crossing the atlantic in a trawler

Tom and Laurence decided to row more than 4000 miles from New York to Devon to raise money for charity. Although boats can technically cross the Atlantic at anytime, due to hurricane season in the Mid- and Western Atlantic, the vast majority of sailors go at the same time. They were people who actually wanted to make an Atlantic crossing – as opposed to wanting a magic carpet ride to the next place on their world tour check-list. While he was not the first to make the crossing… No one on the quay, no one on board the other trawlers—on the high-bowed, squat-sterned, rounded Scottish inshore boats that hugged the sea, their shapes pleasing as a buttock—no one, anywhere, took the slightest notice of this great event. “We had to stay longer because my partner was having medical problems, and he had to be treated,” says Kinard. Trawler is the book I read the last from O'Hanlon, but did not really like. Contemplating a trawler to cross the Atlantic and Pacific. Crossing the Gulf of Mexico in a 39 ft Kadey Krogen Trawler can be a wild ride or a piece of cake. While some argue that higher cruising speeds offer a safety net to outrun storms and rough weather, which is true, this is situation specific. Kinard claims that model P214 will be the smallest engine-powered boat to cross the Atlantic. “Otherwise the trip went pretty much as planned.”. Kinard says he made a top speed of 5.6 knots on the voyage. The all-important power is supplied by an 86hp Perkins M92B, which will consume 3.2 liters an hour of the 1,300 liter capacity. “For this kind of navigation, this went exactly as I planned.”. So how fuel efficient is the little voyager? Arthur Schmidt September 27, 2012 at 9:39 am - Reply. Weather is a large part of any Atlantic crossing: deciding when to go, which route to follow and the sails to carry. As a naval architect, Kinard is also working on a 36’ water taxi catamaran for 18 persons, to operate in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Then there is the Passagemaker it is a heavy duty, well built, long range ocean crossing trawler. And then, we were off for leg two of the crossing. I also cannot find any evidence of ANY Selene Trawler crossing the ocean as of this date 08/6/2014 so in fact then we are not only the first Selene 49 to cross the Atlantic, but are the first Selene trawler ever to cross the Atlantic ocean on her own bottom, period. A trawler yacht designed for Exploration SAILING FAR AND FOR LONG PERIODS WITH STYLE Initiated by Jean-Louis Garcia for his own personal use, the Garcia Trawler range meets specific objectives: offering autonomy at a transatlantic level thanks to a subtle balance between fuel consumption and capacity, crossing all oceans in complete serenity whatever the weather, all in the greatest of comfort. Kinard, a naval architect with Mayrik Yacht Design of St. Martin in the French Antilles — the designer and builder — named the prototype Spirit of Arielle after the 43-foot vessel fellow countryman Marin Marie took across the Atlantic in 1936, from New York to Le Havre, in 19 days under both sail and diesel power. Posts Tagged ‘cruising the northeast atlantic’ Nice People, Delaware Bay, and NJ! A topic that many aspiring crew members, superyacht enthusiasts and yacht owners often wonder about is the goings-on onboard a superyacht during the 3,500+ nm voyage that is an Atlantic crossing. © 2021 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. an Active Interest Media company. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kinard to Cross the Atlantic by Diesel Powered Trawler French naval architect Yves Kinard unveiled plans to cross the Atlantic on a 6.5M (21ft) diesel-powered trawler Spirit of Arielle. He says the little boat performed remarkably well in 13- to 14-foot seas and winds to 35 knots. Calm seas for the majority of the Bermuda-to-Horta leg reduced our time at sea to only 10 days. Making any open water crossing can be a daunting experience…But WITH EXPERIENCE it can be another beautiful day on the water. Many boats cross the line from boat to ship IMO. For years I was put off from crossing by sea by stories of very rough Atlantic crossings. I haven't done an Atlantic crossing and really am not an expert at all, but I would say that a 55' trawler is probably the absolute smallest boat that this would work