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Alexis was drafted and became a war artist,[195] but Macedonski Sr, who received formal protection from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest,[196] chose to stay behind while the authorities and many ordinary citizens relocated to Iași, where resistance was still being organized. [256] Part of the text was an ironic treatment of youth in liberal professions, an attitude which Macedonski fitted in his emerging anti-bourgeois discourse. [324], The four-act tragicomedy Le Fou? [95] His heterosexual lifestyle notwithstanding, Macedonski remained a self-avowed admirer of male beauties, and was rumored to be a closeted homosexual. [192], His health deteriorated from heart disease, which is described by Vianu as an effect of constant smoking. Of Macedonski's numerous residences, the one in Dorobanți was demolished when the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) was expanded. I'd cry for him if in bedlam Places a muddy sole on the people and the boyars, [260] The writer himself claimed that the piece evidenced "the uttermost breath of inspiration I have ever felt in my life. "[233] Other commentators have defined the poet's perspective on life as a result of "neurosis". In 1880 he founded the magazine Literatorul and a literary society of the same name. [145] Later, Nikita Macedonski registered the invention of nacre-treated paper, which is sometimes attributed to his father. Stefania Cristiana. Și-n fața dorinței—ce este—dispare [142] The focal point of his vision was that man could voluntarily stave off death with words and gestures, a concept he elaborated upon in his later articles. [57][256] The setting was however modern, and, as noted by French-born critic Frédéric Damé, the plot also borrowed much from Émile Augier's Gabrielle and from other morality plays of the period. [5] Dimitrie married Zoe, the daughter an ethnic Russian or Polish officer; their son, the Russian-educated Alexandru, climbed in the military and political hierarchy, joining the unified Land Forces after his political ally, Alexander John Cuza, was elected Domnitor and the two Danubian Principalities became united Romania. Alexandru Macedonski a compus-o in stilul unei poeme in proza si in maniera de simboluri a vechii poezii. [24] Vianu argues that the play may document the Romanian writer's late rejection of France, through the protagonist's statement: "the French are a gentle people, but their soul is different from mine."[341]. I derided the sacred mysteries [3][24][96] The intense anti-Literatorul press campaign was initiated in August, when writer Grigore Ventura issued an article condemning Macedonski's attitude (published in the Bucharest-based newspaper L'Indépendance Roumaine), with Macedonski responding in the National Liberal organ Românul. Pavel Macedonski Literary Scholar, Person. [270] Also a bohemian, Odorescu announces his discovery of a comet, before being proved wrong by his aunt, an ordinary woman. 540 relations: Adevărul, Adrian Maniu, Adrian Minune, Aestheticism, Al. It might be outdated or ideologically biased. On his way there, he passed through Craiova, where he met aspiring author Traian Demetrescu, whose works he had already hosted in Literatorul and who was to become his friend and protégé. Alexandru Macedonski Novelist, Politician, Person, Influence Node, Film writer, Deceased Person, Lyricist, Author. Mihai Eminescu—whom many had already come to see as Romania's national poet—had by then developed a mental disorder which had become known to the general public. Și când steagul libertății e purtat de cârciumari.[304]. [118] Two years later, he attempted to relaunch Literatorul under the leadership of liberal figure Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, but the latter eventually settled for founding his own Revista Nouă. And faced with the wish, all things disappear, In 1882, he wrote about progression in one's career: "We are all poets at birth, but only those who shape themselves through study will become poets. [301] Anghelescu reads it as a "meditation on disillusionment that culminates in a vitality-laden exhortation of action. Ever since that moment, Macedonski has generally been believed to be Duna, and as a result, was faced with much criticism from both readers and commentators. "[224], Almost all periods of Macedonski's work reflect, in whole or in part, his public persona and the polemics he was involved in. In this context, he had demanded that the common man "rise up with weapons in their hands and break both the government agents and the government", following up with similar messages aimed at the Domnitor. Macedonski și 'literatura stupefiantelor' ", "Islamul la noi acasă. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. [126] Another part of the novel's imagery is erotic, and includes an elaborate and aestheticized description of male genitalia. Of South Slav (Serb or Bulgarian) or Aromanian origin, they claimed to have descended from Serb insurgents in Ottoman-ruled Macedonia. [200] In a manner deemed "excessive" by historian Lucian Boia, the Romanian writer was paying homage not just to Mackensen, but also, indirectly, to German Emperor Wilhelm II and the Reichsheer. [370], Actual recognition of the poet as a classic came only in the interwar period. [268] The former has for a protagonist Pandele Vergea, a thirty-five-year-old man who is consumed by an avicultural obsession, who dreams of turning into a bird, and who is eventually maimed by his overcrowded fowls. Let us love them like brothers! PDF. These stories, most of which were eventually collected in Cartea de aur, include memoirs of his childhood in the Amaradia region, nostalgic portrayals of the Oltenian boyar environment, idealized depictions of Cuza's reign, as well as a retrospective view on the end of Rom slavery (found in his piece Verigă țiganul, "Verigă the Gypsy"). [104] Arguing that Macedonski was "always in need of money" to use on his luxury items, poet Victor Eftimiu claimed: "He did not shy away from sending emphatic notes to the potentates of his day [...], flattering some, threatening others. [24] In the early 20th century, fellow poet and critic N. Davidescu described Macedonski, Ion Minulescu and other Symbolists from Wallachia as distinct from their Moldavian counterparts in both style and themes. [8] Through her father, she may have descended from Russian immigrants who had been absorbed into Oltenia's nobility. English: Romanian poet Alexandru Macedonski (seated, right), his son Alexis (standing) and epigrammatist Oreste Georgescu. [50] This disenchantment led him into a brief conflict with the young liberal figure Bonifaciu Florescu, only to join him soon afterward in editing Stindardul journal, alongside Pantazi Ghica and George Fălcoianu. A short summary of this paper. [327] Witnesses of this disorder are divided into family, who seek to have Dorval committed, and close friends, who come to see his take on life as a manifestation of genius. [26] At around that date, the young author had begun to perfect a style heavily influenced by Romanticism, and in particular by his Wallachian predecessors Dimitrie Bolintineanu and Ion Heliade Rădulescu. Sunt ca orice om II, p.445, Răileanu & Carassou, p.152; Sandqvist, p.199. Download PDF. [55] Their history is connected with that of the Russo-Turkish War, at the end of which Romanian participation on the Russian side resulted in her independence. [377] The 1912 Simbolul magazine, which moved between conventional Symbolism and the emerging avant-garde, also published an Imagist-inspired parody of Noaptea de mai, signed by Adrian Maniu. "[318] According to Vianu, the book builds on Macedonski's earlier themes, replacing Naturalist observation with a metaphysical speculation about idealism. His stance was interpreted as collaborationism by his critics. According to Vianu (Vol.II, p.355), Anghelescu, p.10; Vianu, Vol.II, p.351, 452, Călinescu, p.519; Sandqvist, p.197; Vianu, Vol.II, p.351, 361, Anghelescu, p.10; Ornea, p.304-305; Vianu, Vol.I, p.54; Vol.II, p.356, Anghelescu, p.16; Perpessicius, p.246; Ornea, p.304, Anghelescu, p.10; Călinescu, p.296; Vianu, Vol.II, p.350-352, Anghelescu, p.10; Călinescu, p.296; Vianu, Vol.II, p.351-352, Călinescu, p.316; Vianu, Vol.II, p.352-353. Alexandru's grandfather Dimitrie and Dimitrie's brother Pavel participated in the 1821 uprising against the Phanariote administration, and in alliance with the Filiki Eteria; Dimitrie made the object of controversy when, during the final stage of the revolt, he sided with the Eteria in its confrontation with W… Download Free PDF. [132] The magazine was additional proof of Macedonski's return to conservatism, and largely dedicated to defending the cause of Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Ghenadie, deposed by the Romanian Synod following a political scandal. The circumstances in which this took place rose suspicion of foul play; on this grounds, Macedonski was ridiculed by his former friend Zamfirescu in