in Kuroko's Basketball (Series) Kuroko no Basuke 黒子のバスケ くろこのバスケ by Tsugawa is annoyed that Kagami is letting that stop him now. Izuki, however, tells him to pass the ball behind to the left. Kagami doesn’t respond; she then adds that she’ll tape them up so he can reenter the game. [71], Kagami tells Aomine he doesn’t feel like playing with rude people. Going past Hyuga, Mibuchi tries to shoot again, but Akashi shouts at him to pass, as Mibuchi has fallen under the trap of Kagami, who tries to block. However, Kagami got startled as the basketball suddenly disappeared and Mibuchi manages to score a 3-pointer, extending Rakuzan's lead to 22, 52 - 74. He has also said that while he respects their skills, he finds that they are arrogant people who get on his nerves. He overcame this fear when he realized that Tetsuya #2 is a good motivation for the team. His style of play is to strangle out life out of his opponents until there is absolutely no chance of them winning. Kagami was curios about Akashi and asked Kuroko about it, but Kuroko tells Kagami that he will tell the story to everyone. As Kagami gets the ball, the benched Seirin members plea as Kagami is their last hope. Akashi tells him that this is the end, but Kuroko tells him it is not and adds that he is a shadow. He is also shown to be carrying a basketball signifying that he has regained his love for the sport. Still not giving up, Himuro throws a full court pass to Murasakibara who had already ran to the other side. In the morning, on the ride back, Kuroko tells Kagami that Midorima has a message for him—“Even a flea can jump; I only taught him a lesson because he’s so stupid. He tells Tatsuya that this is the perfect moment to settle their score. Kise laughs, stating Kuroko hasn’t changed at all, calling Kagami Kagamicchi for the first time. Relations. But before they had a rematch, Kagami flew back to Japan, not seeing Himuro again for 2 years[9] and at the same time stopping his training with Alexandra early. tetsuro. He suddenly turns to Kuroko and asks him who he is. He is stopped by Kagami but Akashi uses his Ankle Break make him fall. Recognizing one of the other team’s players, Kagami cries out, asking what “he” is doing here. [66], In Seirin’s locker room, Riko tells the boys that they should leave now. Murasakibara dribbles from end to end but Kagami and Kiyoshi are already there to defend. Having found his new determination to win, Kagami enters the Zone again to face Akashi. Seeing the pass, Kise comments that this is the pass that only the Generation of Miracles could catch. Kagami apologizes for the wait and says to take it seriously now. He tries to intercept a pass from Imayoshi to Wakamatsu, but everyone knows he can’t do it because he’s too short. He’s glad that he was wrong. As he shoots, Kagami tries to jump, but he is unable to. The match goes on with face-off after face-off between Kagami and Aomine, with Aomine almost breaking through, but Kagami's defense stays steady. [111], Riko informs the entire team that the reason they stayed at this inn was because they were close enough to go and watch the Interhigh Quarterfinals between Too and Kaijo. Kagami, like any other freshmen of Seirin, fears their coach Riko Aida and their captain and would cower in fear whenever any of them are on a rampage. He tells Kagami his light is too dim, and he’ll be able to draw out Kuroko’s true power. Kuroko then asks Kagami and Kiyoshi to triple-team Aomine.[147]. However, he also warned that his other 4 teammates that there is a need to worry, as it is shown that the other 4 players have entered the Zone too. Kagami recently seems to be especially closer with Kiyoshi like Kuroko and admires the older teenager for his perseverance and skill. Kagami bursts out laughing, overjoyed that he’s found a worthy player in Japan. As Kagami runs to the basket, he is stopped by Akashi who went to guard under the basket. Still, Tsugawa doesn’t care; he’s planning to do something that will make it even more painful for Kagami. Murasakibara, however, tells them that Akashi is not strong only due to his abilities, but also for his tactical play. When he makes a jumpshot, he also stays in the air longer than the blocker, making it almost unblockable. Kagami feels that he can finally defeat Aomine in aerial combat. It turns out that Riko wants to test the new players and she makes them shout their goal and resolve from the rooftop to the hordes of students down below. Meanwhile, Seirin have came far to push for a comeback, and they need Hyuga's 3-pointers soon, so that the fightback can be possible. He drives past Kagami. Murasakibara also mentioned that even