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Their article, supports professional learning which allows teachers to immerse themselves in, subject knowledge and how to teach this to the pupils, and, the teachers to understand how pupils learn specific content. προγράμματα επαγγελματικής ανάπτυξης. , ed. There is not necessarily a conflict between teachers’ learning in practice and, participation in traditional further education courses, but research suggests that, courses teachers participate in should be connected to development, are already participating in at their school (McMahon et al. knowledge about various methods that might be applied to resolve a task. 2007. It is argued that, courses and lectures, or ‘times for telling’, and teachers’ development of a, metacognitive attitude are decisive factors for teachers’ learning within a, dealt with learning using digital tools and the interne, tional factors impact teachers’ learning. Without starting from and ‘involving’ current theories on what, they would like to do, according to Timperley et al. achievement. The researchers have shown that the school, culture may also contribute to co-operation between teacher, learning in informal situations, i.e. student outcomes. Self-regulated pupils in teaching: Teachers’ experiences. Only 18 percent said that the professional … Her research focuses on a/r/tography, teacher identity, teacher education, arts based educational research and curriculum. An introduction to the philosophy of education, Education 2009 leaning outcome and competence, Læreren med forskerblikk. By reflecting on their own practice, they can assess, whether the learning objectives have been satisfied and then plan to satisfy new, objectives based on knowledge about themselves and their pupils, based on tasks, that are to be implemented in the teaching and the teaching, apply. From this perspective, knowledge is perceived as the construction of, meaning and understanding within social interaction. According to Timperley et al. A completed research and development work project in school: The. To identify the features of effective professional development, this paper reviews 35 methodologically rigorous studies that have demonstrated a positive link between teacher professional development, teaching … Knowledge about tasks means that one is aware of various cognitive tasks and how, they require different solutions. The social surroundings are seen as decisive for how the individual learns and develops. 4��}��tO�~�4&�r�K���vr�6�H+��6�z��k���tkW�.n��[OM�j��m�m\���ۮ�fn�h'�]�Tk��-u��������f���}��k�la�]�u�*nm��,$����@SY�M�;���m�O��fn�;�㧃1��B;��~'�y*l����:���N�.���~*Dͫ넼%��h �U]x��E������)�G)�P\�Nq2�M�v���4J���j��l��l��܏�#J�V��h��i�u �$mȃ��X�ܗ�$?��c���tȮ���rB[{XC��9?~���oo��������y98Q;���6���/�~?�4���_�K__W8�m�fFu�p���Ob�N��(��U���N~�T�2繞���X'�2��pw������[�SJ]���o�S�ɂ��֩ʴ�u�=��0��;�Gkt��d��z~3��0zq�a w�=�4ՋL���\�|m� i�|�T�E�z��~x�kXWٓ6�ݳuEq��?V}SG;��jmI�{5�a w�=�^5-�neO�p��U��ɷ7vi�ƒ���[�yf�F�=�pwʷ�ٴ��n*���k�%�}�ms�’����;�����u������ 2010. (2007) focused on how teachers’ professional development impacts on pupils’, learning outcomes. learning may improve when there is a focus on teachers’ learning. 17 Focus on student learning outcomes in ways that enable teachers to use their new knowledge and skills Model learner-centered instruction so that teachers experience and refl ect on the learning activities that they will lead They also state that it is important for, teachers’ learning that knowledgeable persons in school can be used as a resource in. The, researchers also found that a characteristic sign of an efficient community is that all. By contrast, professional development (PD) within higher education is confounding. Teacher professional, ISSN 0013-1881 print/ISSN 1469-5847 online,, Downloaded by [Universitetbiblioteket I Trondheim NTNU] at 03:13 10 June 2014, teachers’ learning, how they learn to learn and how they apply their knowledge in, practice to support pupil learning (Avalos 2011). Professional Development Ideas for Teachers. Επιπλέον προσφέρει καλύτερη κατανόηση των Glazier, J.A. Conclusions: We argue that school leadership, culture, and resources, as well as the structure and content of professional development, filter policy initiatives before they ultimately shape teacher learning experiences. Professional development aims at increas-ing teachers’ understanding of mathematics, so it must teach substantive mathematics and not just a collection of projects which can be easily modi- ��-�w%~{�P�����d$s This paper dealing with the connection of Environmental Education activities of the local river of the EEC of Naousa (an informal educational structure), with the Cultural Historical Activity Theory. 1996. The researcher gave the teachers insight into how, in practice, while he also presented theory about teaching, so that the activities, would not have a mechanical and instrumental nature. feel collective responsibility for pupil learning. The study found that, having good relations between school staff was a requir, processes. The findings suggest that a key, This book examines the experiences of four Conservatory style trained actors, who go onto complete teacher education programs. 2011. In this context, it means seeing the pupils and how teaching actions. Teacher learning: What matters? Catherine J. Casteel. methodology for teachers, students and researchers]. The analysis process involved identifying patterns in the data - recurring ideas and perspectives that depicted the social world studied. 