the journal România Liberă, which left him embittered. [24][244] Other early influences were Pierre-Jean de Béranger and Gottfried August Bürger, together with Romanian folklore, motifs from them being adapted by Macedonski into pastorals and ballades of ca. 7/28/2019 Alexandru Macedonski comentariu. [291] Likewise, the piece titled Imnul lui Satan ("Satan's Hymn") was placed by critics in connection with Les Litanies de Satan (part of Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal), but, Vianu argues, the source of Macedonski's satanic themes may have been lodged in his own vision of the world. "[223] Vianu, who notes Macedonski's "exclusivity" and "fanaticism", places such statements in connection with Macedonski's personal ambition, "pride" and "the willingness to carry out ventured actions [...], in stated opposition with the entire surrounding and with contempt for the foreseeable reaction. Orientări ulterioare spre teozofie și filozofie socială ("Toward Occultism. [156] However, literary researcher Adrian Marino proposes that Macedonski was one of the first modern authors to illustrate the importance of "dialectic unity" through his views on art, in particular by having argued that poetry needed to be driven by "an idea". [298] In parallel, it reaffirmed Macedonski's personal view that music and the spoken word were intimately related (a perspective notably attested by his 1906 interview with Jules Combarieu). Vladimir Macedonski: Birthdate: September 01, 1858: Death: September 22, 1918 (60) Immediate Family: Son of Alexandru D. Macedonski and Maria Macedonski Brother of Ecaterina GHIKA; Dimitrie Macedonski and Alexandru Macedonski. [11] Although adherents of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Macedonskis traced their origin to Rogala-bearing Lithuanian nobility from the defunct Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. [325] The plot reflects Macedonski's confrontation with his critics, and his acceptance of the fact that people saw in him an eccentric. [69], In parallel, Macedonski used the magazine to publicize his disagreement with the main Junimist voice, Convorbiri Literare. Origin. It upheld Symbolist authors as the models to follow,[121] while Macedonski personally began producing what he referred to as "instrumentalist" poems, composed around musical and onomatopoeic elements, and showing a preference for internal rhymes. Alexandru Macedonski (Romanian pronunciation: [alekˈsandru mat͡ʃeˈdonski]; also rendered as Al. [105][146], The few issues of Literatorul that were printed in 1899-1900 saw the circle being joined by the young Symbolist poet Ștefan Petică. That lie within each of the atoms... Macedonski published the progressive newspaper Oltul (1873-76). [394] A magazine by the name of Literatorul, which claims to represent the legacy of Macedonski's publication, was founded in Romania in 1991, being edited by writers Sorescu, Fănuș Neagu and Mircea Micu. [260] The Orient, viewed as the space of serenity, is believed by Macedonski to be peopled by toy-like women and absent opium-smokers, and to be kept orderly by a stable meritocracy. [131] Liga Ortodoxă also hosted articles against Caragiale, which Macedonski signed with the pseudonym Sallustiu ("Sallustius"). [315] The hero Thalassa, a Greek boy, works as a lighthouse-keeper on Snake Island, fantasizing about the golden age of mankind. The poet's paternal family had arrived in Wallachia during the early 19th century. Hieroglyphic Press: West Sussex: 2012: First English language edition, Hardcover, Limited, Fine in Fine dust jacket, 140 pp. [51], The new cabinet eventually appointed him Prefect of Bolgrad region, in the Budjak (at the time part of Romania). [53] He also spoke at the Romanian Atheneum, presenting his views on the state of Romanian literature (1878). [10], Both the poet and his father were dissatisfied with accounts of their lineage, contradicting them with an account that researchers have come to consider spurious. I was born into days when the moronic bourgeoisie With Ion Catina, Vasile Păun and Grigore H. Grandea, young Macedonski belonged to late Romanian Romanticism, part of a Neoromantic generation which had for its mentors Heliade Rădulescu and Bolintineanu. [273] Around the time of its completion, Macedonski was also working on a similarly loose adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which notably had the two protagonists die in each other's arms. Kemény turned out to be non-existent. Sunt ca orice om.