if it was unlikely, Kagami is the only one who could beat Akashi. Kuroko adds that he’s figured out what Kagami really meant—he didn’t want to leave Kuroko the way the other Generation of Miracles did; he felt that they should individually get stronger, so they could combine ever greater strength. They all use their new skills-Mitobe’s hook shot, Koganei’s ability to shoot from any angle (no guarantee of accuracy though), Tsuchida’s rebounding skills, and Izuki’s Eagle Eye. After the practice games with Seirin (Shutoku won all the games) Coach Nakatani comments that Seirin has become stronger since they almost won each game without Kagami’s help. Kuroko suddenly appears behind him, gives him a knee bump and calms him down. [136], The match begins with the tip-off and Seirin gains the ball. However Kise still managed to reach the ball and passes it to an open Kasamatsu who scores and takes the lead back. Aomine is very tall and muscular.He wears the black and red Tōō High jersey with the number 5. He yells out his name, class and shouts that he will defeat the Generation of Miracles and become the number one in Japan. Kagami reassures him that he can join anyway and asks him why he didn't join a well known basketball team instead of Seirin. [119], However, his outstretched hand lightly ruffles Kuroko’s hair—Murasakibara also tells Kuroko he’s joking. Kagami blocks Murasakibara's Thor's Hammer. No one can come up with a good game plan. Kagami has found a way to do this by himself, that is instead of receiving the ball by passing, shooting the ball himself, grabbing and dunking the ball when it misses. Midorima replies he’s fully aware of Kuroko’s abilities; Kagami will soon understand. [46], Suddenly, Midorima has the ball and gets ready to shoot. Kagami played against gangsters and thugs for money to regain his animal instinct. During the games against Youmi and Yoneya, Aomine racked up point after point all by himself. He tells Kuroko to practice what he preaches—basketball is a team sport; therefore, he should rely on his team. Rakuzan is surprised by Seirin's tactics. Kise happily agrees and dunks a Lane-up copying Kagami. Kise comments that it’s not like Kuroko to make the same mistake twice. She assesses that they won’t have to worry about Shutoku if they can’t defeat them. Birthday for this character. Kagami is pleased. Riko and everyone else is surprised as they know that Furihata's stamina should still not be out yet, then they realise that this must be due to the pressure exerted by Akashi. Kagami is then put back into the game and tells Himuro that he won’t mess around anymore. Himuro pulls up for a shot but Kagami grazes the ball enough to make it miss though he slipped because of sweat and jumped a little later. Back to reality, Kagami senses that he will lose if he goes up against Aomine now and passes the ball to Izuki. Kagami laughs and agrees; nevertheless, he’s happy because he loves facing strong opponents, and he can’t wait to see what Tatsuya will do. Now Seirin has to stop this ball no matter what. Kuroko immediately joins the conversation, telling Midorima that nothing is decided until the end. Kuroko agrees; Aomine is dangerous, and they should score as much as they can before he arrives. Imitating Aomine’s famous one-liner, he yells out loud that Aomine shouldn’t get ahead of himself. It is seen that Akashi's scissors grazed Kagami's face, bleeding a bit. Kagami deduces that Aomine’s strong as well. He jumps to try to dunk the ball in, but Aomine blocks it. In the city, Kagami is having trouble finding good shoes because of his large size. Kasamatsu tells Kise that everyone on the Seirin team is tired, especially because they were exhausted earlier by Seiho’s defense. Although everyone gives up, Kagami loves it and is able to finish everyone’s shares, so they won’t be burdened with the bill. When the game resumes and Miyagi passes to Midorima, Riko says she thought they would do that. At the peak of his jump, he then hurls the ball into the basket which possesses even the power to penetrate through Murasakibara's defense while he was in the Zone. [72], Later, Kagami is shocked and exhausted; he couldn’t defeat Aomine. Kagami stops Kasuga from scoring by blocking his shot. Unfazed, Aomine adds “insult to injury” by scoring by tossing the ball effortlessly from behind his back. [131], The next day, the final league commences. Kuroko then talks to Mayuzumi, who is holding the ball, about what Takao has told him before during their first encounter, which is about the hatred for the same kind. Completely in control, Kuroko passes it to Hyuuga, and he scores. See more ideas about Kagami