in. Spirit of Arielle is certainly cozy, but nevertheless packs in a four-person dining table, full galley, bathroom /shower, fully operational nav station, and a two-bunk forecabin. Your email address will not be published. Kinard and Brachet originally planned to arrive in France by the end of June, but their departure from Bermuda was delayed. For the 1,850-mile run from Bermuda to the Azores, where they refueled, he says the boat used 1,200 liters, or 317 gallons — nearly 5.8 miles per gallon. Read more. Both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans can be crossed in a yacht. The layout maximizes space and includes a saloon/galley with a stove, sink and countertop; a head with a shower; a dining area for one to four people; and a forward cabin with two berths. Crossing The Great Bahama Bank In A Trawler After 3 lonnnggg weeks in Bimini, the relentless winds were finally letting up for a couple of days. You need a big enough tank to hold 1,5 the amount of fuel you expect to burn. However, when it was anoounced that 2003 was QE2's last transatlantic season, I finally decided to go for it. The prototype cost about $285,000. History and Participation Founded in 1986 by the renowned Jimmy Cornell, this annual rally draws crews from all over the world. We also handle numerous yacht deliveries coming back to Europe, more typical in March, April or May. Early testing of the boat was positive; in a shakedown to Guadeloupe, with 3m seas and force 6 winds, the vessel was ‘perfect’. I think June … The two of them in their 49-foot trawler aptly dubbed Hakuna Matata (« No problem » in Swahili language ) without any crew or support boats and relying on their bullet-prooof 330 hp QSL9 engine manufactured by Cummins, have completed the crossing in eight days, ultimately landing in Brazil. In Part 2, I’ll talk about the best time to cross the Atlantic. The boat’s bulbous bow and variable pitch Autoprop also add to its fuel efficiency, and a 150-watt solar panel powers some of the electrical needs on board. The best time to cross the Atlantic. Just 300 liters of drinking water are on tank. “We built the cockpit deep, and we never had a wave come into it, even in heavy weather,” he says. Timing From the outset, Kinard’s plan was to investigate fuel consumption and to push the boundaries of what distance could be extracted from a mechanical source. I’ve owned a 36 foot coastal cruiser for the last seven years. Get the latest Caribbean Boating and Island Updates straight into your inbox. If you're a sailor, you'll want to add the ARC to your bucket list. This article originally appeared in the October 2008 issue. This, he says, should come in at around €100,000. NorthGalaxy. It is the next generation of Perkins’ successful M92, and is said to offer 6 percent better fuel economy. Whether you dream of crossing oceans, circumnavigating the east half of the United States on the Great Loop, or making an Intracoastal Waterway run, the idea of long distance cruising with a loose itinerary is the essence of independence. Crossing the Gulf of Mexico with Confidence is easy when you Ask Captain Chris. Many of these vessels take on the gruelling trip ahead of the start of each summer and winter cruising season to reach either the Caribbean Sea and its variety of palm tree-lined beaches or the bustling ports of the Mediterranean. 2 – Look The Part. Try doing it in a rally like the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) that just finished up its 32 nd year in the Caribbean. In the March 2006 issue, French naval architect Yves Kinard unveiled plans to cross the Atlantic on a 6.5M (21ft) diesel-powered trawler Spirit of Arielle. Here is a list of our top 5 tips for crossing the Atlantic: 1) Safety First All your safety gear should be in good condition. First stop will be Bermuda, seven days away against the weather. For this reason, I will only talk about the normal crossing season. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean is like crisscrossing the United States from San Francisco to New York, then up to Minneapolis, and making only two stops, traveling at less than 7 knots! “In the 31 days, we have traveled 3,977 miles and used 3,184 liters of fuel [841 gallons, or 4.7 miles per gallon],” says Kinard, who spoke to Soundings after arriving in France. Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS) Onomatopoeia July 29, 2013, 9:19pm #1. On May 15th, he finally leaves St. Martin Nick_Marshall September 11, 2020 Cruise St. Maarten / St. Martin Traditional trawlers don't run at high speed, so turbocharger and other potential mechanical problems don't happen often, which lowers stress to systems and crew. Kinard to Cross the Atlantic by Diesel Powered Trawler, Cleaning your Boat with Natural Products Part II. The 52-year-old French naval architect and sailor crossed the Atlantic this summer from Bermuda to France in a fuel-efficient 21-foot prototype — the Mayrik P214 Mini Trawler — along with his partner, Patrick Brachet, 47. Normally, this kind of boat has a range of just 600NM. “Why not make a boat that’s smaller and safer?”. Next, the 14-day slog to the Azores, at an average speed of 6-7 knots. She’s a Mumble Bee class built in 1908, the same year the CA was founded. The boat weighs about 5 tons and has a good amount of freeboard. It’s a nice boat. With finite petroleum reserves and record fuel prices a daily part of the media drumbeat, Yves Kinard has impeccable timing. Should all go to plan, Kinard’s 5,000 hour, 1/12; year, €180,000 investment will pay off in La Rochelle, where he is hoping to invite orders from the commercial sector for a fiberglass version of the trawler. Added to which, Kinard has no nerves about crossing the Atlantic – having done so once on a sailboat and over 20 times as a French merchant seaman. The 52-year-old French naval architect and sailor crossed the Atlantic this summer from Bermuda to France in a fuel-efficient 21-foot prototype — the Mayrik P214 Mini Trawler — along with his partner, Patrick Brachet, 47. N5714 "Southern Cross" Pacific: N5721 "Emeritus" Atlantic: Bob Rothman was 77 years old, his wife Jane, 74 years old, when they crossed the Atlantic. June 10, 2015. “Now that I have returned to France, I hope to take my trawler to La Rochelle in September for the Le Grand Pavois boat show,” says Kinard. No journey through the jungle or Amazon-river but Redmond reports from a trawler, on the Atlantic Ocean. 5 people found this helpful. The Nordhavn Atlantic Rally will cruise from Florida to Gibraltar, with stops inBermuda and the Azores “It’s a grand adventure,” said Tom Selman, braiding a towing bridle, one of a host of last-minute chores still undone in the countdown to the start of the 3,800-mile Nordhavn Atlantic Rally. First Class Sailing has stepped in to rescue a Brixham trawler, Golden Vanity. My clients and I decided to walk down and taxi back with the much needed supplies. It didn't happen, 8 boats hailing from Sweden, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Canada cast off en route to the Port Louis Marina in Grenada. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kinard says on his Web site ( that the Mini Trawler was born from the idea of helping reduce fossil-fuel consumption by building a small, solid boat. It was completely calm in both directions. The same placidity that permitted an earlier-than-expected arrival also provided a relaxed rhythm for the crew, who enjoyed leisurely naps, reading opportunities and exercising in the sky lounge. Sea Hawk Paints presented Budget Marine founder, Robbie Ferron, with an appreciation plaque for 25 years of sales, service and support. Very funny story: we dinghy in to buy some wine, unfortunately it was a mile away. Verified Purchase. This trawler is completely set up for Trans-ocean crossings. I mean, you have to have a boat that has a range of 4K+ miles. Your email address will not be published. That's a shit-load of diesel to carry with you. It might be tricky to make the Canada-Greenland leg of a transatlantic crossing, I don’t think it would have the range without taking a few barrels of fuel on as cargo. We sailed from Southampton on 19th of June and made the return trip on 22nd July 2003. In the months leading up to Christmas, some 4-5,000 sailors will cross from Europe to the Caribbean on … She carries 80 gallons of drinking water. 