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Whether we call him Horus, or Christ or Krishna his holy message of light, laughter and joy is universal. See our Terms & Conditions for more information. Regretfully, you will soon learn that most men shun the light like so many vampires hiding in their coffins as soon as the sun comes out. Most seekers after Occult Knowledge and Truth would not regard the Bible as an occult book. Here is a short list of esoteric books, broken down into general levels of complexity. New paperback edition 286pp, Quest Books, USA 1993. Most initiatory traditions have been around for centuries and involve some of the greatest secrets of spiritual training. But if the opportunity to plant a seed in their barren soils presents itself, you should do so. We review and recommend three books for the serious student of Astrology. Brian Copenhaver does an excellent job in compiling the Corpus Hermeticus in such a way that it follows one book/letter to the next, making it easier to understand the teachings of Hermes Trismegustus. Nor has there been a better time to snap it up with secondhand copies available for as little as £1.00! If this happens it often means that there exists a special link between you and the thoughts and teachings of the author; and it is always wise to follow up such intuitions. And although you should always protect the fellow traveller lower than yourself on the ladder to the Light, you must at all times guard against being preached at or dictated to by them. As secondhand copies of the 1978 softcover edition (shown at right) are readily available in the UK and USA from just £1.00 there has never been a better time to add this book to your occult library. It is a more linear (rather than abstract) approach to Qabalah. Read an abstract adapted from the Introduction to the book. It needs no 'occult powers' nor special training to do so. It is impossible in a short review such as this to do justice to the wealth of real occult facts and information packed into this little book, but the following are some of the many subjects covered: false masters; why asceticism does not lead to illumination; how to distinguish false teachers from genuine ones; willpower; alchemy; true faith versus mere optimism; karma and destiny; magic; reincarnation; sensible spiritual meditation; mental transformation; the higher and lower selves; black magic in modern science (this will be an eye-opener for many); the importance of simplicity; real, effective prayer; and how to make oneself ready for the True Teacher. Dealing With Overwhelm, When There’s Too Much To Do, Introduction to Chakras and How to Cleanse Your Chakras. We do not recommend the Kindle and other electronic editions sold by Amazon as these often suffer from defects and imperfections that make such ebooks virtually unreadable. We first read John Anthony West's groundbreaking reinterpretation of the science and civilisation of Egypt more than 30 years ago and were deeply impressed by it. The book begins with a dissertation upon the seven principles of man as they were known in ancient Egypt, explaining how they enter into the body at birth, what happens to them at death, and the manner in which they are connected. Jul 31, 2020 - This collection consists of 18 Deep Esoteric Digital Books. Price second-hand from £50.00. This is also a very deep understanding of Qabalah. You can find a series of short extracts from In Tune with the Infinite in the afterword to our article on the law of attraction. 1st UK Edition, Wildwood House, London 1979. . Those who were prepared for it, those who deserved it. This book explains the nature of archetypes, which are fundamental in all higher Shamanic and Celestial work. . The ill-advised followers of these self-appointed teachers, swallow wholesale the most absurd propositions put forward by these coolies of the Occult; these poachers on Spiritual grounds. I’m speaking of initiates, whether it is an initiate of the Golden Dawn tradition, Shamanic tradition, Toltec, Buddhist, etc. The work is so valuable, and filled with energy, that I recommend it, and ask people to overlook the outdated views in the forward. It is also wrong to foist your beliefs on others who may be at a different stage on the Path than yourself; or who may simply be going by a different route. Understandably, she draws heavily on the books of E. A. Wallis Budge, now sadly out of favour among Egyptologists for reasons of political correctness rather than scholarship in which he vastly exceeded all his modern contemporaries put together. and the list goes on. Let us take just one familiar verse from the Bible and compare the ways in which the two versions of the book interpret it. Raul Rosiles recently posted..New Video Interview of Raul by Mia Saenz, Don’t Forget Gaskell’s Scripture of Dictionary and Myth, For two years I have been having conversations with “I AM’ and, “I am Mary” and have edited these into a 300 page book. Simplified Qabala Magic* For this reason we suggest that if you know little or nothing about the occult sciences, you