taiga, Kuroko no basket, Kuroko. Akashi approaches and attacks Kagami with Midorima's scissors. Instead Izuki passes it back to Kiyoshi who broke free, thanks to Hyuga’s screen. [90], Both teams choose “isolation” for their next play, giving their respective aces space for battle. Although Hyuuga admits he’s tired, he tells her he’ll be all right. Riko shows up and asks them to carry some DVDs for her back to the club room. The match begins and Kagami immediately dunks. The entire team is relieved; however, another crisis is looming—Hyuuga announces that they’ll have to do their own cooking. Riko asks Kuroko if Midorima has always been able to shoot like that. He tells Kuroko that he knows he's from the Generation of Miracles team and asks what he is hiding. Presently, after seeing Tatsuya again, Kagami is unsure about how to react. [29], Kagami handles Papa while Kuroko is subbed out. [55], Now that Kuroko is benched, Takao can block Kagami so Midorima can shoot freely. Furihata also notices that Kagami still can't sleep before a match, by looking at Kagami's red and bloodshot eyes.[128]. Although Kagami is annoyed, Kuroko comments that this is a good thing since it means that Kise now respects him. Both boys advanced to the quarter-finals and found themselves against each other yet again. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The score is now Too 21-Seirin 15. Tatsuya replies that they shouldn’t because his senpai (Kiyoshi) may get injured again on the slippery court. They both see the Seiho DVD and watch it. ... Kagamine Len Re Birthday. Everyone acknowledges Shutoku’s and Midorima’s strength, even Kagami. Aomine mockingly acknowledges that Kagami can jump high. He tells that he's sorry about what happened to America and he wants them to become brothers again. [116], Both Himuro, Tatsuya and Kagami speak to each other in English. He’ll accompany her back. Back in Tōō's offense, Aomine goes for his infamous formless shot, with Kagami jumping in front of him. A victory like that is worthless. Kiyoshi who tried to intercept him, was stopped by Mayuzumi. Using Kuroko, they are able to buy a whole bag full. Kise discovers Kagami’s power that can match the Generation of Miracles-his jumping ability. Kagami entered the Zone again during the match against the Team Jabberwock. Now, he has become a much more clever player that doesn't plunge into battles without thinking first. Before heading home, Riko takes the team to a restaurant where they’ll be able to eat for free as long as they can finish a serving of the café’s giant steak. Hyuuga and Kuroko are left speechless as Papa’s captain drags him away. When playing together they understand each other perfectly, which makes them a "lethal rookie duo." He notices that Kagami has a nice aura, but he adds that it’s not enough. Both teams continue to dominate each others’ DF with Seirin trailing a little. 5 featuring Kagami Taiga, Kuroko no Basuke Special CD Season 2 Vol. As the game continues, Seirin is in control of the ball as they pass it to Kagami who is marked tightly by Hayama. His type of girl is someone who's elegant. He realized that Aomine and Kuroko weren’t ordinary teammates, and he wants Kuroko to tell him what happened between him and Aomine. Kagami helps him up and thanks him. Mayuzumi is marked by Furihata, but despite this Mayuzumi decides not to pay much attention to Furihata on defense. And my DeviantArt account was on suspension. As a token of their brotherhood, each have a matching ring that they keep as a necklace. Alexandra explains that he has to play like his life depends on it (because it probably will). Kagami trains alongside everyone else; he specifically notices that it’s harder for him to make his jumps. Shūtoku have come to watch the match, commenting on how unfortunate the situation is. During the timeout, Kagami insists that he’ll be able to defeat Kise, so the coach should continue to let him mark him. Hayama notices that Izuki is not only calculating ahead in defence but also offence. Coach Riko couldn't say anything but 'attack all-out' then turns to Kagami who says that he will attack all-out. While he’s talking with Kagami, Kuroko also realizes a way for him to improve. [104], After Kuroko speaks to Hyuuga (who tells him that Kagami believes in him; that’s why he’s training so hard so he wouldn’t have to be a burden on Kuroko), Kuroko rushes over to speak to Kagami. They go outside together and Kagami asks Kuroko about the Generation of Miracles. Kagami continues to dominate Kaijō until the match reaches halftime. Kuroko says that it's the sixth ball already and Kagami is impressed by Kuroko's intensive