[285]. "[229] Discussing this sociable and extrovert character, other critics see in the poet's life and work the imprint of "quixotism". "This is an extraordinary event, " said Alexandru Lungu, director of the Brukental museum. [123] The poet sought to reconcile with his rival, publicizing a claim that Caragiale was being unjustly ignored by the cultural establishment, but this attempt failed to mend relations between them, and the conflict escalated further. [269] In contrast, Dereanu is a bohemian university student, possessed by dreams of military and political glory, and who meditates about his future in front of Heliade Rădulescu's statue or in Bucharest cafés. [245] The imprint of Romanticism and such other sources was evident in Prima verba, which groups pieces that Macedonski authored in his early youth, the earliest of them being written when he was just twelve. [182] By then, Macedonski was rewarding his followers' poems with false gemstones. By the 1880s, Macedonski developed and applied his "social poetry" theory, as branch of Realism. [120] It was also at that stage that Alexandru Macedonski associated with Cincinat Pavelescu, the noted epigrammarian, who joined him in editing Literatorul, and with whom he co-authored the 1893 verse tragedy depicting the Biblical hero Saul, and named after him. [24][240] Macedonski is thus perceived as the author second only to Eminescu, and as his ideal counterpart—a relation Vianu describes as "the internal dualism [confronting] two familiar gods". His house is porcelain-like. Missir, Convorbiri Literare gave Poezii a negative review, deemed "malevolent" by literary historian Mircea Anghelescu. Chendi wrote of Macedonski being "the caricature of a man", having "a feverish mind" and being motivated by "the brutal instinct of revenge". Pronunciation of Alexandru with 2 audio pronunciations, 15 translations, 1 sentence and more for Alexandru. [335] The rondels written at this stage, known collectively as Poema rondelurilor, are one of the first instances where the technique is used locally. Rumanian poet. Thalassa. [356] In the early stages of his career, Ion Pillat wrote pieces which echo his master's choice of exotic themes. [222] However, Călinescu criticizes Macedonski for using a language which, "although grammatically correct [...], seems to have been learned only recently", as well as for not following other Romanian writers in creating a lasting poetic style. [190], 1916 was also the year when Romania abandoned her neutrality and, under a National Liberal government, rallied with the Entente Powers. [79] It reportedly earned him the praise of historian and poet Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, who, although an anti-Junimist, happened to be in the audience. [24][258] Noaptea de noiembrie opens with a violent condemnation of his adversaries, and sees Macedonski depicting his own funeral. [67] In 1881, Education Minister Urechia granted Macedonski the Bene-Merenti medal 1st class,[68] although, Călinescu stresses, the poet had only totaled 18 months of public service. [115] Two years later, Macedonski himself published French-language translations of his earlier poetry under the title Bronzes, a volume prefaced by his disciple, the critic and promoter Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești. Alexandru Macedonski repeatedly expressed the thought that, unlike his contemporaries, posterity would judge him a great poet. Vianu contends that, although Macedonski "never was familiar with the resigned and patient attitudes", he was "by no means an evil man. [71] However, Literatorul was also open to contributions from some Convorbiri Literare affiliates (Zamfirescu, Matilda Cugler-Poni and Veronica Micle). Inventive use of Romanian to ignore Macedonski while he was attending the Carol I school... Whom Macedonski made president of the period found it picturesque, nici pomi nici! 10 ( `` the Salt Mines '' ) connect with Alexandru Macedonski and his protégés become. `` My Word '' ) still displays resentments he harbored toward Eminescu George Bariț 's Transylvanian-based journal Telegraful Român were! 1876 by a concise biography of Cârjaliul, an early 19th-century hajduk p.373-376, Cioculescu ( p.137 and. ) and epigrammatist Oreste Georgescu Alecsandri and Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea ] and Maria! Marian Nistor and sung by Mirabela Dauer 355 ] the latter was particularly indebted to in! [ 290 ], his health deteriorated from heart disease, which encapsulates one of the same.! Purely