start off by reading the following three articles we have published: Then, if you wish to learn more, The Secret Teachings of All Ages is a readable and comprehensive introduction to the occult sciences for those who know little or nothing about them. FAIRIES & NATURE SPIRITS. The … If you are ready for it. He claims he was not writing metaphor, but I think his point was just take the world he wrote as valid as a story, John Temple is not alone in regarding the Bible as belonging to a special category of literature, sometimes called sacred texts. These lineages have the ability to convey power and authority for the purpose of your transformation. Softcover, 85pps.ISBN 0850302773. "The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals — a vain and foolish thing. Since it is only possible for us to understand something up to our own level, how would we know if we were foisting ourselves and our beliefs on those who have far surpassed us in knowledge and Wisdom? Classic Hermetic books that should be in every occult student's library. Each Zodiacal constellation and sign corresponds to one of these stages as well as to certain principles in man, especially to the Higher and lower self and their conjoint evolution. We could wallow in our smooth sinfulness without effort or care, until we turned into elemental dust and blew away. Our invariable answer is that the 'best' books are those that teach us the most. The Hieroglyphic Transcript of the Papyrus of Ani, the translation into English … Copiously illustrated with monochrome plates throughout. The spirit of the Upanishads can be compared with that of the New Testament summed up in the words 'I and my Father are one' and 'The kingdom of God is within you', the seed of which is found in the words of the Psalms 'I have said: Ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the most High'. As such the book should appeal to serious esoteric astrologers as well as truth-seekers of all kinds who wish to uncover the hidden meaning of the many myths and legends that have been woven around the major stars and constellations. The fact of the matter is that with very few exceptions, the books which are recommended to Occult students are often chaotic in their contents and contradict one another. Both are well worth reading. This is the Way of Service and it is the only Path you can take if you want to reach one of the Masters. ISBN-10: 0-89314-548-3. Cagliostro died while confined in prison; Giordano Bruno was burnt alive; Sendivogius was imprisoned and tortured; Paracelsus and Agrippa were forced to spend their lives as wretched wanderers. If we honor the four agreements, we honor all things. Whilst Information Technology and the Internet have vastly increased the availability of rare and/or out-of-print books, it has also made buying definitive editions very much harder. This is known as the Japanese businessmen’s bible. Each is right from their own particular point of view, and this point of view is the determining factor in the life of each. We hear the same truths from the immortal lips of inspired teachers like Jesus, Buddha and Krishna. Esoteric knowledge refers to the inner, spiritual meaning that lies behind all forms and actions, and therefore it is correct to say that spiritual science symbolism is called esoteric. Blavatsky's books are essential reading if you wish to learn the Ancient Wisdom. Lately this knowledge became openly available to anyone, the secret is not secret anymore. There would be no need to learn anything at all and we could sit around in our recliners, like the dross of hell, moaning and griping about everything and everyone. This teaching is as old as man and the very essence of true occult science. And throughout the tapestry runs From shop AWitchesBookShelf. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces." From the first Arabian investigations in the 8th century, to the latest theories and explanations, this book relates the complete history of the exploration of the Great Pyramid. See note at end. These alone make this little book well worth studying. These are: The Kabbalah: its Doctrines, Development, and Literature by Christian David Ginsburg, published by G Routledge & Sons, London, 1920 and The Kabbalah or the Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews by Adolphe Franck (translated by I. Sossnitz) 1926. Even if we are not initiates, this strange little book can be of immense value to the thinking seeker, shedding light on many a mystery, both in his inner as well as his outer life, and this is the principal reason we heartily recommend it. We could then carry on as our usual intolerant, greedy and unrespectable selves, and have the Masters die on an assortment of crosses on our behalf—pay the consequences for us, so to speak. For this reason alone, we highly recommend this unusual little book to the beginner in occult studies, as well as those who are well advanced upon the path to the Light. We agree with him. If the All is imagined as a triangle, the apex might be imagined as God transcendent, who in his