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Come chat, discuss, and engage in this fan community for the game! The first draft was pretty short I swear. A lightweight smooth interface that allows you to check important character and gear related detail. T3 maxHP conditional in the presence of maxHP+ buff (from Myunfa, Anabel, VeinaAS, etc.) T1 is 15% chance. However, T3 elem has +5 PWR/INT w.r.t. all p/p multiplier would be 1.34 = 2.86, NagiAS (T3 earth + T2 pain + T2 pain): standard 1] setup in earth zone team\ Consider T3 earth + T3 crit + T2 pain if no Myunfa. I can't remember if any characters can get affected by 3 (AS Ruina would if Almighty Power Elf ever gets released). Thanks for writing snd sharing this. T3 MP consumption-: Lance useful for Tiramisu for SPR stat. You can Awaken an equipped Grasta without needing to take it off. Our perfumes are not affiliated to the original names and brands. Felmina buffing herself), ofc another at frontline can also use it and retreat to reserve if they are not needed. Combined with p/p, T3 elemental, and Max HP+, ypu can hit 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 x 2.1 for a 4.6137 multiplier from grasta. (UK edition) Darkness blooms in bestselling author Kalynn Bayron's new contemporary fantasy about a girl with a unique and deadly power. (During another force) 20% all elemental damage up(1 move) to party. Separately, of the dual element characters so far I believe that only Thillelille has a personailty that an Almighty Power Grasta can enhance (Sweet Tooth). Worth emphasising again that T2 p/p has fixed stat. MyrusAS hit 2-4x>3-5x, inflict g.ailment, e.g. Blessing stack increase skill effect: +10 mp recover per stack, + 30% hp and mp for revive target per stack (if no gospel stack, the revived member has 1 HP and MP) ... which allows players to take advantage of poison grasta. Victor only has katana, Mistrare only has bow, and Clarte only has staff. Can we enhance grasta and unlock its potential? T3 self-healing: Not aware of non-niche usage of this. The Unofficial Subreddit for the Global Version of Another Eden! This is an official website of Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, a single-player RPG that can be played on your smartphone. Ofc when m!Mariel is present to give g.m.crit, then the T3 m.crit is redundant (though you might want to keep it for the +10 INT/SPD). Kikyo (Eastern, Cat Lover), Cerrine and AS Ruina (IDA, glasses), and AS Renri (Sweet tooth, Glasses) are examples off the top of my head. I'm slightly concerned that it specifies Protagonist instead of Aldo though; will Varuo replace him as Protagonist Note that these grastas are gold-rimmed: they cannot be destroyed, same as any gold-rimmed T3 attack/life/support. Ofc give the T3 elem to the better DPS, and for the other you can use T3 almighty / T3 crit / T3 maxHP / T2 p/p in its place. Also, the "+15% damage, but all MP cost +50" should actually be "MP cost +50**%**," the pinned message in Discord never got changed. 3 unawakened VC grastas each: Bivette, Deirdre, Sophia. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed by up to 20 minutes. Violet can benefit from T3 crit if you use her for Sword Dance so it will be 100% crit. Very informative thank you! Have no idea how it becomes this bloated sophisticated. She has a knack for sweets and a bizarre disposition. Tiramisu, Victor if you want to give them SPD. Elemental skill attack grasta (abbreviated ESG in wiki), More posts from the AnotherEdenGlobal community. For example, if Shion in reserve has dormant upg T3 fire katana, the +30% fire buff will be granted to all katana users in the party. Setup 3] has lower multiplier but it is unconditional, so can still be useful while you are farming p/p. Here you can find 15000+ manga/manhwa series of high-quality which are daily updated! LokidoAS' Heavenly Impact can be lowered to 20MP, and can be fully recovered by Myunfa's Bunbuku Shower. Enable and reload. So for GariyuAS, this is optimal: T3 fire + T3 m.crit + T2 pain (with g.pain setter in the party like Jade). Upg makes it party-wide as well and it's interesting that its restriction is not by weapon. Anyway. Note that Kikyo can equip Cat Lover for SPD as placeholder for her VC grasta. T3 curses: Self-explanatory. You must invest Grasta pieces and Git to upgrade the Grasta. ; Frost ignores Shield, so you can use Iron Will to deal 200 damage, give Violette Fragile with Grace, and finish enemies off with Frostbite for another 150 damage. Smelting with any Ore costs 10k Git each time, +50% damage when you have X status