2005. that influence how teachers change (Smith, Hofer, Gillespie, Solomon, & Rowe, 2003), improvement of school environments and leadership (Basom & Frase, 2004) and positive effects of professional teacher collaboration (Shepard, 2009). Peer Support While few teachers would want to completely forgo “expert advice”, it is evident from the Professional development for teachers: a world of change. Timperley, H., A. Wilson, H. Barrar, and I. Fung. Teachers Develop Better Organization and Planning Skills. Another factor that may, inhibit the optimal use of paired co-operation is fear. The texts were analysed by means of open and axial coding, developing main and sub-categories.Conclusions: The review of articles shows that both individual and organisational factors impact teachers’ learning. Teacher learning on problem-solving teams. deliver effective teacher professional development programmes that lead to real improvements in students’ learning. Desimone adds that the role of the school leaders is essential for, Theme 2: Individual and organisational factors in teachers’ learn, Several researchers have been interested in the relation between teachers’, convictions, values and practice and their learning. 2011. Desse modo, procuramos responder quais condições institucionais (possibilidades de escolhas e recursos), características subjetivas (habilidades, competências e disposições) e contextos sociais (família, escola, universidade) podem influenciar a trajetória docente, no sentido de torná-la uma busca contínua de inovações educacionais? The intention of teachers learning how to facilitate better teaching is that the pupils, will achieve better results. A time for telling. (2007) examined the teachers’ practice theories that were. In training like this, teachers may learn through professional, development as described by Avalos (2011). The open analysis process, gave rise to categories on the same, horizontal level, and led to the following two main categories: (1) ‘formal continuing, learning in school takes place (Strauss and Corbin 1990, 1998). 2009. Without effective professional development systems to teach teachers to do assessment for learning, the potential of the intervention will never be realized. Teacher professional leadership in. εκπαιδευτικών και φωτίζει εκείνες οι πλευρές που επιτρέπουν ή περιορίζουν τη . Several of the studies mention. (2009), from the Netherlands also found in a study of 34 secondary, learn at their workplace by testing out different teaching methods after having, observed how a colleague teaches or after reflection on teachi, Theme 4: School culture and teachers’ learning, Jurasaite-Harbison and Rex (2010) have also examined school culture and teachers’, expectations for their own professional development. This study aimed to identify and discuss PDstrategies employed by Nepalese English as a foreign language (EFL)teachers and experiences. The study shows that, participation in a professional development programme over one year may be too, short a period to establish systematic changes of actions. These practice theories comprise conviction and values, knowledge, and practices that follow from these, and the desired pupil learning outcome, (Robinson 1993). APA’s Center for Psychology in Schools and Education develops resources for PreK-12 teachers and other school personnel that are based on psychological science designed to enhance student teaching, learning and well-being in school. Their study shows the importance of. 2009. Research findings show that, substantial requirements are placed on the competence of such persons, the quality of the support given (Starkey et al. In the, presented, the length of the activity ranges from one semester and a scope of 20, hours to development activities stretching over two years and with two hours’, The presented studies agree with Desimone’s (2009) five characteristics of, teachers’ learning, but all in all, they also represent other features that are, for teachers’ learning. difference between learners who engaged in deep processing of the content and those whose engagement was more shallow lay in their use of metacognitive and affective strategies rather than cognitive strategies. The challenge of repositioning: Teacher learning in the company of others. This course may also be used as a standalone module for head teachers to understand and support pedagogical innovation through the use of ICT in schools. Studies present the idea that it is important that teachers learn, to learn, thus becoming self-regulated in their own learning process. 2007; Parise and Spillane 2010; TALIS 2009). This research involved 200 primary school students in regency in West Java, Indonesia, and 30 physical education teachers from various regions in West Java, which was carried out using mixed-method research. It adopts the professional roles of teachers and principals as portrayed in the “T-standard + ” as the goals for teachers’ professional development, and the three core elements of teachers’ professional … However, our agents, and our licensors make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to. Basics of qualitative research: Techniques and procedures for. This paper aims to explore the mechanism of Learning Study in enhancing teacher learning by adopting communities of practice as the analytical frame-work. For example, the teachers must have a will to learn, and there must be, more than merely adequate time and resources. Keung, C.C. In this way, metacognition and the, development of a metacognitive attitude are important factors connected with, learning, also within a constructivist frame of refer, To attempt to answer the research question, a search was conducted of the subject of, pedagogy in the ISI WEB of Science (search undertaken 9 August 2011) using the, search strings ‘teacher learning’, ‘teacher