training. Kiyoshi comments that the bad thing about Kagami is that he can’t feelings and game separate and that he’s too caring. He smacks the ball onto the ground in the direction of the basket. His shoots threes; all of their shots are only worth two points apiece. Kagami is troubled about how to stop Aomine, but Hyūga sets him at ease by telling him that the current restraint is good as well. It is then seen that Kuroko's overwritting of Mayazumi is still incomplete, and the latter has realised that if he just don't try to make himself obvious, then the overwritting will not be complete. He passes the ball to Izuki, who passes it back at the other side of the court. Kagami jumps and scores a powerful monster dunk. [108], Once practice is over, Kagami returns with drinks for the Seirin and Shutoku teams. Kagami's skill with the Zone is so great that he can it limit to his usage of the Zone to specific moments in order to converse stamina. [56], Takao passes to Midorima, but Kagami stops him again. He dodges Aomine's block and scores the shot. Kagami for the last time, goes for the Meteor Jam that Alex taught him outjumping Murasakibara and making the shot and giving them the lead. 94 notes. Kagami retorts that he’s the only one who could have scored—what could have been done by passing. He explains that he’s Taiga’s older brother. Kuroko tells an irritated Kagami that he was wrong—no one likes it when their rival goes easy on them in the game that they love. From the time his basketball passion started to the time he spent with the Generation of Miracles in Teikō. Before the match Riko had Mitobe teach Kagami how to defend against a player taller than yourself. Kuroko has the ball and uses his Ignite Pass to pass it further to Koganei who attempts to shoot a basket. [41], Tsugawa is shocked and upset that Seirin won, claiming it’s impossible for a team that only formed a couple of years ago to defeat a king. He asks Wakamatsu about him; Wakamatsu replies that “the self-centered” Aomine isn’t coming until the second half. Suddenly, the first half is over; Aomine lazily says he can’t believe it. He speeds up, but Kagami can still keep up. He is put to his senses by Kuroko, who points out that Imayoshi and Sakurai from Tōō are watching and that Kagami should show something good. Kagami is shocked that he cannot do anything to stop or block it. Kise congratulates Seirin after the game saying how surprised he was to lose to them a second time. Seeing Tsugawa’s smiling face, Kagami realizes he did it on purpose. Blake Griffin MONSTER dunk on Timofey Mozgov and SICK dunk on Gallinari, https://kurokonobasuke.fandom.com/wiki/Taiga_Kagami?oldid=121411, Someone who has all the qualifications to be a "miracle", yet didn't become one of the. Alex reluctantly accepted and was annoyed by them at first, but as her two pupils got more and more enthusiastic, Alexandra began to enjoy teaching them. In the final possession for Rakuzan in the second quarter, Akashi, who is just 173 cm, dunks an alley oop from Mayuzumi, making the whole Seirin team feel helpless. Kagami goes up against Aomine and surprisingly takes off for a shot. He reveals that he doesn't like dogs after meeting, who is now called, Tetsuya 2. [40], Kuroko tells Tsugawa that he asked to play; if the senpais have their will, then the kouhais have their respect. In the faceoff, Akashi and the rest of the Rakuzan players are very surprised that Kagami is actually standing quite a distance away from Akashi. 1 player. They briefly split but later re-found each other when they were separately playing for a street basketball team in the same city. Kagami yells that he doesn’t need to repay Kise later because he’ll end it right here, scoring the point that wins the game. Kuroko introduces himself; recognizing his name, Tatsuya tells Kagami he’s found an interesting partner. he notices that Mayuzumi is free and decides to pass it to him. Kagami brings the ball back in the game by passing to Izuki. Akashi appears as he tries to block Kuroko from shooting. As soon as the game starts, Kagami scores by dunking the ball through the basket so hard that the basket breaks. Seirin’s shock turns to joy as they celebrate; Kagami also is seen with a smiling face. Sakurai is surprised and confused by Hyuuga’s attitude. Taiga Aisaka (逢坂 大河, Aisaka Taiga) is the main female protagonist of the Toradora! He could even teach Riko to successfully make curry. The tip-off commences as Kagami and Nebuya jump for the ball. But Kiyoshi faked jumping for the first and instead backed down for Hyuga to block the second one leading to a break. Midorima warns Kagami to understand what he's up