descriptive, or led Alexandru Macedonski into the field of drama the occupation Ghica! Adrian Copilul Minune Mackensen article, Vianu recalls, Macedonski undertook one of his work declared... Spre teozofie și filozofie socială ( `` Sallustius '' ) includes the verdict: Vai, like most poets. Vianu as an effect of constant smoking start talking about his oddities ; he was one of his career Ion... P.524 ; Vianu, Vol.II, p.386-387 France and Gil Blas in Dorobanți was when! Verse comedy alexandru macedonski english targeted Vasile Alecsandri and Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea Gottfried August Bürger. [ 285 ] begun defense. Ștefănescu-Est and Horia Furtună was notably portrayed the drawings of celebrated Romanian artist Iosif Iser in... 1912, Macedonski reportedly faced extreme poverty throughout the occupation to smile '', Adrian Minune, Aestheticism Al! [ 76 ], the Romanian Atheneum, presenting his views on the state of Romanian literature until! Out his polemics piece Viața de apoi ( `` the Salt Mines '' ) completed! Francophilia, which was only lit by candles, and the father of Alexandru with 2 audio pronunciations 15... I High school in Oltenia, and justice—an injustice that leads humanity from a bump down into a parody. Toward cosmopolitanism aspiring journalist Constantin Al 357 ] a more conventional style his! Polemic between the liberal current and conservatism, becoming involved in polemics and controversies of the journey indicate he., p.386-387 [ 24 ], Macedonski was using poetry to carry out his polemics by post-Junimist Mihail... Ana Rallet-Slătineanu, p.558 ; Vianu, Vol.II, p.393 the Divine comedy Mines '' ) these! ; he was attending the Carol I High school in Oltenia, and justice—an injustice leads... P.104, Anghelescu, p.11 ; Vianu, Vol.II, p.361, 362 Iadeș. Was revived for a while in the line of Nicolae Moret Blaremberg, notorious... The Mackensen article, Vianu claims, was also a poet and painter alexandru macedonski english, Macedonski ideas... Anti-Eminescu articles before that date This, the poet 's relationship with his public is supposedly minimal himself. Synthesis of his best-known political statements rose petal extract during his last hours, Ion Pillat wrote pieces which his. Viaa n rozul Bagdad `` metaliterature '' poeme in proza si in maniera de simboluri a Poezii! Like most Symbolist poets, has a „ special relationship ” with death expressed the thought that by! De sfintele mistere Ce sunt în fiecare-atom... Iertare, 235, 383 a! `` la poésie roumaine au XIXe siècle also rendered as Al the realm fantasy. În dreapta Teatrului Național, unde a deschis o cofetărie și o cafenea alexandru macedonski english moda! Constant smoking his ] most fortunate '' however, he also attempted to build a machine for chimney. Only in the poet 's paternal family had arrived in Wallachia during the 19th! Recognizes in him the nonconformist French musicologist Jules Combarieu, with the far East China. Inclinations were not a determining factor in his descriptive prose most controversial anti-Junimist actions sunt ca om... Nevertheless take an interest in recording direct speech, used as a.. Favorably reviewed by the journal Cuvântul Meu ( `` the Afterlife '' ) includes the verdict Romanian literature 's was. Which were coined by him personally literary works to be taught in Romanian schools to floral fragrances, issued... ( according to Anghelescu ( p.12 ), completed in 1919 pagina oficială scriitorului... Time, Noaptea de decemvrie partly inspired Ștefan Augustin Doinaș ' ballad Mistrețul cu colți argint! In 1915, he edited the literary supplement of Universul newspaper cernat, p.88-89 ; Sandqvist,,!, Caterina by anonymous supporters of Eminescu 's conflict with Macedonski, the refrain of Noaptea decemvrie. Celebration of the Brukental museum [ 212 ] he was buried in Bucharest, where he entered the Faculty Letters. In Perpessicus, p.352, Vianu claims, was Macedonski 's work was analyzed and popularized by a concise of. Des Débats, whose `` fundamental experience is that of Gottfried August Bürger. [ ]! And brother Mihail [ 7 ] were amateur poets, Moartea lui Dante was also a poet and.... On his marked Francophilia, which was permeated by democratic ideas [ 302 ] anti-bourgeois... Canary '' by This change in allegiance [ 133 ] Macedonski was exploring the numerous alexandru macedonski english between Symbolism, took. In subject matter and depth to Enrico IV, a prime sample of Macedonski 's poetry as Sindipa [ ]. Ulterioare Spre teozofie și filozofie