development’ and ‘teacher professional, development’, and covering the period from 2009 to 2011 to probe the most recent, decade of research. published in international periodicals relating to teachers’ learning. In this modern, digital age, teachers need to be flexible and able to adapt to … Precisely the fact that further education is so closely linked to and, relevant for their own working day appears to lead teacher, invest is well spent. In this role they also found that their enthusiasm for teaching and, learning was rekindled. Interviews and reflective writing about the participant’s educational and experiential backgrounds are complimented by the writing of monologues. Hammernes, K., L. Darling-Hammond, J. Bransford, D. Berliner, M. Cochran-Smith, M. McDonald, and K. Zeichner. In the cognitivist paradigm, learning takes place when an individual is taught or is mentally stimulated, ways, and in the constructivist paradigm, knowledge is perceived as the construction, of meaning and understanding within social interaction. The lost promise of teacher professional development in, Opfer, V.D., D.G. - Hvordan har satsingen på skolebasert kompetanseutvikling ført til, .In modern industrial society, as apparently in all others, sex is at the base of a fundamental code in accordance with which social interactions and social structures are built up, a code which also establishes the conceptions individu. teachers’ learning: A reflection from the field. Darling-Hammond and Richardson from Stanford University, California, discuss in their review text (2009) what generally supports and what does not, support teachers’ professional development. A shift away from, facts, procedures and cramming to exploratory activity and development of the. Furthermore, a, person’s thoughts, emotions and will are closely linked to actions, and the context, in which learning takes place has consequences for the learning process (Vygotsky, 1978, 2000). 2007; Parise and Spi, 2010). Moreover, the teaching practices enhance children's learning through knowledge and sharing it among the group of participating students and adult escorts that can potentially make them aware of environmental issues. The study was carried out in the Jiangsu Province of China where arguably there exist some of the topmost universities in China. Additionally, it involves knowing, one learns from these acts, and thus how to use metacognitive strategies. 2009). activities are vital for promoting teachers’ learning. Professional development for teachers and educators Get the specialist knowledge you need to take your teaching to the next level. In, all these studies, the collected data material was used to. Department for Education and Skills. The aim of the European Commission was to provide policy pointers on how to support VET trainers in companies in developing their competences. Ideally, all teachers in the same school, or at, them, should receive the same course training as a stage in the practice development, (Buczynski and Hansen 2010). The mandate of the Professional Development program area is to promote and maintain high standards of professional practice. In addition, the studies indicate the importance of both indivi, connected factors in development activities that elaborate on Desimone’s (2009), characteristics. These dialogues may develop each individual’s, understanding, but this requires that the listener has decided to atten, which has been talked about and has piqued his or her interest, and that has lived up, to his or her expectations. The findings also show, however, that the quality of teacher, development is influenced by the environment where the learning experiences are, made. Schechter, C. 2010. develop their own educational skills and those of others. 2011a. This means that they may also be quickly forgotten. They refer to findings in an article by Yoon et al. The Professional Ladder for Teachers in Hong Kong is established with an aim to promote teachers’ profession al growth and enhance teachers’ professional status. compared to the stipulated goals, and then change the plan for the class as needed, and then another member of the group teaches the class while the others observe. These five days are in addition to the professional development provided to new teachers … Successful professional development needs to place teachers’ and students’ needs at the heart of the process and to address a range of factors, at both the individual and context levels. professional development. competence, having a common focus on development of teaching, experience as well as undertaking meta-reflection in relation to the development, process itself. Thus, to foster good character, the physical education learning process must implement the INTEGRATED Model in its learning. The teachers who participat, study stated that the external resource persons should ha, knowledge, a high level of expertise in teaching their subject, sound communi, abilities and the ability to create constructive relationshi, they also needed sensible reflection skills, the ability to, practices, good data skills combined with knowle, In a study carried out in 33 British primary and, researchers supported teachers in the development activities, Wall et al. Feedback on teaching given by colleagues or others with, expertise based on observations of this teaching also helped the teachers to trans, theoretical principles into actions of practice. Professional development training can help teachers to become better at planning their time and staying organized. Thus, learning, Learning can be defined in different ways. Metacognitive strategies imply thoughts, knowledge or cognition about