expansion creates matter out of Himself—not out of nothing as science believes—and thus becomes immanent until the end of evolution when the immanent has once again become transcendent in the ascension of evolution towards Him. I do NOT want to self-publish. This is one of the reasons why the Wise keep silent as to who, what and where they are—and maybe—to a lesser extent, so should you. Yet some truth is better than none. Several chapters in the book will be of great interest to occult students, not least those which explore the many astronomical, astrological and mystical aspects of this mysterious monument, whose primary purpose was a Temple of Initiation into the ancient Mysteries, as many of our readers will know. You can read about the hidden meaning of the resurrection in our article about the esoteric meaning of Easter. This latter book is available to read online in HTML format at the Internet Sacred Text Archive. by Will Parfett. For the joy of good arising from it. This duality, contradiction and subtlety is entirely lost in the NIV. Fortunately, an excellent e-text is now available at Sacred Texts which is freely available for all to read online. Although a new edition was issued in 1981 by HarperCollins, this too is now scarce and expensive. This is perhaps the most advanced of the intermediate books, as Will Parfett is excellent at explaining the nature of Kabbalah, but does it in a way that is easier to understand. And a powerful cure for insomnia. ISBN 978-0835606912. Available TO READ & DOWNLOAD HERE IN PDF FORMAT. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." If that is your desire, we suggest that you take up reading tea-leaves or the Tarot! We review this superb compendium of sacred and occult texts on our Links page. This rare book on the metaphysical doctrines, religion and magical practises of ancient Egypt was first published as volume VIII of Collectanea Hermetica (see Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues, reviewed below), in 1896. Esoteric insight can only be gained through experience. Compares to the intro to quantum physics of Qabalah. The word esoteric means inner circle. The Kolbrin contains eleven books. . The one differs from the other as the light from the dark. Price new £7.99.Also available second-hand from as little as £0.01. In their ability to convey both knowledge and light in their writing, they provide a service that truly stands out in supporting your personal transformation. The Key of the Mysteries Many of these are rare and out of print classics, including the major magical grimoires, texts on astrology, tarot, alchemy, psychic phenomena, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Theosophy, Chaos Magic, and much more. NOTE: As we update this page in August 2020 copies of this book are now becoming expensive. The majority seem to prefer personality, fame, and drivellers of ineptitude who reconfirms our preconceived opinions. This answers the question we have often been asked as to why so many of the books we do review were published in the last century or even earlier. Finally, we strongly recommend that you read and study Astral Conversations—a series of articles in which two typical occult students—one a mere beginner—discuss many different subjects and provide plain, no-nonsense answers to them. There is also a paperback edition published by Elibron Classics in 2001, which is a photographic (facsimile) reprint of the 1888 edition, available from, price new £9.99—see direct link below. You have probably come to the realization that there are no listings of Masters and true Teachers in the Yellow Pages. If that's what you're looking for you won't find it here. ", This reminds us of a very good friend of ours, a Mystic and Seer of wide experience and great wisdom, who, when he was asked which of the many thousands of rare occult books in his library he would recommend, he said "None of 'em!!". Parallel to the standard exoteric view of the state (whether of the established church, or of established science), there have long been other esoteric views about mind, spirituality and religion, that have been somewhat different, even radically different. The Training and Work of an Initiate The Book of God, The Book of Enoch and The Book of Fo reviewed and downloadable. Whilst some are well-reproduced, accurate facsimiles of the original editions, many are not. A kind soul did the work of the Master on your behalf and you are now reaping the benefits of that kindly act. According to the Upanishads, the reality of God can only be apprehended in a consciousness of joy that is beyond ordinary consciousness. 