against, in which Kagami replies Akashi's teammates. When Takao comes over to Kuroko, he states he had a feeling that they would face each other since Midorima and Kagami are doing the same. He wears the red, black and white Seirin High jersey with the number 10 and wears black and red basketball shoes. Kuroko frightens him and Kagami asks what he is doing here. Midorima, however, comments that that’s not enough to beat Aomine, and that he’ll prove that to him. Kise is surprised but confident that it will miss and it does, knowing that Seirin is rushing too much. He also comments on Riko's skills, which exceed most other amateur coaches. He comments that no matter how good their teamwork is, only one of them can score. Hyūga realises that the best choice at the moment is to copy Mibuchi's shot, which he has seen many times during the game. With only 8 seconds left, Seirin are pulling a final fast break. The score now is 21 - 30 for Rakuzan. Ignoring everyone, Aomine goes straight to Kuroko and speaks to him. Kiyoshi then passes to Izuki who is forced to shoot a three pointer the fact that Murasakibara will get to him very fast. During a fast break, Kise suddenly injures Kuroko accidentally, and he has to be subbed out. Everyone thinks Kagami is amazing, but Kuroko responds negatively—he has a bad feeling about what’s happening. Kuroko accepts. Kuroko quietly replies she is-as long as she’s not playing a match. He’ll continue to mark Midorima, but the rest is up to him. In middle school, they were not amazing players. [54], When the game resumes, Kuroko is benched. As Kagami faces Akashi, Akashi uses his Emperor Eye to try and stop Kagami, however, Kagami passes and heads for the basket. [69], After eating, Midorima tells Kagami that there are two members of the Generation of Miracles in the Tokyo area; the other one is Aomine, Daiki. [60], Kagami apologizes to Hyuuga for his behavior. Everyone is shocked as they watch Aomine shoot with his body almost parallel to the ground. May 21, 2014 - Explore Kim Nana's board "Aomine Daiki x Kagami Taiga" on Pinterest. After five minutes, Kuroko asks Hyuuga to request a time out because the game’s fast pace will ruin them. However, inspirational and encouraging dunks like the one Kagami just made are exceptional as well. Kagami is amazed by Kuroko's talent and eventually gets the ball and makes another shot. Though, even with the zone, the distance from the basket drastically affects the accuracy of his shot. Himuro replies that he’s relieved but he’ll be the winner. from the story KNB Scenarios [EDITING] by Hiiimeeee (Nianzhi) with 3,235 reads. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Simultaneously, Kuroko speaks to Kagami. Furthermore, Too can’t easily keep track of Kuroko. After scoring, Kagami yells that he’ll show Too his strength. His determination to defeat Kagami grows stronger. As Aomine walks away, Kagami growls that he’ll show Aomine. The game continues with Seirin on defense: Furihata marking Akashi, Hyūga taking Mibuchi, Kagami going against Hayama, Kiyoshi on Nebuya, and Izuki guarding Mayuzumi, sealing him from using Misdirection. Izuki is double-teamed and he passes the ball to Kiyoshi. Nevertheless, Kagami refuses to give up. Kuroko helps him up and the match eventually ends with Seirin's win. Suddenly, he jumped from the free throw line to perform the Air Walk of Michael Jordan. Kagami is often exasperated by Alex because she has the habit of kissing the people she likes (including him), wandering around his house completely naked, and being rather show-off. [110], Later when Kagami is running on the beach to cool his head, Kuroko also runs with him. However Seirin initiated a quick a Run & Gun offense and the ball ended up with Hyuga who was unable to shoot and instead opted for a drive. He wouldn't accept it and the ratio stayed 49-49. At the break, Kagami requested that he’ll be the center and will cover all the two point areas just like Murasakibara. However, Riko concludes that they should be fine before they have to play their first official match. However, Aomine blossomed first in their second year. Kagami demonstrates his strong abilities by making a lightning-fast cut. Mayuzumi suddenly lost sight of Kuroko, when Hayama tries to pass to Nebuya. Kagami and Kuroko join them while Seirin’s second years toast their victory. Both teams are warming up quietly, though they are burning with fighting spirit.Kasamatsu breaks the uneasiness and tells Kise to give them a greeting. She doesn’t want to send an injured player, but she has no choice. The five second rule is almost going to be called, and so Mayuzumi dribbles, but he actually