ailment (poison, pain, bind, rage), Insult to injury: +10% damage when hitting weakness, remove all status ailment when swap to backrow, transfer buff when swap with backrow (a la everybody is CetieAS), Nine Lives: Hold ground when you have max HP (once per battle), Enemy encounter rate up stack up to 3 times, Enemy encounter rate down stack up to 3 times, 30% damage up when facing 2 or more enemy, Rose thorn: +15% damage, but all MP cost +50%. ), so don't destroy those as yet. You're in the presence of Suzette, Dark Princess of the Netherworld!" True VC grasta: Repeat the above 2 more times, unequip and combine 3 awakened proofs in Future Cat Shrine. Even with party-wide upg it is still difficult to use, since it would be restricted to the same weapon trait. ORGANIZED CRIME Spanish police bust Russian mafia network operating on Mediterranean coast More than 20 suspects, including city councilors and Civil Guard officers, were arrested in Alicante province and Ibiza for their involvement with Alexei Sirokov Since they buff all types, it will be good for multi-elemental lunatic chars, although among them only Thillelille and Skull have the specified personalities. A wiki created and maintained by the community. Usually that is given to GariyuAS because his orb stacks twice when crits (other choices: MyrusAS, VeinaAS). Fire ESG: Fire team lacks SPD buffer so Mana with fire ESG can fill that role and participate in fire zone attack. Some Excel features can't be displayed in Google Sheets and will be lost if you make changes,, Translate by: @digsmartins; u/digsmartins. Which VC grasta to farm: Obviously your main DPS, and your Garulea team to make your runs easier if you use VC strat. upg ESG will have +30% elem dmg so that makes them more appealing, You farm Dormant Ore, Aug Ore, and Reversion Ore from FGAD (some are also given in story progression). T2 p/p, so all in all 1] and 2] give around the same dmg in the end. Who are the g.p/p setters? Great resource. I would suggest adding in a small section of math to demonstrate the difference between just T3 Ele+2x T2 Ele vs T3 Ele+2x T2 p/p without the inclusion of elemental bonuses from weapons. Introduction. This is an elaboration on grasta setup and some case examples, along with grasta upgrade system that came with FGAD (2.6.100). This guide shows exactly which Another Dungeon maps to hit (and at which difficulties) to find tomes for upgrading your character classes in Another Eden. by Ty Arthur With a huge cast of characters to choose from in the gacha/JRPG crossover Another Eden , it becomes absolutely crucial to level up the right party combinations if you want to beat the most difficult horrors. JavaScript isn't enabled in your browser, so this file can't be opened. Resentment is like a poison we carry around inside us with the hope that when we get the chance we can deposit it where it will harm another who has injured us. FGAD is unlocked upon completion of chp74, You upg a grasta by smelting it with Dormant Ore to enhance or extend its effect; with Aug Ore to give additional effect (augmentation). T3 almighty (typ atk +25%): Stacks additively with T2/3 elem. ESG just for the stats: since they are T3, they have stat +10, which can be useful without spending jadeite to awaken. T1 power of regen: Constant regen is nice, but the 5% heal is too small to be useful. Thanks for creating this! There's one big caveat here, though: Prai is hands down the weakest healer, but due to the dearth of healing in many areas, he may become central to your survival strategy if you pull him early. The Flint water crisis was a public health crisis that started in 2014 and lasted until 2019, after the drinking water for the city of Flint, Michigan was contaminated with lead and Legionnaires' disease. In general you want mid-Grasta with +5 Spd as their secondary stat. Kikyo can benefit from T3 crit since her clone prevents her from getting crit buff (and T3 maxHP, because clone invulnerability). T3 crit: good for units who double-stack their orb when crit (e.g. They can also have SPD stat, so AF SPD tier should be taken into consideration. Maybe if you want to do an AD soloing challenge? T3 m.crit: For staff users, similar setup as physical DPS, and same consideration regarding T3 crit applies to T3 m.crit. T3 water katana between NikehAS and Shigure). These quests give mainly Base EXP and the player may or may not gain Job EXP, depending on the quest.The level restriction applies only when taking the quest. Kikyo/Shigure/Shion (Eastern, Cat Lover); Cerrine/RuinaAS (IDA, glasses); RenriAS (Sweet tooth, Glasses); Azami (Eastern, Sweet tooth). I'll finish reading it eventually. The fact is that we carry this poison at extreme risk to ourselves. However upg will make it 25%>100% (resisting Grand Purity Staff's typ res debuff in Yuna manifest fight, anyone? Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. With prayer grasta upg 30%>50%, Philo can be benched Philo manifest when; but Dewey's fists prayer comes with +50% crit dmg too so ESG is still better compared to Felmina equipping T3 fists prayer grasta herself. Higher chance at chants in future though?! Upg makes the debuffs more potent and its duration longer: 20>25%, 2>3 turns so they would have an edge over Guildna/Altena's skills and more like Yuna's. Nippon Ichi revealed a third Poison Maiden in Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume this week, and a new Sticker system which lets you go to heaven. You can see that Strawboy and Cyrus can already 90% crit without aug, with LCK>159. At 255 base INT, Wisdom Knuckles — Heal M heals 1501-1596HP, boosted by +30% is 1952-2075HP. if Myunfa is present, T3 crit on NagiAS is redundant, except for the stats). T.VC grasta: Phantom Thieves and Tales crew. But note that T2 null with preferable stat rarely appears in PGAD Nagsham <- understatement of the year, probably. Kikyo T2 p/p x3, Ilulu T3 wind ax + T3 maxHP ax, Shion T3 almighty eastern + T3 almighty cat lover, Note: Wrong recommendation in prev version; has been corrected now, thanks u/dreicunan for fact-checking. Everybody can be budget Yuna yay, P5R collabAlmighty elem+25% (PToH) PWR+10/INT+10, upg [P]Enhance baton pass 100% (PToH) HP+300/SPD+10, upg N/AVictory celebration HP+300/MP+50, regen HP/MP, upg N/ATyp res+10% (PToH) HP+300/MP+50, upg 15%Prof debuff 50% res (PToH) INT+10/END+10, upg 100% [P], Mythos(not in GL yet)T3 maxHP (Western)T3 restore (Western)T3 crit (Western), (not in GL yet)Same logic, extrapolated to 4 slots. I just asked a question about grasta set up after FG early this day. Goodbye crappy translation. After days of grinding and pushing through its quests and dungeons, we have finally made it to the close of the first part of its story. Activation enables the Grasta's stat bonuses and lets you equip it to a character; Awakening enables an additional passive ability. Now I don't have to visit altema again. With null atk+: Same consideration as the analogous elem situation applies. Smelting with Reversion Ore restores the original and gives back the Dormant/Aug Ore (Reversion Ore itself is consumable). This so abit too much detailed but this more like it. Will update if someone can confirm or I get an answer from someone in Discord. With upg, the above is moot because the dormant upg would make the T3 elem buff party-wide [P]. u/dreicunan points out that some chars can take advantage of two upg T3 almighty at the same time, e.g. This also makes setup 2] to be favoured because the T3 can now be equipped by somebody else in reserve. Haven’t even started trading femurs yet though.... i’ll need 500 to trade everything. #AnotherEden #GamerDad Please support me by becoming a Patron! — Emporia Public Library staff and volunteers write “On the Shelf.” Edit: You might also want to specify Enh Sp. Triple enh sp atk is also possible by aligning the Sword trait (Aldo + Shannon + Deirdre/Anabel/Radias/Miyu). Press J to jump to the feed. Eden Perfumes produces the generic equivalent of the original, international, best-selling perfumes. Other than equipping it to oneself (e.g. ". Note that weapon prayer buff increases heals, but not regen please ask the devs why. Most are self-explanatory, so just a few highlights: T3 restore +30% (hammer, Straw D.): Myunfa's EoT % heal is buffed by this. Warning: A lot of text and some tables. Location is Hidden Village Itoise, Nekomasa's house (upper right house), Smelting upg grasta will overwrite the previous effect. This macro is based on hlh's Violet route macro, I just added the Morgana route to it and made some tweaks, such as accepting eventual missions at the start of the dungeon. Saving since my understanding of grastas sit at about the same percentage as 5* character drop rates. Imma save this to read slowly later. Build details here\ Other setups: In place of T2 poison; personal T3 heal+30% to boost healing; or T3 fists prayer to boost Felmina. This is why you need to farm Antiquity Garulea Dungeons! In April 2014, Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water (sourced from Lake Huron and the Detroit River) to the Flint River. - (**) I Don't know the english translation in-game. No official term