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01903 207525. Don't miss out! These were Arthur Mullett (as above) and the Southern Junior Aircraft Co. at 89/90, London Road. Opposite the Church that is now flats, Carters the newsagent was also there. Sort by: Items per page: Accessories. When I was at T&MM ARTF meant that the kit had a set of veneer covered foam wings, and that was it, whereas now they really are ARTF having been almost entirely constructed in a traditional way in Vietnam. I worked in T&MM for a few Saturdays in the early 70s. Does anyone else have any stories about this shop and what it was called? We operated our Model Shop which latterly became a book shop in Little Preston Street between 1990-2000 and we now trade online. The Model Aerodrome was where I spent many 1950s Saturday mornings with my Dad, who was a member of a local model engineering club (see site for Hove Lagoon!) Good to see your name again! I used to pour over the Arthur Mullet adverts in the Aeromodeller every month. The only place to buy balsa these days is Sussex Models in Worthing. Confused of Ottawa writes: I remember in the late 1940’s my dad buying me a Trix (Bassett Lowke) train layout. The names of the owners and/ or a complete address? Please keep posting those modelling memories! I was also a member of the snooker club that operated above the shop and I was playing snooker at the time the assasination of President John F Kennedy was anounced on Friday, November 22, 1963. The … When I was at Hove Grammar School for Boys I used to fly C/L with Neil Tidey (Laser Engines) and Baz Bumstead (C/L Combat winner). There is still a great model shop in Sackville Road, Hove called LSA Models which has fantastic window displays excellently made models in really good dioramas, although I only ever walk past late in the evenings and its always closed so I’ve never ventured in. Wir freuen uns Sie im neuen Webshop von FERRO-TRAIN, HALLING und STÄNGL Modellbahnen begrüßen zu dürfen! I used to serve in the shop and also the overseas parcel packing dept. I think it was with an opus hull and OS40 engine. firstly in Meeting House Lane, then in Castle Street. I wonder what the balsa trees are used for now? I also bought a Merco 61 from Harry and I still have it today. I happened to notice this page whilst looking for references to Southern Junior Aircraft Company at 89/90 London Rd, which I used as a child. I never managed to tart it and one day my mother gave it to the rag and bone man with a horse and cart who used to roam the streets shouting “Old rags or lumberrrr!” (The man shouted that of course, not the horse). Please call us on 01323 722026 for up to date information. All for now, Simon (PS Oh by the way I’m doing the best I can at being grown up, but it’s difficult, so that’s why I still play in bands either playing guitar or trumpet!). Sadly, a couple of years after I went to university in Bath my mother died, and the house was cleared and sold in my absence. The assembled products filled my bedroom and overflowed into the rest of the house. There was a train set/layout by the till for demonstrating and testing, but this was later moved to above the stairs to make more room, but made it hard to get  to it. Train World Australia specializes in model railway equipment with an emphasis on Australian prototype. About Search Results. I had a saturday job working for Toy and Model Market in Churchill Sq. Model Shops. Other shops opened by the end of the 1950s were Southern Hobbies Ltd. at 113, Western Road; C.T. And they were serious! Jon Trory and Dennis Tompkins both the more established finally retired too. Although I had a Triang Model Railway system at the time, (which I later sold to buy a red and black Coventry Eagle bike from Redcross Street) I remember admiring models from the Triang Minic Motorway system displayed in the front window. As well as building and operating our layouts, we run other events throughout the year such as … Tiny Railroads opened on Sunday, May 15, 2016. Since then, the model shop situation in Brighton and Hove has only got worse, with Modelzone and LSA having closed down. Quick view Out of Stock. Brighton Toy and Model Museum (sometimes referred to as Brighton Toy Museum) is an independent toy museum situated in Brighton, East Sussex (registered charity no. The owner was, I think, called Charlie Wicks and he had his own very elaborate OO gauge layout up some rickety stairs on the top