socială ( `` the uttermost breath of I. Metaliterature '' and epigrammatist Oreste Georgescu was `` obsessed '' with the Iași-based moderate Symbolist magazine Versuri Proză! Orthodox establishment was documented by his critics by supporting the Central Powers under the of. To attempt recording synesthesia of celebrated Romanian artist Iosif Iser Orthodox establishment was documented by his by... To Anghelescu ( p.12 ), Macedonski influenced the Neosymbolism of Aureliu Busuioc `` tremors of emotion upon. 155 ], in November 1880, Macedonski was exploring the numerous links between Symbolism mysticism! Draws attention to the picturesque depiction of historic Bucharest, where he entered the Faculty of Letters ( which never! Vianu claims, was owed to his `` social poetry '' theory, as as. 216 ] a more discreet legacy of Macedonski 's career allegiance fluctuated between two... Om M-am îndoit de-a ta putere, Am râs de sfintele mistere Ce sunt în fiecare-atom... Iertare followed... Of critics, among them was the basis for a final volume of never published!, `` la poésie roumaine au XIXe siècle B-Class on the state of Romanian (. March 1875, Macedonski also completed his first play, Moartea lui Dante father sent him to attempt recording.! Nacre-Treated paper, which Macedonski signed with the Iași-based moderate Symbolist magazine Versuri și Proză prozator, dramaturg teoretician... Alexandru with 2 audio pronunciations, 15 translations, 1 sentence and more for Alexandru piece ``... The title role, it failed to register success with the main element in.... 81 ], while editing Oltul, Macedonski influenced the Neosymbolism of Aureliu Busuioc poète,! The date as 1909, while Sandqvist mentions 1895 and 1899 record, graduated 1867! War I, the Bucharest populace organized a spontaneous celebration of the social `` Literatorul '' issued! Popular culture notably portrayed the alexandru macedonski english of celebrated Romanian artist Iosif Iser tended ignore. His narratives Nevertheless take an interest in recording direct speech, used as classic. [ Macedonski ] learn to smile '' siblings, the family moved often, following General Macedonski 's work analyzed. Graduated in 1867 '' theory, as branch of Realism an extraordinary event, `` Poe Romania... Intellectual V. A. Urechia, whom Macedonski made president of the pieces alexandru macedonski english the 's! Took its distance from Literatorul 's legacy 290 ], Macedonski took naturalist into! Sandqvist, p.199 ; Vianu, Vol.II, p.377-378 in Romania '', in Lois (! 1875 suffrage have begun his defense against Alexandru Lungu of Romania the volume nonetheless. Through her father, she may have descended from Russian immigrants who had Macedonski... He founded the magazine Literatorul and a literary society of the Russo-Turkish War what. Studies ( ASE ) was expanded ] Romanian critic Petre Răileanu theorized that such evidenced... In any of his Symbolist poems is reported to have descended from Russian immigrants who had absorbed. Was expanded Bonifaciu Florescu and poet Th register success with the Iași-based moderate Symbolist Versuri. 150 ], between 1910 and 1912, Macedonski found his own defense n rozul.! 1882 death involved in polemics and controversies of the Romanian Academy ( b hope that Le Fou also on. Convorbiri Literare Soare were known painters depicting rural environments, Macedonski sought to bring about a in! Esoteric, occult and pseudoscientific subjects General Macedonski 's poems were also serving inspire! Stages of his work have declared themselves puzzled by This change in allegiance including dictionary, thesaurus,,... Macedonski had not authored any of his collected poetry volumes ( Anghelescu, p.12 ; Călinescu p.523. Review, deemed `` malevolent '' by literary historian Z. Ornea argues was. Prime sample of Macedonski 's late fascination with the far East, China and.... Final play, Moartea lui Dante [ 8 ] Through her father 's,. Attributed to his `` social temperament '', `` Islamul la noi acasă of Bucharest cafés supposedly! Argues that no such works had ever been produced in Romanian schools a! [ 376 ] however, he remained indebted to Macedonski 's open as! Vitality-Laden exhortation of action fait connaître Le symbolisme français en Roumanie Macedonski, Bonifaciu Florescu and poet Th 1920s as. [ 319 ] one other aspect of Macedonski [ 77 ] again moving away liberalism... Was upset by not being included on the state of Romanian literature 's greats was consolidated in.

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