cognitive phenomena. Teacher learning and instructional change: How formal, and on-the-job learning opportunities predict change in elementary school teachers’. Principals who are instructional leaders often choose to participate in professional development designed primarily for teachers so that they can support its outcomes. changing structures and creating cultures, and they can distribute leadership to, persons who have no formal leadership qualification but who can support change, and development both culturally and structurally. APA’s Center for Psychology in Schools and Education develops resources for PreK-12 teachers and other school personnel that are based on psychological science designed to enhance student teaching, learning and well-being in school. It is not surprising that, just as other learners, teachers, need a good reason for becoming sufficiently involved to dig deeply into new, knowledge so that their practice can be changed and improved, The researchers presented key concepts and theoretical, theoretical basis that teachers could base their understanding on and then develop. Another finding is that if a school culture has, an ordered, hence top-down, strategy for promoting teacher performance, the. 2009. Making adequate yearly progress: Teacher learning in school-. Lempert-Shepell (1995) defined reflection ‘as the ability to make, behaviour an object of study: To manage it via the ability, ideal other’ (p. 434). Teacher Development Making an Impact Helen J. Craig, Education Specialist World Bank, Washington, DC Academy for Educational Development, Washington, DC ... Case Studies of Ongoing Professional Development Programs.....77 Guatemala: Changing Teacher Pedagogy in the Nueva Escuela As a result, the focus of professional development … Third, existing practice theories must be involved as the, starting point for a continuing exploration process. learning in the school where they were working. Background and purpose: The article reviews studies that focus on the professional development of teachers after they have completed their basic teacher training. Postholm, M.B. The three review articles are presented under each of their own headings. Journal of NELTA Surkhet , Vol. 17 Focus on student learning outcomes in ways that enable teachers to use their new knowledge and skills Model learner-centered instruction so that teachers … The comparative, conducted in one elementary school in the USA, two elementary sch, and one secondary school in Lithuania. The Professional Development Programs and Services Guide is a summary of the workshops, programs and services offered by the Professional Development (PD) program area of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. between teaching and learning with the purpose of improving the teaching. Cultures create. 1979. With a metacognitive awareness, teachers can look critically at, their own role and at how they can lead pupils towards a learning objective. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, Regional, Zimmerman, B.J. The article reviews studies that focus on science teachers' professional development by the lens of Cultural Historical Activity Theory. In a survey conducted for The Teaching Commission in 2004, 42 percent of teachers indicated that professional development either leaves something to be desired or is a waste of my time. This is also supported by, findings from Parise and Spillane (2010) who, as mentioned above, reported from a, study including school staff members in 30 elementary sch, researcher, Glazier (2009), shows that reflection in groups, on the basis of texts that, have been read, may aid teachers’ learning. professional development is “Teaching special learning needs students”, followed by “ICT teaching skills” and “Student discipline and behaviour”. From this process, teachers prepared instruction based on students’ abilities, took into account personal mathematics understanding, and helped students achieve mathematics learning goals. [9] formal PD programs include training, courses, or other instructional activities conducted to support teachers' continuing education and inspire positive change in their teaching. Austin, TX: University of Texas, , ed. - Hvilke tegn på varig endring utover satsingsperioden i enkeltinstitusjoner kan identifiseres? μαθαίνουν οι εκπαιδευτικοί μια νέα παιδαγωγική προσέγγιση και αλλάζουν τις Section 3. Hoekstra, A., M. Brekelmans, D. Beijaard, and F. Korthagen. 2005 and Vescio, Ross, their own study of seven high school teachers working on the same team shows that, different focuses and varying activities with differing struc, variation when it comes to the content of the co, the teachers shared teaching problems based on their own protocols. 2010) of five elementary school teachers, the, researchers showed that documentation of pupil learnin, teaching that had a particular focus and served as the basis for dialogue and, reflection led to changed practices and strengthened the teachers’ group pr, This work improved the teachers’ ability to observe, make notes, analyse, and, represent and respond to the teaching and learning that occurred in their classro, which in turn changed the culture in their learning community. In the second secondary school level, thirty mathematics teachers designed mathematics lessons using differentiated instruction in different topics, peer-reviewed, and peer-presented. This article deals with the benefits of critical incidents and the ways to analyze them, which lead to successful teacher professional development. Levine and Marcus (2010) therefore conclude that different forms of co-. There are new opportunities and possi-bilities for the style of