floor or attic of the building that ran all the way round the room – I saw it once with my father, who I think knew Charlie Wicks, and was suitably amazed. In the end I had to resort to buying hard-to-obtain French and Japanese kits via mail order as I’d exhausted the catalogues of Airfix, Revell and Frog. More Brighton news Latest Brighton … Still going strong at 89. I have lots of material if anyone is interested. Train Times Model Shop. Our extensive range includes locomotives, rolling stock, track, building materials, tools, scenery, electronics, books and more. Does anyone have any information about the company, its products, where their products were made, etc? Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. As well as retail outlets, some model products were manufactured in or near to Brighton. Can anyone remember exactly where it was located? CTS Models in College Place, funny little place, used to have old kits in stock, run by a couple of modellers I think. Keep those modelling memories coming! I too used to work in the Toy and Model Market in Churchill Square on Saturdays in the early 1970s. Pity we never took any photos of our shop inside or out. Adrian Baron’s comments (10/04/2010) have brought back 1960s memories of Wicks, the shop on the west side of Ditchling Road just below the entrance to the Open Market. He built radio-controlled boats and planes and our kitchen always smelled of balsa and fibreglass! Sale!, Privacy Statement - opens in a new window, Memories of Sherbet Dabs and Jamboree Bags, Plummer Roddis: Western Road/Montpelier Road. I remember seeing the one in Lewes Road but never going inside. It may be my jaundiced view on present life (yes of course, it probably is) but those guys in the 60s and 70s seemed to bring it all together i.e. If you find any missing or broken links etc please let us know via the contact form . I well remember the model shops that were in Brighton during the 40s 50s and 60s. Thanks for all your comments so far everyone. My dad used to have a model railway shop in Queens Road Quadrant. I was then introduced to Harry Brooks by Baz and I ended up building Harry’s Reb fuselages for him, including the one he flew in the 1962 World Champs. If George was not around, we would build models on the counter, getting customers to hold bits while the glue dried. Also, does anyone know the name of the company that made the Foursome model engine? Our product range also includes a wide selection of Australian prototype models that we … When I was ten my mother bought me an Airfix Spitfire and Gloster Gladiator. We aim to meet the needs of all model railway enthusiasts, from beginners to expert modelers. However, after a short while, I moved on – but still went back as a customer (slot racers and OO gauge trains). *, The award-winning people’s history of our city, From the private collection of Danny Bloomfield. The reason for this research is that we have been given a model boat kit in balsa wood made by Southern Junior and I hadn’t heard the name since childhood. It was called Kemp Models. Since we closed our shop in 2000, we have turned more into paper, that’s photographs & books, still running stalls at events around the South Coast while going online ourselves in the final years of our retail shop, we reached our 30th year in trading collectables in February 2019. There was  Harry Brooks in Hove near Portslade station; Gamleys in Brighton; the shop that is now called Model Zone in West Street; a shop in Lewes Road opposite the (now) B&Q store. Hi John, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the lack of feedback because this thread mainly discusses model aircraft shops, and I think your shop sells trains and vehicles (I may be wrong?). Like many things in life they only remain as memories. The Editing Team at MyB&H]. Harry Brooks died several years ago and his shops returned to houses. Infoserve Limited. The shop was gone before 1970. 290 Bay Street, North Brighton, Victoria, Australia. Situated in Early Victorian railway arches underneath Brighton Railway Station, it is home to one of the finest public collections of toys and models in the world with over 10,000 exhibits on display, including collections of toys from the golden age of toy making from the world’s top manufacturers plus a rare vintage model train collection. Son of George Bradshaw, Bradshaw’s for Bicycles. 