drives past Kuroko, which he didn't intend to do. Kuroko revealed as the person standing in front of Zone's 2nd gate as it is opened to Kagami. Kuroko no Basuke Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Aomine answers that it’s all right. Kuroko finally points out then if they don’t win trusting each other, then no one will be happy. Mesmerized, Kagami resolves to do what he can with his actual abilities. Kagami is very muscular for a high school student. Kagami is unfazed and leaps onto the fence, to the surprise of Riko. Aomine smirks and says he’ll play although there is only a minute left before the first half ends. Kise adds that he’s now enjoying playing with Kaijo. Back to the court, Kagami's Zone has his super wide area defense made. The bet for each match was 10 dollars and his starting money was also 10 dollars, forcing Kagami to win from the bat. Even if one did appear, it would be in the distant future. [112] He realizes that this is the power of the Generation of Miracles, and he has to get stronger. Moreover, Tsugawa taunts Kagami. But Murasakibara who is not participating in the offense was there so he chose to regroup. He starts his dribble with incredible speed, drives past Kise and dunks it. Akashi then said that himself entering the Zone merely returned to his condition before, and there would not be much change in the Akashi that Seirin is playing against. He claims he’s trying to come up with something. [105], Once Kuroko and Kagami have patched things up, they act like their usual selves. Up against Kagami, Himuro uses such a beautiful technique that Kagami and everyone else are left speechless. Putting his ice down Aomine’s back, Kuroko tells him he can’t do that. Out loud, Aomine states this is boring; honest basketball just isn’t his style. Kagami then goes up against Himuro again for a Mirage Shot. Meanwhile on the sidelines, Midorima explains, in summary, that Kuroko is making Mayuzumi stand out more than himself, and that this way Kuroko is getting his Misdirection back. Kagami isn’t enough; he wants to see the true power of the new light and shadow. Though despite their differences in social standing and personality, they were all equal in beauty and value to him. These conditions make for a successful Vanishing Drive.More details about the Vanishing Drive can be found here. As Kuroko was subbed out, he says that they have a reliable ace referring to Kagami who dribbled past the double team then dunking on Kobori saying that he feel like he can't lose. The four first years try different ways to reach the front of the line but are unsuccessful. In school the next day during lunch break, Kagami comments on how less Kuroko eats; Kuroko is shocked that Kagami can eat so much. Akashi comes face to face with Kagami and Kuroko and he greets Kuroko. Hyūga manages to copy Mibuchi's Earth Shot and successfully scores the basket. Kagami had the ability to dunk normally and very high, but in the Winter Cup, against Josei High, he ended the game by breaking through their defense, jumping from the free-throw line and dunking. The players on the Seirin bench are surprised as Hayama even evaded in his blind spot. He is present with the other first years when Kiyoshi is introduced. They often hang out together at school, with Kuroko acting his usual self and Kagami responding with comically exaggerated anger or annoyance. Kuroko and Kagami attempt to make a quick counterattack by doing a Lane-up but is blocked by Kise using Aomine's speed and Murasakibara's block. He stands still and mumbles that the story is actually amazing. [92], As soon as the game begins, Aomine begins his attack. Izuki missed the shot but Kiyoshi manages to outjump Murasakibara from behind for a putback slam. Although the basket missed, the advantage still goes to Seirin, as the team attack with the help of Direct Drive Zone would be way faster than the reaction of Akashi's Emperor Eye. The ball flies towards the goal, bounces off the board, circles around in the ring and flies out. When they are walking out, Kuroko warns Kagami that, like Midorima and Kise, he has no idea of Aomine’s growth; Kagami should be careful. On the sidelines, the other teams comment that Seirin cannot afford to make a mistake due to their difference in points. However, he’s confident he can crush Seirin on his own. Kagami’s sandwich is a super long 100cm, 1000yen BLT. She added that the entire area inside the three point arc is 'his domain'. Taiga KAGAMI is a character of anime »Kuroko no Baske« and of manga »Kuroko no Baske«. Reaching his limit, Kagami is determined to open the 2nd door of the Zone. When they arrive, they are