4. But the simple in mind and heart will recognise the Truth within its luminous pages. A bit slow for the first 100 pages but then picks up as you follow the life of Zailm as he works his way up the ladder of success. Now the same verse from the KJV: "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." Considered to be the highest level of Qabalah training. Many people confuse the Zodiacal signs with the constellations of the same name, but they are not the same, as this book makes clear. This is the SIMPLE message which Ralph Waldo Trine gave to the world over 100 years ago. OCCULT-MYSTERIES is a not-for-profit, non-commercial venture with no financial or commercial interest in any of the books we review and recommend on this page or elsewhere on our website. In addition, the book contains Qabbalistic accounts of the Creation which should be of interest to every seeker, for it is only by carefully comparing the various accounts to be found in the sacred books of all times that the diligent occult student may arrive at a true conception of the origins of Man and the Universe. The secrets of the universe are hidden (occulted) in parables based on esoteric and occult knowledge; therefore, to access its secrets, you need to know how to decipher parables using esoteric and occult knowledge. 3. Our occult book reviews are listed under the following separate categories: Occult books that do not fall into any specific category. He died in Cambridge in 1987 at the ripe old age of 90, having left the world some of the finest translations of the sacred texts of Hinduism ever written. This is no accident; for the truth is always simple if we are simple enough to recognise it when it is presented to us. 3 This was written in 1883. The Upanishads are to the Vedas what the Qabbalah is to the Jewish Bible. Not just something to decode, and also he didnt want to limit his work to his meanings, but rather that the text would he more alive, and open to the meaning each reader and each generation would bring to it. The Training and Work of an Initiate The service West has rendered to scholars and ordinary readers alike cannot be underestimated. Re-printed by Penguin Classics 2005.ISBN 978-0140441635. The KJV preserves the double meaning of the verse where 'light' is in no wise superior to 'darkness' and one principle can stand for the other, for as we point out in several of our articles our Earthly 'light' is darkness to the greater Light of the Spiritual realms and vice versa. The same is true of most occultists too. It introduces the concept of the philosopher’s stone. Copyright 2012 Avada | All Rights Reserved | Powered by. Born in Majorca of Spanish parents in 1897, Juan Mascaro's own search for Truth began at the tender age of 13 when he studied a book on occultism. Thus when the sage of the Upanishads is pressed for a definition of God, he remains silent, meaning that God is silence. Ralph Waldo Trine presents the eternal Spiritual and material truths of Life in a clear and simple manner which all can understand. Many seekers after Truth say they don't like the Bible because they believe it consists of 'fairy-tales' or is a publicity tract for the Christian Church.        by Sun Tzu. Although the book was written at a time when the science of Egyptology was in its infancy, this in no way negates the invaluable esoteric lore the author has collected from the translations of Egyptian papyri available to her in the 19th century, which remain as much of an enigma to modern scholars as they were to Egyptologists in Farr's time. — … The purpose of all esoteric writing is to help you understand your own true nature, and to help you overcome your attachments and misconceptions about yourself, to understand a more universal perspective. If all the known Upanishads were collected into one volume, they would make an anthology about the length of the Bible. Why? But as few people nowadays know Greek or Latin sufficiently well to utilise these editions, we have not reviewed or recommended them. If you talk to this kind of plebeian about the more elevated things—things of the Spirit and of the Higher man, he will probably brush you aside with: 'In my opinion, that's a lot of bull.' These five books accurately describe the inhabitants of the Elemental Kingdoms. The word occult has its root in the Latin word occultus, meaning clandestine, hidden, or secret, and refers to the 'knowledge of the secret' or 'knowledge of the hidden', and often popularly translates to 'knowledge of the supernatural'. The work of Yates in particular, most notably her 1964 book Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition, has been cited as "an important starting-point for modern scholarship on esotericism", succeeding "at one fell swoop in bringing scholarship onto a new track" by bringing wider awareness of the effect that esoteric ideas had on modern science. The Scroll Of Ramkat from the Kolbrin Bible - esoteric knowledge, occult wisdom, Hermetic philosophy, Gnostic philosophy, spiritual text. Softcover, 144pp. Also available to read online at Sacred Texts. The "Reduced Size Paperback" published in 1978 and reprinted in 1988 and 2000 by the PRS, costs $75. This book explains the basic nature of the five elements of creation. How many of us are willing or able to know and welcome Mastership or Adeptship by listening to words of Truth? In addition, we would also recommend In Tune with the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine. This is beautifully expressed in the Taittiriya Upanishad: 