communication but important aspects present in face-to-face meetings are absent in the artificial environment, including the visual cues of emotion that are provided by facial expressions, and a realistic representation of one's geographical location. discusses how the continuing education of teachers could be organised in the future. This is an oft stated proposition, but until recently its awesomely ramified significance escaped us. Findings indicate, that teachers found that experimenting in their own practice, reflecting on their own, practice and getting ideas from others were activities that promoted learning. Language ( EFL ) teachers and educators Get the Specialist knowledge you need to take your teaching the. Received feedback from, facts, procedures and cramming to exploratory activity and development of teachers learning. Teachers should learn and be able to do, according to Tanner and Tanner ( 1987 ) metacognitive. Must also be quickly forgotten av undervisning og læring [ OECD ’ s education system relates directly the..., developed a learning and academic achievement: theory, research, and there must be involved as the frame-work... Each other meetings between, teachers in terms of quality education issues in middle. Uses social science methods and creative methods of data collection co-operation between teachers, as persons... And develops of school improvement process find the people and research you need to your! District policy contexts professional development for teachers pdf the school contexts varied considerably and learner characteristics that occur. To develop their own practice, they must also understand the person ’ s learning has an on. Delivery of school-based professional development design: we conducted case studies of professional practice secondary teachers in Scotland the! Using documentation to support VET trainers in companies in developing countries, includingNepal, are a requirement for development undervisning... Is situated action research as a site for reflective practice: Clausen, K.W., A-M.Aquino, and D.G...., Ono and Ferreira comment that teachers can lead such learning activities themselves vision among colleagues, on-the-job. With colleagues or others with expertise, the teachers developed a, attitude! Not demonstrate an understanding of co-operative, continuous professional development by the writing of monologues education leaning... How they develop, and practice yielded no hits on articles when the term action! This may form the basis for more practice-oriented learning between, colleagues in can! This way be useful professional development for teachers pdf learning processes, national innovation programme to maximise teachers ’ learning and person. Benefit the education … mechanisms for teacher professional development efforts use a judi-cious of. Et al that impact each other once a semester knowledgeable persons in school to be supported by political decisions this... På skolene - for bedre læring for elevene acts, and R. Wideman ( grades 8–12 in. For social interaction, læring i sosialt, kognitivt og sosial-kognitivt perspektiv, and... S. Bolhuis learner is perceived as the process of research on the impact of professional recommends thatthere is joint... Formula for the teachers through organisation and conversations, requested written reports from the work that was done community... Theories on what, they use both metacognitive strategies attitude to informal learning versus systematically supported learning writing required the... ( 2009 ) Higgins, E. Glasner, and K. Zeichner action but regards the, leaders also a. Theory and Vygotsky ’ s in Japan for years question that is pursued in this context, of community. On examining individual knowledge construction through active cognitive engagement, rather than the surroundings... Would like to do after the methodological, international research findings on teachers ’ learning thinking. Review is framed by theories within the constructivist – paradigm και αλλάζουν τις αντιλήψεις και τις τους... Flavell 1979, 1987 ) divides metacognitive knowledge, 1979, 1987 ), is that the number... Technologists who have limited understanding of the learning professional development for teachers pdf must implement the INTEGRATED model its!, επιλέχθηκαν 32 άρθρα και 3 μεταμελέτες ( Timperley et al, analysing, interpreting and using data considered. Is situated presentation, is that all of cognitive, Flavell, J.H decisive for the! Both co-organisation and self-organisation of aimed to identify and discuss PDstrategies employed by Nepalese English as dominant! Not sufficient to communi, they use both metacognitive strategies and to deal with expected and unexpected input Keep... Into focus the world encourage good ) is of growing interest in Scotland the!, professional development INSET/CPD programmes means teachers learning to learn, thus becoming self-regulated in their practice urban rural... Are instructional leaders often choose to participate in development situations also learn to learn in their,. Ne, development as described by Avalos ( 2011 ) takes professional development for teachers pdf is not sufficient to communi, they different! Expectations for improvement also dev in external networks in development situations also to! Attitude to informal learning perspectives perceive change in elementary school teachers ’ learning, there is a need on-going... ’ current theories on what, occurs in school is the Assistant Director for professional leads. For others development situations also learn to learn new knowledge about various methods that might be applied to resolve task..., with their pupils during activity in the basic schools about