in-game; you may see others refer to it as enchantment / add effect / etc[P]: Dormant grasta upgrade effect -- effect shared party-wide, front and reserve, to chars with the same weapon/personality restrictiong.crit, g.pain, g.poison, g.rage: guaranteed crit, etcAGAD, PGAD, FGAD: Antiquity Garulea AD, etcnull: non-type. Since there are sizable number of g.crit buffers (RenriAS, Dunarith, VeinaAS, Myunfa, YunaAS, ShanieAS, Violet, ForanAS, Yipha, TsukihaAS, IluluAS, MiyuAS, Ywera), make sure your T3 crit is not redundant. And of course, have someone else with upgraded T3s to boost her damage. I’ve been looking for this sort of guide since I’m just starting the Goddess of Time arc. Dewey/Lokido with wind ESG can boost Felmina in wind zone team; Philo with earth ESG can boost NagiAS. Or is it only one kind of enhancement can be given to a grasta? Welp, i am going to run that as fast as i can. ESG for g.p/p setters: e.g. Something also worth noting is that since the majority of P/P setters fall into the Pain category if you are using Felmina/Suzette as your setter for Wind you can equip your Wind party with Poison saving your Pain for the other elements. Added on: Apr 13, 2017; Another Eden - Gameplay Video 2. Myunfa (T3 heal +30% + T3 hammer aoe + T3 hammer prayer): standard earth zone support setup, with SPD and heal boost\ Other setups: aoe + nulls for auto-attack farming, Mariel/Yuna/Mana (T3 staff prayer, HP recovery, MP restore, typ res+, etc), Azami/Altena (HP restore x3): in Yuna manifest fight free char strat by u/minadein for example, Some other exceptions from standard setups: chars whose dmg scales with other stats like Tiramisu, Kikyo; multi-elemental lunatic; Yukino who you might want to get distinct buffs from grasta, Thillelille (T3 maxHP + T2 pain + T2 pain): alternative to T3 maxHP: T3 almighty or T2 pain. Shocking, tense and sharply written, The Poison Garden is the gripping new novel from the international bestseller and Edgar award-winning Alex Marwood. Find more ways to say garden, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Very good compilation of grasta information. If you want to convince yourself, use the damage calculator. The definitive resource for all things Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space related. See how setup 2] gives slightly higher multiplier with typ atk+ buff. Helps outpace enemies and get more turns in Another Force. It is assumed that you have read wiki/Grasta . By adding gear to your personal list, you can quickly see what dungeons you need to run for which drops. ESG for char with weapon prayer skill: e.g. But with Guildna and Altena around, their use is probably limited to some situations. With this Strawboy can heal decent amount even with Heal M (more than Morgana's 1500HP), which is accessible in his magic incarnation, so you can have Myrus-like build (hybrid mage/healer). How about you just come over and equip all my units for me? Personal non-VC grasta: Aldo, Guildna, Jade. T3 maxHP (western), T3 restore (western), T3 crit (western). Perma-crit club: Anyone who has personal additional >30% crit rate basically can be set up to perma-crit (the rest is covered by: innate LCK 10% + T3 crit 30% + aug 15% + aug 15%). Speed up your Another Eden Journey. T1 T2 T3: The grasta tier, referred to in the wiki as low, mid, high tiers respectivelyT2 p/p: T2 pain/poisonupg: grasta upgrade (dormant upgrade unless indicated otherwise)aug: grasta augmentation (the other option other than dormant upg). If we ever get aoe fists/katana or grasta... WFS buff them plz. Recommended Grasta ver2.3.10: Original Sheet: - (*) Some grastas aren't available yet. You may want to add specific mention of characters who can get affected by two Almighty Power grasta at the same time once enhancement drops. Joker (T3 null + T2 null + T2 null): 3n] null farming setup when not using his fire slash. applies to the buffed maxHP. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for "Ashes of Eden," a story from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 by Sam Johns, Laura Braga, Antonia Fabela and Tom Napolitano, on sale now. This is an elaboration on grasta setup and some case examples, along with grasta upgrade system that came with FGAD (2.6.100). Suzette/Felmina with fire ESG would enable p/p grastas on fire zone team (but it is probably easier to apply p/p and pull them to reserve instead). "Tremble in awe! No one bothers to test I guess). For Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "No Enemy Encounter AD run.

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