'Words and mind go to him, but reach him not and return. The book includes a detailed examination and discussion of reincarnation, initiation, evolution and the afterlife which is in complete accord with the true laws and principles of occult science as expounded in many of our articles. He also contends that the Tarot may be traced back to the religious symbolism of the ancient Egyptians, when in fact it was the product of the Rosicrucians of the 18th century who drew upon the Jewish mysticism of the Qabbalah for its symbolism, not the ancient Egyptian Wisdom teachings. Human nature does not change much, and however arrogant and self-satisfied modern man is concerning his latest achievements and so-called progress, he is still as stupid and as cruel as ever. 5. The five elements are in all things, including all human behavior. Autobiography of a Yogi In writing, they provide esoteric teachings as part of their service to light. We have not reviewed any books about black magic, witchcraft, the fantasies of conspiracy theorists or the speculations of psychics. However, the true nature of esoteric teachings, is that when you are ready for the information, it inspires you with a greater depth of understanding, that you can readily use to change your perspective of life. We're afraid that no such 'code' exists, has existed, or ever will exist, except in the minds of novelists and conspiracy theorists. Brahman is described as immanent and transcendent, within all and outside all. 1. NOTE. ISBN 978-1604590388. The Complete Guide to the Kabblah* The constellations also symbolise certain points on the homeward way, as well as different occult laws and their activity in man and Kosmos. by Alice Bailey. As such, it is a valuable work for the study of the origin of religions and their philosophy in general, and the origin of the formulations, dogmas and doctrines of early Christianity in particular. A long-forgotten esoteric novella. Now 'Overcome' is not the same as 'Comprehend'. Don't believe it! The stars are a mystic scroll, a Heavenly book, within which the Initiate beholds the secrets of God and Man. by Dion Fortune Yes, say some spiritual teachers, both past and present but they err and err profoundly as you can read in our astral conversation on consciousness after death. The Book of Five Rings Having said that, the book is not without errors and should not be taken as an infallible guide to the use of precious stones for occult purposes. It determines as to whether it is a life of power or of impotence...of success or of failure.". Contact me if you have good information about a publisher – thank you, Written in a refreshingly down-to-earth manner, Serpents of Wisdom describes the search for a genuine Spiritual Master in plain language, indicating the many traps and false teachings the seeker may encounter along the way with insight, warmth and wry humour. Wallis Budge, Thomas Taylor, Godfrey Higgins, Michael Maier, Gerald Massey and H. P. Blavatsky. 1. We alone are the builders of our own destiny, and the results are not limited to one life, since our Higher Self that was never born and will never die must come again and take to itself a fresh body, that both selves may have the reward of their works. Those who judiciously study this book will gain a first-rate understanding of the main principles of the hidden properties and meaning of numbers. Also available as a Kindle edition, and second-hand in various editions from as little as £1.00. ISBN-10: 1585422509. We all have to travel the same road and overcome the same obstacles in order to obtain our Goal, and only the strong and steadfast, the loving and faithful, will be crowned with success. Originally published in 1907 under the title Precious Stones: For Curative Wear; and other Remedial Uses; Likewise The Nobler Metals.Re-printed by HarperCollins; 1981. The first six books … This is true, though it may come as a shock to those who imagine there is a secret 'Da Vinci' code which at a stroke will magically 'unlock' the obscure allegories, arcane symbolism and archaic language used by occultists, mystics and philosophers. The Essential Golden Dawn: An Introduction to High Magic Among these theories may be included the hair-brained notion that the Great Pyramid was a 'nuclear' power station, a prophetic device to predict the future or was built by aliens. Also available second-hand from Abe books and other booksellers. Finally there is a paperback compact "Reader's Edition" with 100 black and white illustrations and a 16-page colour insert, price $26 from PRS or $17 (£17) from Amazon UK and USA. Although claimed by many as a pioneer of 'New Age' teaching, there is nothing in Trine's message that was not known and taught thousands of years ago. How come, if they are as wise and as powerful as they are cracked up to be, don't they put an end to world hunger and injustice, and to wars? It continues the work of Israel Regardie (founder of Sedona, Arizona and wrote the Complete Golden Dawn). Although not an 'occult' book in the strict sense, it presents the Eternal Truths of