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read. Anyone that owns a trawler in our size range understands the need for the right sea conditions to make a long open-water passage. In other words, the involved distances and required endurance were simply awesome for us, a couple used to short passages and hopping from one harbor to another. On May 15th, he finally leaves St. Martin. The Atlantic – by which, being British, I mean the North Atlantic, the expanse of water north of the equator – is roughly 3500nm (nautical miles) wide at its maximum. Spirit of Arielle is powered by a Perkins M92B, a 4-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled, naturally aspirated, direct-injection diesel. Captains log Day 16 – Tuesday June 9th. This being said, not all yachts are capable of making these trips. Has most of the amenities of home in a tiny package. In 1936, Frenchman Marin-Marie crossed solo on a 43ft trawler Arielle (after which Kinard’s boat is named) in 19 days, but this included use of sail power at times. She was built for marine artist Arthur Briscoe who often sailed with his friend, novelist Erskine Childers (Riddle of the Sands). We had to feed "Hercules" our 330 HP QSL9 Cummins engine 3848 litres of diesel to do the crossing. Required fields are marked *. In fact many of our Trans Atlantic crossings start in Northern Europe or the Mediterranean. They made port July 15 in St. Martin de Ré. Maximum power is 86-hp at 2,400 rpm, according to Perkins. Ready Set Sail Circumnavigators Deliver Donations to Ile a Vache, Viking Explorer Rally Ready to Cast Off En Route to Grenada. In September 1993, lone sailor Hugo Vihlen made it to Falmouth after spending 105 days crossing the Atlantic Ocean by himself. The only exception would be in the case of a nervous single-hander who fears mutiny and murder and who, in consequence, is looking for someone who could not possibly manage the boat by him/herself. Here is a photo of when I first took ownership. Of course you might be able to top the flattop with solar cells, add a battery bank and an auxilliary electric drive to the thing. An excellent read. Joining the crew of a North Sea trawler, he is expected to fall in with the rigours not only of Force 12 north Atlantic weather, but also the hard living, sleep-deprived community of fishermen. After over 60 years of living aboard, I’m often asked by lubber and sailor alike, “What’s your favorite island?”, © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |  Kennan Holdings LLC. You can cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in a sailing yacht or a motor yacht. I've had much worse weather in the Mediterranean. Finally, the two-man crew will head towards St Martin de Ré some 10 /12; days away, where they will remain to exhibit the boat at the Grand Pavois Boat Show (10-15 September). The trawlers we have had the good fortune of being invited upon have all had a tremendous amount of room. Here, an experienced crew member onboard a 60-metre superyacht … “I hope someone will be willing to put this model into production now that we’ve accomplished our voyage.” Kinard estimates a production version of the P214 would cost about $150,000. Passagemakers are clearly defined as being able to ”make the passage”. With finite petroleum reserves and record fuel prices a daily part of the media drumbeat, Yves Kinard has impeccable timing. My idea in 1967 was simple: buy a Volkswagen van, drive to California, and sleep with as many beach bunnies as I could. Report abuse. “She’s good and solid,” he says. All Rights Reserved. Even though O'Hanlon's writing-style is good and with the familiar humour within, this book is too much about fish. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 25, 2020. “Some people buy big boats to feel safer on the water,” says Kinard. Sleeps four comfortably, six in a pinch. It’s fringed to the east by Europe and north-western Africa, and to the west by the Americas, north and south. There are four types of trawlers, Trunk, Sedan, Sundeck, Pilothouse. Spirit of Arielle proved seaworthy and operated without a problem, says Kinard. Kinard says the roughest conditions they experienced were in the two days after they left Bermuda. sailboats (mostly of European origin) in the 30-foot-and-upward class make the Atlantic crossing annually, and a dozen or so megayachts sail regularly from the Mediterranean to Caribbean or U.S. ports, few poweryachts less than 60 feet in length attempt The Atlantic crossing season occurs every winter. Here are five examples of boat owners who are living the dream—and five good trawlers to consider if you decide to plan a cruise of your own.

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