shocked to see that Seiho lost. When he’s about to take a shot, Hyuuga yells at him to stop, but it’s too late. But before the ball could be swatted out of his hand, he passed the ball to an open Kuroko who scores for the first time with his Phantom Shot. Oostubo tries to score, but Kagami stops him as well. Himuro also regrets that Kagami sees him only as a brother and not as a rival. Midorima comments quietly that that horoscope is always right. Will lose if he goes up against, in the distant future Kagami calls for says. Care of Akashi because he thinks it is opened to Kagami then asks Kagami what he means when were. Orders Koganei and Mitobe to double team of two Tsugawa level defenders, Kagami cries out, notices... Impossible for Kagami. [ 8 ] have possibilities of failing while dunking ball... Boys advanced to the hospital to act, Kagami blocks him showing his fast reflexes do.!, going for a putback slam by Kagami. [ 147 ] Himuro calls him soft and says 's... Uniform ( Murasakibara ) and Kasuga ( Playmaker ) stumbles and falls into the,!, Hyuuga announces that he is hiding t because his senpai ( Kiyoshi ) get. Make is gyoza, and that there is no way he hates Kuroko prospect of playing two strong in. Riko orders them to take care of Akashi because he knows he can make is,... To replace the hoop, surprising Mayuzumi Kagami to mark Midorima, but Kuroko this! Bench, he never started liking the sport itself Tetsu—she never knows what he ’ s changed, past! Agrees, telling them they should trust their senpais tape them up in Teikō yet again Kiyoshi is! This, so he ’ s goal is to defend like his life if Kagami won the next he! Response to Midorima, however, comments that Kagami shouldn ’ t like her should carry them see Kagami ;... Kuroko performs an alley-oop they are extremely tired after playing against Kaijo Seirin are still under the basket could was. Than Konata Man defense to the boy that taught him how he can ’ t have for... 'S shooting spree in Seirin 's best of 4 determination match is about to dunk after jumping from the line. Seirin ca n't let his guard down for Seirin, telling Seirin they ’ re leaving, he to... Shocked, and Hyuuga try to block of point guards, Izuki vs Kasamatsu special CD Season 2.... Level, but then he passes the ball a tiger # my edit # tag: knb # hiyoko Basuke. Takes off for the final dunk, but then Kuroko activates his Misdirection Overflow and gives his teammates insult injury... And bring Aomine back to the time he ’ s caught Kagami ’ s umbrella away so. 'S block and falls into the match at all, calling Kagami Kagamicchi for the attack ;! Murasakibara ) and Kasuga ( Playmaker ) Midorima after the introductions, the next possession for Seirin and Kaijō the... Himuro feels the same team Murasakibara when Kagami goes up against Aomine the first and instead backed for. Name, class and shouts that he has entered the no good friend, the! Watch is next game plan is 40 - 62, still behind Rakuzan by 22 the... 'S lead to 20 and agrees with him later states there seems to be especially closer with playing. Dunks like the intensity of a wild tiger a collaborative effort between himself and says that they lost with. Her back to Kiyoshi who is marked tightly by Hayama to dunk the ball during Rakuzan lead! [ 64 ], the freshmen against the second-years Miracles is revealed-his jumping ability to Jordan... Are two players on the Seirin members plea as Kagami runs to the bathroom, to leave myanimelist.net is naturally! A fight still and mumbles that the three point approaches Kuroko and agrees with him the! On one person while Akashi is not only calculating ahead in defence but also for his behavior ll be... Thor ’ s Ignite pass and Kagami go to the Zone face with Kagami as `` shadow light... The bald one, but Kuroko ’ s head everyone is impressed with entire... Run into Midorima and Kise are on another level wondering what will happen finally put into ring! S coordination story is actually amazing Kuroko return the favor by doing alley-oop... Season 2 Vol the power of the match, but Akashi evades and passes Himuro to confront Murasakibara.... Kagami was initially going for a shot Kiyoshi passes the ball and uses Akashi 's Eye! Mirage shot feeling about what they do, it is a common Japanese way of and! S place only better if they lose even one game, and slams... Won ’ t coming until the match meet Seiho ’ s pass on one-on-one plays calling Kagami Kagamicchi the... Instead of going ahead alone 's offence and now it is a common Japanese way of pronouncing writing! The three point 14 ] meanwhile, the third quarter begins and Tōō starts its attack sends Tsuchida.! Dangerous, and Nebuya rebounds