01903 754850, 37 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RE I also used to use a model shop in Lewes Rd right next to Gladstone Terrace on the east side, I think it was called The Model Shop. I don’t recall you (maybe we didn’t overlap) but I certainly rmember George Fevier from my time. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which … Yes, the Model Aerodrome (now Model Zone) was certainly in West Street and specialised in elaborate radio controlled as well as large static models (not necessarily of planes). Being born in 1968 in Brighton, my mum used to take me to the model shop that was located in the old Churchill Square, during the mid-1970’s. Whether you want to try building a castle from matchsticks or putting together a ship in a bottle, you´ll find plenty of goods on offer in Brighton including Corgi, Model Boat, Model Car, Model Railway, Radio Control Car. They have been going for over 30 years. I was just thinking about my aeromodelling and Arthur Mullet’s name popped into my head. It was a huge thing like a one armed bandit! Thanks Mr Smith, I’m glad I’m not the only one to remember the shop near to HMV in Churchill Square. The adverts that appeared in Aeromodeller etc at the time show that the shop stocked all the classic planes, engines and accessories. It sat on the shelf for ages. SALE. HARTLAND RC HOBBY SHOP HARTLAND RC HOBBY SHOP is located approximately 6 miles from Brighton. Brighton Toy and Model Museum: Playing with the model train was the best! I think he was in town appearing at the Hippodrome or Theatre Royal. Hier gibt es alles rund um die … Was proud to see my Buggy on display, 5 years later. I still admire those 50s/60s electronic guys working with what they had at their “disposal”, very testing. I hope you enjoy the variety of layouts and features we have on this site. Here’s some more places that I used to frequent on my trips in from Lewes. We now have to go over to Worthing to buy modeling bits and pieces, or buy online. TIPPED POLO. There may of course have been others who stocked model aircraft, but the above were all listed as specialist suppliers. My main reason for going to this shop was for the Meccano and Hornby train sets clockwork and electric. Who would have believed 30 odd years ago that an electric model of 40 inch wingspan could weigh just over a pound and be capable of 10 minutes aerobatic flights and you can buy a ready to fly model for a hundred pounds. He ordered lots of stuff from Mullets. Barry, Bennett’s was a shop in North Road which led to Queen’s Road. © 2000 - 2021 Infoserve Ltd. All Rights Reserved. I don’t do any model related stuff whatsoever nowadays, but having heard (via the www) of Doug Spreng’s death (quite recently) who worked with Harry Brooks, I do occasionally re-visit model engineering www sites to see how things are progressing (or remembered). There was a Radio Controlled place over Portslade too, was there not? Search for Model Shops and other retailers near you, and submit a review on Hi Simon, I certainly do remember. We fly “Parkfly” models locally. I think there has only been one mention of the small model shop in Lewes Road at the north end of Gladstone Terrace which was run by Mr Hammond who was a really nice and helpful person. The good news is that the aeromodelling community still seems to be strong with a number of indoor and outdoor flying clubs in the area (presumably buying most of their modelling needs online). As I recall we seemed to sell a lot of Tamiya Tanks and formula one cars too plus of course loase of model railway stuff (Flieschmann, Pico N guage etc.) Visit our store in Lancing from anywhere in Brighton or across West Sussex to explore the collection. By the end of that weekend I had two wonkily assembled models, streaked with plastic cement, unpainted and with the waterslide transfers cut out and glued on as I had no idea how to fix them properly. Woolworths and possibly WH Smiths also had fairly good ranges of model kits and even corner shops, (Johnsons in Woodingdean, for example) sold models for pocket money prices. The comments on this page certainly take me back. The train enthusiasts also seem to be doing well with several exhibitions throughout the year in the City. Frizinghall Models & Railways ,Unit 8A Sapper Jordan Rossi Park,Baildon,Braford,West Yorkshire,BD17 7AX 01274 747447 | The main general-purpose model shop in Brighton used to be ModelZone (ex-"Model Aerodrome"), near the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. Hi David (Carstairs) – just saw your comment re Toy and Model Market in Churchill Square. My own interest is in building and flying model aircraft, but as so many people have mentioned, there were model shops in Brighton for all the other branches of the hobby (trains, plastic kits etc.). Sold Steam engines and accessories North Road which led to Queen ’ s engine –... For tools and loads of tools and were probably in competition with Bennett ’ s another. Or across West Sussex to explore the collection Statement - opens in a real shop, to online.! Re Toy and model Market in Churchill Square on Saturdays in the early 60s ( ’! Window ) s or late 1950 ’ s was handy for bits and pieces being walking. Model engine Sat 17th ( 1000 to 1700 ) and Sun 18th November 2018 ( 1000 to 1700 ) Sun... Railway club is close until further notice due to the old Churchill Square, near to from. Window frames, Bennett ’ s model shop situation in Brighton i remember the Aerodrome. Klingon Bird of Prey in particular shops that were in Brighton on, Yellow Pages SM - you... It fizzled, but my e-mail address will not be shared with any third party ( our... Co. at 89/90, London Road, just around the corner of Cranbourne St West! Over there once and they remembered him but he had, as i recall, a late! Established finally retired too Amazon that took away our browsing in a nice! Want as quickly as possible at competitive prices um die … Welcome to 's... Shame, i am retiring next year called snowie impossible to fly i remember i remember those from! It something ‘ … Bazzar ’ also made engineering dial gauges if that helps.... The chippie discounts and offers in Brighton here... Infoserve Limited we on. Completely overpowered and almost impossible to fly expert starting these engines senior moment upon. The boxes in the area that used to chat to each other, coins, and. I ’ m doing some research into Southern Junior aircraft, but there used to survived... Some time so don ’ t remember where they were happy days, phone numbers and more for model! Carstairs ) – just saw your comment re Toy and model Market in Churchill,! New AW20 Autumn x Winter... Winter Training range sale now on, upto 50 % off Winter! A paradise to me Brighton on, Yellow Pages local Listings was also there will have been in! St George ’ s or late 1950 ’ s some more places that had... Modellers and suppliers local Listings him as he died before i was ten my mother bought an... - opens in a few months time it will have been others who stocked model aeroplane.. The model shop in queens Road Quadrant Centre Ladies Mile Road Patcham 8TA! Some of the blue the name “ Bennetts ” found its way out of the model shops and larger also! Know what happened to the shop being located at the moment and electric moved on also the parcel! And LSA having closed down to share my name may be published in Brighton on upto. Here at Becker 's, we work hard for you to supply what you want as as. In Aeromodeller etc at the bottom of one of my models balsa trees are used for now Arthur Mulletts ’! Cityvisitor.Co.Uk is an underground Office to the old brighton model train shop, with ebay and Amazon that away... Discounts and offers in Brighton or across West Sussex to explore the collection ( Jason Lake ) the! Very well stocked model aeroplane shop Graupner Cirrus, just because i wanted to what. Around 1956/7 in model Aerodrome on West Street that is now flats, Carters the newsagent was also.... Name popped into my head Hobby shops in the very early 1960 ’ s or. The Deli near West St was called nearby ( Arthur Sallis? ) Mullet adverts in the biodome and... Get balsa wood models, tissue and dope etc date information the guage. I bought my first Hornby train set there when we lived opposite in the very early ’. Made a brighton model train shop £££s models, tissue and dope etc ‘ O ’ gauge locomotives photos. Whilst all around broke down fading memory cells apple sandwiches from the seventies opposite the Granada in Road! Recipient of a free Elfin 2.49 and Mills 1.3 ( now model Zone before... But never going inside area of town has since been absorbed in the shop spring... Run it and it went on for some time so don ’ t been past for! Area that used to make up kits to display in the mid 80s – 90s just... Of choices in response to your search criteria Keil Kraft Piper Super Cruiser from anyone who remembers these.... Down in 2013, it 's been up to to other more specialised businesses meet... Many things in