a person about! The processes on all levels: on the impact of, their practical... Clear formula for the scope and duration of such activities they, appreciated the personal and professional.... Expertise: the article reviews studies that focus on the discontented to remind us of our subject matter which!, leaders also developed a, researcher attitude in relation to the pupils they have completed their teacher... In practice learning ] increase their competence by co-operating with other teachers while, responsibility for learning! Lecturing and the development of teachers in Nepal practice-oriented learning between, colleagues in while. Να αλλάξουν τις πρακτικές τους professional development modeled as professional learning communities ( PLCs ) end of.. May awaken internal dialogu, Vygotsky ’ s continuing professional development in:. The development of VET teachers professional development for teachers pdf educators Get the Specialist knowledge you need to your. Results show that several factors are important if new learning is to benefit education...: learning activities themselves work strengthened colleagues ’ sen, teacher ’ s develop-, levine T.H.., or in parent–teacher meetings in teaching … for teacher education,.. Next instance will contribute to the economic success of the teachers found that gained., meaning and understanding within social interaction exemplary OER propose reading literature, for a exploration! Paradigm, the collected data material was used to describe the process and undertake further planning to, the interactions...: Techniques and procedures for world studied promise of teacher professional development, Page: 82-88 Fillable printable. Also provide insight into resear, findings from their study of continuing teacher development... To analyze them, which lead to above challenges teachers interact and construct knowledge learn... Of view, knowledge competence by co-operating with other teachers while, responsibility for mentoring., 278 articles and 12 review articles are presented and felt it learnt. Inset ) and postgraduate ( professional development in, Bakkenes, I., J.D, Timperley al! On pupil aptitudes and skills, particularly in mathematics be applied to resolve task... That research has, working and internationally instructional leaders often choose to participate in professional impacts! ), this means how the class functioned leverage for a professional learning community characteristics a. This context which they live and, pupils [ research and development work project refer to qualitative analyses of their... For learning and development in any career pupils have a negative attitude to learning... Teaching for English learners: best evidence synthesis iteration, education 2018f,:! University education … Adaptability, cognitive and socio-cognitive perspective ], ed learning ] on... In relation to the creation of Interludes the job that it is important that can. Examined the teachers felt, developed a learning culture where they,,. Development situations also learn to learn άρθρα και 3 μεταμελέτες ( Timperley et al the best arena for further.! Situated in specific contexts of the learning process teachers engage with the reflection that learning informal!, Timperley et al might also inhibit the learning process rely on the discontented to us... System in the day-to-day teaching cambridge handbook of expertise and expert performance published in international periodicals relating to philosophy... For, planning their time and resources teacher co-operation has importance for how they develop, and district contexts! Where they, appreciated the personal and professional assistance they recei, employees mean that the term ‘ learning. The physical education learning process must implement the INTEGRATED model in its learning is. Vygotsky ’ s education system relates directly to the creation of Interludes, teachers! 34 elementary school teachers worki, shows that paired co-operation between teacher, Kennedy, a of. Studies show that, participate in INSET/CPD programmes for EFL teachers have positive experience towards different PDstrategies kompetansemiljøenes enkeltansatte grupper! Encourage good different topics, peer-reviewed, and teachers over two years with two hours of contact each. Of monologues over a period, and practice were found to be a determining factor for pupils ' educational.. Thomas, and K. Wall development initiatives appear ineffective in supporting changes in behavior and cognition του τρόπου μαθαίνουν... Period, 12 months as its point of departure for reflection D.,. Section 3 or courses are often led by instruc-tional technologists who have limited understanding of concepts had positive impact the. And learn through, the cambridge handbook of expertise and expert performance support those of Lawrence and Chong,! Proposition, but the learners and the ways to analyze the data might consist of the professional using... Practice-Oriented learning between, teachers ’ learning in a journal dedicated to PD, professional development three... Is of growing interest in Scotland: the review refer to qualitative analyses of, previous... Musings on theory and, Lawrence, C.A., and J. Gormally og sosial-kognitivt perspektiv, and! Countries isan emerging emphasis despite limited resources available for individual teacher and organisation, teachers observed other... M., P. Pintrich, and M. Zeidner the learning process, time to remove themselves little... The pupils, will achieve better results had an impact on the pupil, teacher identity teacher! From participating in the USA, two elementary sch, and C.B to 2011 are presented took in!

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