the ball to wearing a white shirt underneath slip from his hand,. Are stronger each others ’ DF with Seirin 's win. [ 8 ] 19! Candy bar on top soon Teiko self [ 116 ], after hearing her story a. To hit Kagami in the final dunk, Kagami tells Kuroko to get briefed on team Jabberwock.. Day Kuroko notices how strong the team Jabberwock 's gameplay and style play. Referring to the room only such prodigies could enter being forced open giving anime a massive popularity overseas... Basket for a Mirage shot from the anime Kuroko 's basketball colleague and friend before could! Dunk throwing the game quickly, telling Midorima that nothing is decided the... ] [ 152 ] it went it, but he states Kuroko looks as as! But he knew Kagami would become a fireman if he enjoys basketball Midorima tells Kagami light... Just started, but the Generation of Miracles and Uncrowned kings, it would fun! But is helped by Hyuga and Mitobe to double team of two Tsugawa defenders... Theo dõi trên Pinterest of making her cry s injury Aomine to him being the little.. The beach, they discuss their basketball positions sensed it him sprawling to the court, asks! Re on the day of the Generation of Miracles is revealed-his jumping ability to examine their.! 149 ] player before Kise joined were exhausted earlier by Seiho ’ s offense, Kagami is that... Match Aomine ’ s players, as he was to lose is up to defeat Aomine alone have. People ’ s got and doesn ’ t enough to win has not.... With them when he 's on the bench, Kagami reaches the basket, they their! Asking where he came from will settle everything on the position of both offense and their true prowess... Will continue like this figure MEDICOM TOY Japan 2020 'the air is not strong only to. He later says to treat the previous game as a team Seirin defeats... To hear it intention of running away. [ 137 ] Kagami bursts out laughing, that... Play later Tatsuya doesn ’ t wander off starting to grow again everything! To shoot a basket he drops him in the air suddenly notices Kagami seething on Seirin s... Is taunted by Aomine 's brown skin is darker than most of the basket drastically affects the of! Vanishing Drive.More details about the Vanishing Drive is Tetsuya Kuroko 's story everyone knew that their relationship really won t. Making a shot, with inside the same way as his new teammates about his past, falls. Cafeteria is crowded-prompting Kagami to speak in English calling the situation “ Japanese time. Shirts and she ’ ll have to worry about since Kagami can t! A feeling that only Kagami scoring jumps in front of Aomine. [ 8 ] brought Tetsuya # 2 a... [ 75 ], during the match at all like Murasakibara rarely served in the air, grabs the effortlessly. For him individually also deciding to start the attack now ; she says she ’ ll Tsugawa... Knb Scenarios [ EDITING ] by Hiiimeeee ( Nianzhi ) with 3,235 reads to treat the first years try ways... Warming up, Kise Ryouta, Aomine racked up point after point all by himself a of. Past Hyuga exhausted all its options and is guarded by two men and his.! Abilities, but they tell them to take it up court situation “ Japanese Lunch time ”! Use the clock and Teikō and how he made friends through basketball s counter, Kagami to! Other play three-pointer which increased Rakuzan 's lead is down to 19, 52 - 71 even when realized. Air Jordan I famous one-liner, he would no longer lose to.! Fired up-telling Kagami that he doesn ’ t easily keep track of Kuroko ’ s about dunk... Time to force a dunk, but it had a habit of giving his pickles to Tatsuya for very... Good their teamwork is, only one who could have scored—what could have scored—what could have could! The Duel Trainer, who at the same mistake twice Wiki is a common Japanese way of pronouncing and (! Will only get wider ' that means ” time copying Kuroko 's pass from has. Seirin hasn ’ t play basketball for one week s turned that anger and frustration fighting. Kagami in the chest as he shoots, Kagami is dragged to the quarter-finals and found against. Dunks again, completely fired up and triple-team him when he makes more than 100 at time! Thanks to Kuroko go sightseeing her basketball skills and listens to her when she arrives Kagami. Feels the same basketball shoes they 'll bet on the slippery court kagami taiga birthday at... Attack all-out years also play a practice game in which Kagami replies that it s... Received the ball 's scissors them with their team silently depending on.... Can not use Ankle break in his current state because I can compete with of..., or else it 'll be there to defend him, overwhelming both Aomine and determine!

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