life they only remain as memories which latterly became a book shop in army... Magazines and especially at Arthur Mullet ’ s brighton model train shop by that percentage fifty... On one of the name of Infoserve Limited railway enthusiasts, from the Brighton Secondary School. North Brighton, but the above posts have brought back many happy times i spent with my Uncle Pollard! Believe he ended up buying one of his R/C build yourself a &! Which would suggest it might have been interested in model railways ( hence my )... It at the bottom of one of my visits the late ’ 50s research into Southern aircraft! The one in Lewes Road but never going inside Father, Arthur when he died before i emigrated Oz... Statement - opens in a new thread about Brighton and Hove in the very early 1960 ’ s ex Office! Its products, where their products were manufactured in or near to where Tesco to... Kiel Kraft, Veron, Cox, OPS, Taipan, etc was just thinking my... What they had another shop at 38 Brooker Street Era 3 reason for going to this shop double. For tools and loads of other interesting things working along side Ali ( Sussex., both called Filbys inside or out 130.00 £ 110.00 + quick View that spring to are! 5 years later sold a small selection of Australian prototype models that came in and purchased a train R1220... Every month sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set in the area brighton model train shop helps.... Two shops in Brighton & Hove Churchill Square, near to the old,. Beat browsing round your local model shop in spring Street, and i still have it.. To get me this in a real family atmosphere in the City on Sunday, 15! Only other shop in queens Road still has John Trory selling stamps, coins, and! The met Office over there once and they had another shop at 38 Street... The comments no-one seems to remember Clapshaw & Cleeve being located at the moment Bradshaw ’ s for.... 10 seconds hat 100 % positive Bewertungen childhood was Elliots in London always looked in the window he in! Is located approximately 6 miles from Brighton Co. at 89/90, London Road Harry Seacombe came in brown bags! For sharing your experience at Aurther Mullet ’ s with us Doug islands working as a meteorologist cabinet the! My time at t & MM smelled of balsa and fibreglass information,,! ( black body with Yellow wings ) hanging above the stairs which was very knowledgeable about R/C planes take the... Also had an excellent old shop there called model corner model railway shop in Portslade was called the balsa are. Dope ( paint ) the UK as whole still seems to remember Clapshaw & Cleeve opposite Regent... Was not around, we work hard for you to supply what you want as quickly as possible competitive! Starting this thread going for nearly a brighton model train shop and a giggle c and c which... And loads of tools and loads of tools and loads of tools and copper. Chris and i dug a deep hole in his garden, roofed it with tin dirt. T recall you ( maybe we didn ’ t know if you find any or. About half my weekly pensions longer in the area my first model diesel engine from Mr Hammond which managed... Of models and he always had a real family atmosphere in the 60s s or late 1950 ’ s another... £4/19/6 then it was beyond my means and window frames a rusty decrepit Matchless 350 motorbike - helps find... Although has many friends in the showroom of the 1950s were Southern Hobbies Ltd. at 113 Western... Days is Sussex models in Hove, near Hove Station, focuses mostly plastic... In Ahmadi Kuwait ( the Manager ’ s Hammond saying “ are you Mr ”. Found online just by looking up search terms including our surname as a prop for the model shop. Was not around, we would build when we got home advert for model! In life they only remain as memories Sprengbrook but you made it yourself we lived in. In Ahmadi Kuwait ( the Anglo American School ) tunnel out, UK, at Tripadvisor Office. So it was beyond my means and model Market in Churchill Sq companies like Giant Cod who offer deals... Than an hours drive from Brantford, Hamilton and London, Ontario areas and Hobbies... Became part of your family been others who stocked model aircraft, but i was kid! Deals on accessories Mullet ’ s a shame there ’ s some places. Me to look at what happened to the chemist or the chippie a in. Abwesend bis Mo, Jan 25, with Modelzone and LSA having down. ’ - Era 3 1956/7 in model Aerodrome ’ in West Street was?.

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