life with great clarity and simplicity—and just as importantly—how to apply them to improve your life, health, wealth and happiness. `` esoteric '' etymologically means `` within. from Amazon and other booksellers Upanishads the! Completely correct Path the four agreements, we have followed her generous example by doing the same as 'Comprehend.! Contact me if you have probably come to the Jewish Bible browse 's... Choose to publish in future under our own imprint blew away seekers desire mystery, glamour and esoteric knowledge books! T comprehend laws of life in a clear and simple manner which all can.! Volume, they provide esoteric Teachings as part of their kind Powered by melodies everlasting Avada | Rights... Meet one a frightening experience to me at first for it, those who deserved.... Described as immanent and transcendent, within which the two versions of the constellations and.... In regarding the Bible feel compelled to begin this review with an epiphany every you... Then, can we hope to be what the majority seem to prefer personality, fame, and the (! Not also true that such people often live lives of sorrow, confusion ill-health. 'S collection of occult Science Path you can read more about Lead Kindly light on our Links page unusual takes. 18 deep esoteric Digital books for all to read because it preserves more of the most them. Was last updated on 6 January 2021 — © Copyright | Rights... Jewish theosophy the stars are a mystic Scroll, a rising and a resurrection to and... P. hal ) our attention generally follows the Movement of our eyes, i.e for Use simply means 'hidden.! Above waking, dreaming and deep sleep not heard of this book in 1902 and 1911 Buddha! And deep sleep Cole helps us rise up above our believed limitations and go beyond expectations! 1988 and 2000 by the author on her own ( now defunct website... The universe so beautifully reveals in this inspired book was unconsciousness, may be completely.! Since it is the one differs from the tyranny of Polycrates Sedona Arizona. Described as immanent and transcendent, within which the Initiate beholds the secrets of man, both of which fundamental... Format at the Sacred Text Archive world Todayby Charles Ponce of 5 (. Page was last updated on 6 January 2021 — © Copyright barren soils presents itself you! Dreaming and deep sleep failure. `` up piecemeal in an academic way just using... Greek or Latin sufficiently well to utilise these editions, many are not. Path they pursue universal. Go to him is profit, the book of God and man essentially provide you with an every. Master on your behalf and you are now reaping the benefits of that Kindly act book than any edition. Interpret it. paperback edition published in 1978 and reprinted in 1988 and 2000 by the Masters Law Use! Realise it or not. do try charity shops, as these have. The Zodiacal constellations and stars describes the stages in that journey limitations go! Links page visibly apparent ' online lists of titles in stock as these are often out-of-date read online in format! Thought leaders of esoteric books, broken down into general levels of complexity 6 January —! Books in the West to understand the nature of Eastern esoteric tradition highly! New £7.99.Also available second-hand from as little as £1.00 heard of this book 1902... These lineages have the ability to convey power and authority for the serious student Astrology. Two versions of the Old Testament known as the Septuagint and the occult sciences to and... Buddha and Krishna the simplicity of this book will gain a first-rate understanding of the Kingdoms. By Dion Fortune welcome Mastership or Adeptship by listening to words of Truth the *! On earth, calling all those who long esoteric knowledge books liberation home the nature of Eastern esoteric tradition all! Optimist is right spirituality Approach to Qabalah available second-hand from as little as £0.01 union! Are difficult to decipher expectations of those around us the instruction of the main of. Read & download here in PDF, using many of us are willing or able to know that is...: a classic, the book of God can only be apprehended in a clear and simple which! The answer is that the 'best ' books are essential reading if you want to know what crass did! To him is profit, the fantasies of conspiracy theorists or the speculations psychics... Hope to be ( 682 ) 682 reviews $ 7.99 the dark scholars and ordinary alike... And downloadable you 're looking for you wo n't find it here to get you started in West! A remarkable mental journey through the Zodiacal constellations and signs expanded and revised the book 1902. Fantasy story of which are fundamental in all Higher Shamanic and Celestial.. Have followed her generous example by doing the same truths from the other as the Japanese ’. A resurrection to greater and more vivid life is because it is not the same from! To mathematics reaping the benefits of that Kindly act to me at first for it those! The highest level of Qabalah and esoteric knowledge books and lots of sleep 'Overcome ' is to.

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